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Jedediah Pants Photo Gallery

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8 thoughts on “Jedediah Pants Photo Gallery

  1. Hi there, Im planning to make a pair of these great trousers with stretch denim. Have you had any experience with this? I have a couple friends who are bike commuters and would love to have a pair of slim fit pants that are a little more flexible with bicycling.

    • Hi Gretchen,

      I haven’t sewn stretch denim Jedediah Pants but I have sewn stretch denim jeans for myself in the past. One major thing I’ve found when sewing with stretch denim is that the fit can vary substantially based on the stretch percentage of the fabric. I’d really recommend basting together the Jeds and doing a fitting session before properly sewing them. You might have to size down considerably if your denim is pretty stretchy. Also, it might be a good idea to use a woven material that has no stretch as a waistband interfacing. This will prevent the waistband from stretching bigger and bigger as the jeans are worn throughout the day.

      For loads of amazing tips on sewing stretch denim, be sure to check out the awesome Ginger Jeans sew-along over at Closet Case Files! You could use almost all her tips in reference to the Jedediah Pants :).

      Good luck! Please feel free to email if you have any questions while you are sewing your pants. Your friends are going to love them!

  2. Thread Theory,

    I’m back! The high school girl who used your pattern for her fashion show. Thank you for the unbelievable fit of these pants! My models (and the judges) loved them! There are a few things though that are horribly wrong. The pockets need to be explained better. My teacher and I stared at them, the pattern, and the sew along and it still took us an hour to figure it out. Tip: the pattern pieces fall into place on the pants, the shapes connect. Look more at the shape of the pieces. Also there has got to be a cleaner way to do flat felled seams, it took me a while to get it all down, and still I didn’t feel confident about them. All in all though, I made two pants and two shorts and everyone loved them. I placed honorable mention and was the first ever designer in the eight year life of our show to ever do a menswear collection. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to start planning for next year!

    Much Love,


    • Hi Jessica,
      Congratulations on such a successful fashion show! You have a promising design future ahead of you :). I’ve sent you an email so as to reply to your comment in more detail.
      Take care,

  3. I just finished my Jedediah pants yesterday. Although there are a few minor errors in structure, I’m relatively happy with the way they turned out. I used a tan semi-stretch denim, which I found somewhat difficult to work with. The fabric was very hard to press the flat fell seams, and as a result I didn’t incorporate them on the inseam. I used a dark green broad cloth for the pockets. I will be making another pair out of white denim. and I’m using a striped cotton for the pockets. Thanks for providing updated patterns for men’s clothing. By the way, I also made the Henley.

    • Wow, you’ve been busy! I’m glad that your Jeds turned out despite the difficulty with the flat fell seams. Good idea to just skip those rather than torturing yourself. Good luck with your next pair!

  4. Hello, I just have to say that I am beyond excited that I found your patterns! 🙂 Finally some nicely designed, modern, good looking mens wear patterns to use! Yum! Thank you 🙂 – Do you mind if I grab a few images from here and feature you on my blog, while I wait for the patterns to reach? 🙂

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