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New Pattern! Meet the Comox Trunks.


The first pattern of our Alpine Collection is available today!  Head on over to our shop to order your Comox Trunks or our Comox Trunks Supplies kit. The tissue pattern is also available at many of our stockists (check to see if there is a retailer near you!).


These trunks are a quick project that will help you learn a number of techniques for sewing knits.  After a couple hours of sewing (either at your domestic machine or your serger – instructions include options for both) you will have a very comfortable pair of form fitting trunks with all of the design features found in high-end boxer brands – no center back seam, short legs, a strong double layered in-seam gusset and a right exit fly (the front ‘cup’ area that allows for bathroom breaks without pulling your pants down!).


The elastic waistband is quick and easy to sew onto the trunks and creates none of the extra bulk that fabric-covered elastic waistbands add beneath slim-fit pants (such as the Jedediah Pants).


Resized-4 Resized-7

If you are new to sewing knits and are a little nervous about choosing the right fabrics or elastic for your Comox Trunk project, you have the option of buying the Comox Trunks Supplies Kit.  You can purchase it with the pattern or, if you have bought the pattern through one of our stockists or simply want to make second pair of trunks, you can also buy it on its own.

Kit with pattern - resized

The kit includes the same fabric and elastic that we used for our samples.  Our models commented that the trunks were especially soft and weightless – they said they felt like they hardly had anything on (I think they had a point lol).  The fabric is a thin bamboo/cotton stretch jersey in your choice of charcoal grey or burgundy.  The elastic is a black, pre-shrunk knitted elastic that is firm and strong but not itchy.

kit - grey fabric - resized

Kit - red fabric - resizedWell, we hope you like our new pattern as much as we do!  It seems to me that many men HATE buying new underwear and tend to wear their most comfortable ones until they are rags.  There really isn’t an excuse for that any more, is there?  Now they can replace that perfect pair with another by sewing their own (or, if you are the significant other, you can do the honours and reap the rewards of a much more pleasant view when he’s dressing in the morning!).


Another new pattern launches on Monday!

This week has been a whirlwind of Thread Theory excitement and activity after the Goldstream Peacoat tissue pattern launch and things won’t be slowing down soon (which is a good thing!).  This coming Monday, March 17th, we will be launching the first pattern designed to be part of our Alpine Collection.


Alpine Inspiration Board - photos


The Alpine Collection will be released throughout the coming year, one pattern at a time.  It will include patterns designed to create hard wearing garments suited to outdoor adventure.  We’re starting from the base layer up as you may have noticed in the sneak peek photo that we showed you a few weeks ago!:


Blog Edit-1


The newest pattern will be available as a PDF and tissue sewing pattern in using the same style of packaging that you loved from our Parkland Collection.  It will also be available as a complete kit which you will have an option to purchase either with or without the sewing pattern.


kit sneak peek


As you can see from the photo above, the pattern itself will be available in a large range of sizes – size 24 to 36 are regular sizes and size 39 to 45 are graded with plus size proportions.  You can also see that the pattern will be only a ‘two needle’ difficulty level.  We hope that newer sewers will be encouraged to advance their skills by carefully following the thorough instructions (they even walk you through setting up your machine for the fabric required).

We are currently in the midst of creating a sew-along for this new pattern, so get your pattern and fabric as soon as it is available so that you can join us for a chance to win an awesome prize package (more on this next week!).

We’re looking forward to Monday, I hope you do too!

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Thanks for your feedback!

Alpine Inspiration Board - mountains

I’m glad that so many people are loving the inspiration and aesthetic for our next collection!  I really enjoyed reading all of your detailed suggestions and sources for design inspiration – keep it coming!

I’m getting a strong sense that many of you would like NON-skinny legged pants and will definitely keep this in mind.  Items that work for both men and women were suggested often – while I want to stay (far :P) away from the realm of his and hers pajama sets or unisex sweaters, the idea of accessories such as back packs or garments such as classic outerwear that could be converted without many fit adjustments for women is intriguing.

I am really excited to delve into creating tutorials and instructions on how to create the purpose-driven details that are necessary in the design of outdoor clothing.  I have big plans to create everything from a tutorial to make your own oilcloth (so you can sew a jacket like the one in the inspiration mood board that so many of you liked!) to directions on quilting and padding (think lap-top sleeves in back packs, padded shoulder straps or protective interior phone pockets).

