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The Menswear Supply Shop is Live!

Menswear Supply Shop Announcement - Thread Theory

Today we launch the Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop!  Head straight on over to check things out or get to know some of my favorite new items by reading the post below:

Sew - Thread Theory

First lets talk about our sewing category because this is, of course, still the main focus of our shop.  Within this category you will find our sewing patterns and also all of the sewing tools, fabrics and kits that we have had in our shop for quite some time.  I’ve expanded on some of our best sellers.  For instance, isn’t this needle case and thread snip set by Vancouver Island woodworker Wray Parsons beautiful?Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-15

It is available in Cocobolo Rosewood and Yellow Cedar Burl to match the other tools that we stock by this artist.

We’ve added two new color options to our Bag Making Supplies Kit.  This Burnt Orange canvas is my favorite (it matches our logo!).

Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-43This canvas is a different weight and is from a different manufacturer than the Olive and Grease options because our other canvas supplier no longer offers cotton canvas!  So, if you really like the Olive and Grease colorways, you will want to know that these are now limited editions and will be removed from our shop once we’ve sold out!

Now let’s move on to some completely new and really exciting items!

First off, meet the most rugged tote bag kit you will ever find:
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-13

The Carry-All Kit is perfect for beginners.  It includes heavy-duty canvas featuring a screen printed design, cotton webbing for handles, and a scrolled set of instructions.  Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-40The designs are based off our Parkland and Alpine Pattern Collections so they are perfect for organizing your work in progress menswear projects.  If a non-sewing savvy viewer were admiring the bag, they would probably interpret the design as an encouraging message on a shape reminiscent of a beer label!
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-41Next up:  I was VERY excited to find a source for really high quality plush waistband elastic!  And in perfect colors for manly Comox Trunks!  This elastic is incredibly lofty and soft.  It is comprised of knitted cotton and rubber and it will retain its width when stretched.  My favorite color option is the charcoal grey – super classy:

Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-17

After creating the Strathcona Tee sew-along and after Matt had a chance to wear his new t-shirts for a while I made the decision to place my first really big order of fabric from the one remaining Canadian manufacturer of knit fabrics.  These knits are of far higher quality than I ever see used in ready to wear t-shirts (I clearly don’t shop in the right places!) and they are available in lovely bold classic colors.  You will find cotton interlock (for t-shirts), cotton fleece (for sweatshirts), and ribbing in our shop – all in perfectly dyed matching colors!Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-26

I’m excited about the black and white colors in particular because I find it really difficult to source pure black or white fabric (without some sort of print or obvious texture) in most fabric stores.  It drives me nuts when I want to create wardrobe basics or include black or white as a contrast element in a garment!Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-28

There are plenty of other new items in the sewing section of our shop with more scheduled for the near future!  This post would be miles long if I described each product though so let’s move on to our brand new knitting section :).Knit - Thread Theory

I am thrilled to announce that we now carry menswear knitting patterns and supplies!  We’ve started our collection by featuring British designer Erika Knight’s menswear book, pattern poster and yarns!Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-31

Erika’s menswear pattern book is the very best menswear knit book that I’ve found – the photography is spot on and really makes me want to get knitting right NOW (I’m planning to finally advance past scarves and dishcloths this winter lol).  The designs range from classic to more unusual (but still completely wearable for your average man).Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-12

Aside from the book, Erika’s other menswear pattern offerings are in poster format.  The menswear poster features some great staples and quick gifts (hats for Christmas gifts perhaps?).
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-10

The poster uses Erika Knight’s yarns while the book uses a huge variety of yarns – both her own and yarns from other readily available yarn companies.  You can check out the required yarn and needle details on the poster product page!  We’ve stocked three types of wool: Vintage, Maxi and British Blue.  All of these yarns are from British sheep and manufactured entirely in England.  You can see that the colors are especially masculine and muted:Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-1

The texture of the Vintage wool is my favorite of the three:Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-3


Now on to the Literature category!
Read - Thread Theory

I had tonnes of fun choosing books since I’ve always been quite a book worm.  Our shop is now stocked with a selection of menswear fashion tomes – both inspirational and educational.Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-34We’ve created an entire section for fiction as well but you will see our little copy of Beatrix Potter’s The Tailor of Gloucester is the only title in this section at the moment.  I hadn’t planned to stock fiction but when I came across this little book I new that it’s archaic tailoring terminology and endearing illustrations deserved a place in our shop!Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-35

Which brings me to the section which, for me, is the most important addition to our shop: Tailoring
Tailor - Thread Theory

When I began to get serious about sewing menswear, the concept of tailoring intrigued but also completely overwhelmed me.  I hope the Thread Theory perspective on tailoring will dispel this feeling of intimidation from the thoughts of many prospective tailors!  Here is my first step towards making tailoring approachable: The Goldstream Peacoat Tailoring Supplies Kit.
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-21

Within this kit you will find a pre-assembled double breasted canvas front (which is like a very elaborate form of interfacing – it provides structure to a tailored coat).  You will also find beautiful wool shoulder pads, sleeve heads and a stunning melton wool and canvas undercollar.  Here is the gloriously pad stitched Italian-made melton wool undercollar:

Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-20All of the kit items feature machine pad stitching (which eliminates a LOT of work for you!) and the very highest quality of components such as horse hair, linen canvas, and pure wool batting. Here is a close look at the layers involved in the canvas front:
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-19

It can be trimmed to suit your size of Goldstream Peacoat (or any other double breasted coat or suit pattern).

We are selling a few of the items from within the kit as separate products too.  This way, if going full out tailor is a bit of a leap for you, you have some smaller options to start with.  Check out the soft wool batting within these shoulder pads!
Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-42


This has been only a very brief introduction to a few of the items within the shop.  There are many more for you to examine in detail!  To wrap things up before you head over to peruse the shop, let me point out that it is the perfect time of year to spread your sewing related Christmas wishlist among family and friends :P.  To make things easy for them, let them know that we now have gift cards available in our store!  You can find them in our Gift section.

I hope that our new menswear supply shop gets you itching to #makemenswear!  As I mentioned on Friday, I would love to hear your suggestions for additions to the shop.  We have a number of additional products lined up to add to the shop in the coming weeks before Christmas and we are hoping to add something new to the store every two to three weeks for the foreseeable future.  So if you simply can’t find a tool or fabric that you need for a menswear project, shoot us an email ( and we would love to consider that item as a future feature within our shop!