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Welcome to the new era of menswear sewing. Go ahead and create something exceptional!


New garment photos for the Parkland Collection

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-10

Have you seen our new Parkland Collection photos yet?  Let me show you!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-3

We began work on the Parkland Collection over 5 years ago when Thread Theory was still just an exciting idea for Matt and I.  We wanted to create casual menswear sewing patterns that would allow sewists to create the same comfortable and modern styles that they would buy ready made from a shop.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-1

Since we still stand by that concept of sewing practical garments to fill a man’s daily wardrobe, we figured it was high time to refresh the fabric choices, styling and location of our website photos!  We photographed several examples of the Newcastle Cardigan, Jedediah Pants, Strathcona Henley and Goldstream Peacoat at Rathtrevor park two weeks ago with my Grandpa, Dad and Matt as models.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-2

I’ve been dying to feature my Grandpa on our website because he has the most wonderfully friendly face you will ever see!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-4

Plus he looks exceptionally dashing in Variation 2 of our Newcastle Cardigan with the extra large shawl collar.  I sewed this Newcastle from a sage green wool blend knit that I purchased at one of our retailers, the Makehouse, in Victoria, B.C.  It’s thick and cozy but quite breathable so it is a great choice for the fluctuating spring weather that we’ve been having.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-5

My dad has always been our go-to model since he is so easy to photograph and always willing no matter how uncomfortable photo shoots make him.  I made him a Strathcona T-shirt since he wears out tees at a rapid pace and always needs a fresh one or two in his wardrobe…he’s never been enthusiastic on the idea of changing in to ‘work clothes’ before embarking on a messy project.  I guess I got that trait from him since I have been known to garden in dresses and hike in my favourite blouse!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-7

This particular Strath Tee is made using our bamboo and cotton stretch jersey which I will ALWAYS stock in our shop in a variety of colourways (as long as it is available for me to purchase).  As I’ve mentioned before, it is my favourite fabric and I happily dress myself head to toe in it!  It’s the perfect combo of silky smooth, extremely strong and fully opaque.  My dad reports that this t-shirt is really comfortable.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-8

I also made a Strathcona Henley for Matt, this time Variation 1 – the proper Henley.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-21

He needed a crisp white shirt that could be layered under button-ups or worn on its own.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-22

The crisp and shockingly white fabric that I used was the 100% cotton jersey t-shirt knit from our shop.  It was very easy to sew for a knit!  It is stable and does not curl and shift very much.  It’s also the exact weight and style of knit that Matt prefers to wear – he tends to choose thin jerseys over plush interlocks for a daily t-shirt.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-14

To pair with his new Henley, I also sewed Matt his favourite Jedediah shorts.  He has worn a few pairs out now over the years!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-13

This fresh minty green pair features buffalo check bias binding in navy blue to match some navy blue loafers that he just purchased…I think he’s going to look pretty coordinated this summer. 😉

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-23

While we were at it, I attempted to take some fresh photos of the grey cotton twill Jedediah Pants that I sewed for Matt about three years ago.  They have worn so well and remain a constant in his wardrobe but I have never properly photographed them so I felt they deserved a little bit of attention!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-25

Here he’s paired them with the white Strath, his favourite Fairfield Button-up and his new navy blue loafers.  It’s a really smart look and I wish I could show you more photos but I am terrible at operating Matt’s camera and missed the focus on all of them. 😦  Next time we do a photoshoot I will try again!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-9

Last but not least, we took the opportunity to photograph my Dad in the gorgeous Goldstream Peacoat that my mom tailored for him.  She wrote a blog post about her experience sewing this coat three years ago.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-11

As you can see, her tailoring efforts have held up to a few winters of wear beautifully!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-12

She purchased the highest end wool she could find at our local fabric store and I think this was a great choice because the Goldstream that I made for Matt around the same time period has long since pilled horribly and headed for the scrap bin.  It was a wool blend with, I think, very little wool actually in it.  I have some gorgeous Pendleton wool cut out for Matt and I REALLY need to make him a Goldstream as smart as my dad’s version!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-20

Thanks, Dad, Grampie and Matt for handling the pressures of modelling so well!  As many of you who blog your creations must know, it can be a lot more challenging than you might think to remember how to smile (without it appearing as a grimace) or how to hold your hands (without clenching them in to tight fists) after 50 photos have been taken of you!

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-6

I think my family did a wonderful job (if I do say so myself) and I am so proud that they wear the garments that I make them with such enthusiasm.

To celebrate these new photos and Father’s Day I’ve put our Parkland Collection on sale!

Head to our shop to purchase any Parkland Collection pattern at 20% off (PDF or tissue pattern!).  Use the discount code: FRESHPARKLAND  The sale expires at the end of Father’s Day Sunday, June 18th.


Goldstream Peacoat PDF: We couldn’t keep you waiting any longer!

Yes, you read that title correctly…the Goldstream Peacoat PDF sewing pattern is officially available in our pattern store!


We are so thrilled to finally be able to offer you this pattern, especially since it is the pattern we have received the most requests and comments about.  To reward you for your patience and enthusiasm, purchase the Goldstream PDF now until noon (PST) tomorrow for 15% off!  Enter the code HURRAH at checkout to help us celebrate the launch and to receive your discount! For those of you who are holding out for the printed version of our pattern, it is currently at our printers and we swear, you won’t have to wait much longer!

peacoat flats

The Goldstream Peacoat is a large PDF file so we recommend taking it to the printers to save yourself printer ink, tape and time.  If you have a Staples near by or a similar roll feed printer, it is quite affordable and very quick to have it printed.  At Staples, ask for their cheap Engineer Prints. If you don’t have a roll feed print shop available to you, it is still, of course, completely possible to print it at home and tape it together.  I did so myself when I sewed Matt’s Christmas peacoat.  I always collect the paper we have printed things onto and re-use the second side of the paper for PDF patterns, that way it feels like I’m not ‘wasting’ quite so many resources.  Despite the pattern being quite large I was able to get into the rhythm of things and finish the taping and cutting out of the paper pattern pieces in one marathon evening.  I think PDF assembly is my cat Jazzy’s favourite thing in the whole wide world so her paper-hunting antics greatly add to my enjoyment of the process!


