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Friday Guest: The Hubby!

Hello folks of the sewing world! I’m Morgan’s husband, Matt, and it is a pleasure to be picked as the first guest poster!

Morgan has been insanely busy this last week (and the one before that, and before that…) with school work; designing, creating patterns for, and sewing seven full outfits for her Fashion Design program is quite the task! Not to mention all the hard work she is putting into getting the Jedediah Pants ready to send to test sewers AND sewing pillows, shams, and duvet covers for a local interior design company. So with her jam-packed schedule in mind, I have been asked to be the first guest blogger for the Friday post!

First, a little about me:

I like to do little wood-working projects!


I like to rebuild/restore old bikes!


I like to build computers!

Old computer

And I loooove film cameras!

Pentax 645

And, of course, I love photography. There are many more examples, but you get the gist of it: I have a fairly wide variety of hobbies and interests. This has made Morgan and I an excellent team for starting Thread Theory, and life in general! While Morgan creates the designs, coordinates with our pattern maker, and builds the instructions until she wants to throw her laptop out the window, I handle the more tedious stuff like bookkeeping, website maintenance (super easy thanks to Big Cartel – but shhhh… Don’t tell her that!), and e-mail replies (although I have to get her help with 90% of the sewing questions that come through)! I also do the photography for the clothes she makes, which I really enjoy. In my personal life, I hardly ever take pictures of people; I mainly shoot wildlife, land/seascapes, interesting textures, patterns, etc… so being forced to take pictures of people and make awkward attempts at interacting with them has really helped push me out of my comfort zone!

Another big thing that I do for Thread Theory is receive the digital pattern from our pattern maker and make it ready to sell. The first thing I have to do is take the poster-size PDF and shuffle the pattern pieces into three layouts: one for 45″ wide fabric, one for 60″ wide fabric, and one with no limitations except for being as small as possible. This last one is what I use to split the pattern into pages, which is a tedious process to say the least. I take the new layout, export it to a multi-page PDF with 7.5″x10″ pages, import each page into Photoshop, add the alignment markings and labels, export all the pages as JPEGs, and rebuild them into a single, multi-page PDF file! Then it’s just a matter of finding the right amount of compression (the raw PDF files are HUGE!) and uploading them to the website. At least I only have to do that a couple times for each pattern!

But enough of the technical mumbo-jumbo! Working with Morgan on Thread Theory has been a truly wonderful experience. It’s hard to describe the feeling we get every time an e-mail comes in from someone thanking us for making men’s patterns. Although I’m not a sewer, I really enjoy a quality made garment and I love that Morgan has been able to sew me clothes that actually fit! Like many guys out there, I’m pretty lanky and I can never find a shirt that has long enough sleeves and DOESN’T fit like a parachute. Hand-made for the win!

Beacon Hill Shoot-2

First Attempt at Menswear!


I’d like to end this post with a great big shout out to everyone in the blog world that has supported us, sent us encouraging comments, and (of course) bought our pattern! You guys and gals make this project so rewarding for us!

Happy sewing,

– Matthew