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Fashion Revolution Day

Today, April 24th, marks the one year anniversary of the collapse of the textile factory in Rana Plaza, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  In honour of this anniversary, and in the hope that action and awareness will create change in the way we regard clothing as a consumer good, Matt and I are marking this date by photographing some of our Thread Theory sample garments inside out.  Have you heard of Fashion Revolution Day?  Here is the website where you can read more information about this movement.Resized-1

Fashion Revolution day (today!) is being honoured by 140 bloggers who blog about sewing and fashion and many other organizations.  There are many ways to be involved in this movement but this is the basic concept: We are photographing our clothing worn inside out to demonstrate how much work, care and time is put into every garment that every human wears.   We are using social media to ask “Who made your clothes?”  If awareness over the skill and commitment needed to create fashion is increased, we hope that consumers will be less tolerant of the abysmal conditions that their cheap and fairly disposable garments are created in.


Sewers and recipients of lovingly sewn garments are well aware of the hours, the thought, and the love that goes into every home sewn garment.  Each seam is carefully finished in anticipation of years of hard wear.  Each design detail is chosen to suit the wearer.  As sewers, we have chosen to take an active role in the creative process of visually displaying who we are through garments.


I hope that Fashion Revolution Day has, and will for years to come, confirm to sewers and creators that they have chosen one of the most fulfilling and sustainable approach to clothing themselves and their families and friends.  I hope that Fashion Revolution Day will create awareness among consumers that there are other ways to creatively and beautifully clothe oneself than popping into the nearest or trendiest store.


Fashion need not be instantaneous and disposable.  In fact, fashion gains more meaning and purpose in society if it is something that takes time, thought and skill to create and display as a lasting visual of an individual’s personality.


Matt and I just finished a 12 hour drive through the United States today on our way home from filming a Sew-It-All TV episode, so please excuse the tardiness of this post and the hurried nature of these photos!  Matt was wearing a full Thread Theory ensemble so he quickly whipped everything off and put it back on inside out when we got to our Anacortes hotel room.


Despite this lack of planning and prepardeness, I am pleased with how tidy both the interior of Matt’s Newcastle and Jedediah pants appear!  Matt was tempted to show you the inside of his Comox Trunks but I thought you might have had enough of the scantily clad men parading across our blog of late!


Even though Fashion Revolution Day is almost over, don’t hesitate to spread the message.  Clothing is not disposable and should not be created as such.  The creation of clothing is an art form and a trade that requires a high level of skill.  The creators of clothing should be treated and respected as the skilled workers that they are.  It is time for change to occur and it needs to start with the consumer.  Tweet, blog and facebook about Fashion Revolution Day.  Add the tags #InsideOut and @Fash_Rev.  Let’s find out…who made your clothes?