I agree with those of you who mentioned versatility as a key asset for menswear patterns.  My goal is to create patterns that, while designed for our Alpine Outdoorsmen collection, will fit a variety of lifestyles.  Instead of providing just a cargo pants pattern, for instance, we could provide a classic relaxed straight fit pants pattern with design options that include cargo pockets, flap pockets, patch pockets or welt pockets.  That way, depending on the fabric choice and design options chosen, the pants could be used to create everything from rugged hunting gear to dressy wool trousers with the exact style and combination of pocket options that the wearer prefers.  After all, one of the most – if not THE most – important aspect of menswear is the fit, so once you’ve found the perfect fitting pants, jacket or shirt pattern you’ll no doubt want to sew it over and over again while adjusting fabric and details to match whatever is the current style.  I know that’s certainly how I approach menswear sewing, and it seems, based on your comments, that many of you do the same!

Thank you again for all your thoughtful comments on my last post – I am really inspired to get designing!


Alpine: The next menswear sewing pattern collection

Alpine Inspiration Board - photos

Since Matt and I have been very busy with the administration and technical aspects of running a menswear sewing pattern company over the last week (So much math!  So much time using complicated computer programs!  Both things I NEVER imagined myself doing for a living!)  I thought I’d give myself and you a bit of fun by pulling together some inspiration for our next collection of patterns.

The Parkland Collection of four patterns will be complete with the release of the Goldstream Peacoat and consists of:

As many of you, I’m sure, have noticed, our first collection was inspired by the beautiful parks we have been lucky to grow up in around the Vancouver Island area.  Indeed, Matt spent many a summer weekend anchored off Newcastle Island with his family and we got engaged atop a mountain on Jedediah Island.

The inspiration for our next collection, the Alpine Collection, is a little less personal and is instead a nod to my love of research and history.  I am very intrigued by the idea of the ‘outdoorsman’ as embodied by numerous public figures throughout the 20th century such as Eric Shipton, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lionel Terray.  I think that rugged, comfortable and practical clothing with a classic aesthetic has a very firm place in most men’s closets and that outdoor sporting clothes are very current as every day wear.

To get myself immersed in and inspired by the lives led by people wearing such clothes, I have big plans to re-watch the excellent movie, North Face (2008), which, based on a true story, is about two German climbers who are part of a Nazi driven race to ascend the Eiger, a Swiss summit.

Another film that looks interesting is the National Geographic’s documentary, The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest (2010)  which includes all sorts of amazing historically accurate mountain climbing costumes from the 1920s.

I’ve also assembled a board of inspiration based on current clothing brands.  What do you think?

Alpine Inspiration Board - clothing

  1. Carhartt WIP Hickman Coat: Cozy hood, flap pockets, zipper closure with all-weather placket, drawstring to tighten waist.
  2. Filson Mackinaw Cruiser: Versatile as it would look nice in everything from wool to cotton to waterproof sports fabrics.
  3. Carhartt WIP Battle Parka: Love the angled flap pockets, lower face protection, draw strings, and hidden zipper.
  4. Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest: An everyday vest that is both sleek and cozy.  Love the front pocket shape.  Statement plaid!
  5. Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest: A more muted colour to show that this vest could also be elegant and gentlemanly.
  6. Moncler Twill Straight Leg Cargo Pants: A dressier slim-fit take on rugged cargo pants.
  7. Carhartt WIP Aviation Pant: Cargo pants suited for hard use but still modern with slim fit and low waist.
  8. Arcteryx Caliber Cardigan: Really interesting seamlines at the shoulders.  A nice easy to wear zip up.
  9. Carhartt WIP Elias Pocket Sweater: Just your average sweater…but with a pocket!
  10. Arcteryx Cordin Pullover: A simple sweater with great shoulder details.  Nice in a wool blend but could also be made lighter.
  11. Frank and Oak Greenwich Backpack: This would be a fun project to sew – especially with customized pockets!
  12. Frank and Oak Hyde Mountaineering Backpack: I love the double strap closure as a perfect leather accent!

Now that you’ve had a look at my ideas, do you have any garments you’d like to add to the pool of ‘Alpine’ themed menswear?  Request and suggest away!  Also, some of the great brands above have been referred to by our blog readers and I was thrilled to receive such excellent (and awesomely relevant to my theme!) inspiration.  Do you have any menswear brands that inspire you?  I’d love to take a look!