Now, excuse us as we head off to celebrate the launch of our BIGGEST AND BEST pattern yet with a home-made pizza night (that’s the best way to celebrate any sort of momentous occasion). Yummm…


We are so proud of this pattern – we think it really is the perfect foray into outerwear for an intermediate sewer and hope that you will agree! For a thorough description of what the pattern has to offer, check out this post which highlights my father-in-law’s Goldstream Peacoat.  And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a gallery of photos so you can thoroughly examine Matt’s Christmas Goldstream Peacoat while you begin planning your own version:

Now go make yours – we can’t wait to see your perfect peacoat!  Happy Sewing!


This Friday: Our Official Paper Pattern Launch Day!


As of 8:00am (PST) Friday, January 10th you will be able to head over to our pattern store and buy Thread Theory paper sewing patterns!  You will also be able to visit our Stockist page to see if there is an online or brick and mortar store near you that carries our paper patterns.  If there isn’t, be sure to drop a hint or two at your local fabric store and tell them to send us an email ( to set up a wholesale account.

To get you excited for our launch day, here is an indepth photo tour of our (we think!) beautifully designed envelopes and instructions.

The envelopes are not your traditional top entry narrow paper envelope that has a tendency to rip the first time you try to stuff all your tissue pieces back into it.  Instead, they are sturdy folders made out of recycled chip board with scored folding panels that will easily accommodate your less than tidily folded tissue each and every time you use and then put away a Thread Theory pattern.


We have numbered each of our designs based on the order they were released as PDF patterns.  They happen, by the way, to fit perfectly in the average 12 bottle beer box and perch upright in such a way that it is easy to sort through each number.  I might have to do a ‘beer box to pattern storage’ upcycle tutorial in the near future!


Each pattern includes two circles: the first displays the available sizes, while the second is a difficulty scale of five needles.  We came up with a five point scale because there is so much grey area between the standard beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  With a five needle scale beginners might feel brave enough to attempt something with two needles and thus advance their skills while intermediates might do the same with a four needle pattern.

The envelope includes an elegant string closure with a bit of bling in the form of brass eyelets:


And each pattern is sorted into the collection it belongs to, complete with a graphic logo!


On the back of the envelope you can find all the usual information in an easy to read format:


The sizing charts are really simple and clear – I think our designer did an excellent job using black bars and spacing to the full advantage!


When you open up your pattern envelope you will be greeted by atmospheric tree silhouettes (to suit the theme of our Parkland Collection) and a beautiful embroidered garment tag.


The inside of the envelope has an inventory of our other patterns such as you might find in the back of a paperback novel.


The pattern you have chosen is highlighted in black.  Also notice the awesome needle pattern that covers all the interior surfaces of the envelope!


The instruction booklet is a 6X9″ staple bound paper booklet with a cover page that we hope will get you pumped to start sewing:


The paper we chose is 100% recycled but is a nice clear white so that all the illustrations and text are very easy to see and read.


Inside the booklet you will find a version of the photos you see all over our blog and website to give you an idea of what your final garment will look like.  We stuck to black and white and bumped up the contrast so that your fabric and design choices are not influenced by the fabrics and colours we chose.  When you see the pattern in the fabric store you will be seeing only the technical illustration on the front cover so that your mind is completely free to imagine all the different fabric and styling possibilities!


We made sure to include lots of information on each page so that you are not forever flipping pages and sewing without a sense of steps and processes ahead of you.  Our designer used the needle from our logo to highlight sewing tips.  The booklet easily lays flat and open on the page that you need so that you can leave it by your sewing machine while you sew to refer to as much as you need (but without taking up very much space!).  Here is a taste of the straightforward layout of our instruction booklet:


We hope that you will love our printed patterns as much as we do!  Mark your calendars and head on over to our pattern store at 8:00am (PST) this Friday!


Newcastle Cardigan Photo Shoot

Beacon Hill Shoot-1

The Newcastle Cardigan has been graded and I sewed up our first proper sample this week!  We’ve updated the pattern store to include some of the photos and also have them on our facebook page.  The pattern is currently out with the first batch of test sewers and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of their work (we’ll include their projects on the blog).

This isn’t going to be a word heavy post as I’d like to let the pictures speak for themselves!  The first set of photos were taken at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and the cardigan was modeled by Matt.  The second set of photos were taken at The Pacific Design Academy and the cardigan was kindly (and super stylishly!) modeled by Iain Russell of is this Menswear?  Check out his instagram, facebook and tumblr pages for endless photos of amazing menswear inspiration.

Without further ado, here it is – a size small version of the Newcastle Cardigan made up in brown bamboo fleece and stretch suiting as contrast:

Beacon Hill Shoot-2Beacon Hill Shoot-7Beacon Hill Shoot-5Beacon Hill Shoot-13Beacon Hill Shoot-11Beacon Hill Shoot-12Beacon Hill Shoot-16Beacon Hill Shoot-17Beacon Hill Shoot-14Beacon Hill Shoot-4Iain newcastle 1Iain newcastle 2Iain newcastle 3Iain newcastle 4