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Rivets (and more!) sold individually and in bulk

ZippersRivets-001Ever since we added our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kits to our shop, I’ve received requests from many of you who would like to purchase rivets in bulk or individually.  Until recently I’ve been making up Paypal invoices each time I received a request and this has worked okay…but it isn’t the most efficient or professional solution!  We made a new order of some of our notions so that we can finally offer the materials from our kits as separate products in our shop!NewNotions-008

Now you can find rivets, no sew jeans buttons, jeans zippers and waistband elastic in the supplies section of our shop!


While we are on the topic of new products: Some of you may have noticed that last Friday I accidentally sent our newsletter out with the title “Fall Sewing – Flat Rate Shipping Sale and New Tools.”  Upon opening and reading the newsletter you were probably disappointed to see that no new tools were mentioned!  We had planned to release some beautiful and very useful new sewing tools (including more wood ones from local artisan Wray Parsons!) but have been faced with some technical difficulties at our new studio.  Matt has been trying very hard to recreate the lighting that we had at our old studio so that our product photos match the rest that are currently on our website.  So far he has had no luck (and I’m a very critical client :S).  I’ve put up the photos that Matt took of the rivets, zippers and waistband elastic but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to share the less than ideal photos of our new sewing tools.  Matt will be working on a new photography set up next week and I hope we will be able to launch the tools soon!  Sorry for the false newsletter title!

Happy sewing!


Introducing our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions Kit!


I’ve been so excited to show you the newest item in our shop:  Matt and I have assembled Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kits!

We’ve included all the notions you will need to give your carefully sewn pants that professional finishing touch.  The kit comes in two themes: Antique Brass and Gun Metal so you can match the tones of your fabric choice to the warm or cool tones of the kits.

Each kit includes a zipper, a jeans button and six rivets.  To help you install your zipper, you can refer to our Fly Front Video which we created as part of our Jedediah Shorts Sew-along.  And, to learn how to apply your button and rivets, all you need do is to read Matt’s excellent tutorial! Plus, to REALLY encourage you to get pants sewing, our Jedediah Pants are currently 25% off until Friday, October 10th! Use the discount code “HAMMERTIME”!JeansKit-24

The zippers we chose are 6″ (Aqua/Brass) and 7″ (Grey/Gun Metal) to suit most casual pants patterns.  For instance, our Jedediah Pants require a 6″ zipper but a 7″ zipper would do nicely for the larger sizes or can be shortened to suit your needs using tutorials such as this excellent one by Jacque Goldsmith for Threads Magazine.JeansKit-15

The zippers are Talon 42 metal zippers which are strong and very classic in appearance.  Talon is an American company who began in 1893 under the name Universal Fastener Company and they were and still are used by many of the major jeans manufacturers.  After all, they are the company that actually invented the zipper!    You can read an interesting short article on the history at Rawr Denim.JeansKit-26

The rivets are unmarked with brand names and look very professional when added to pockets.  Matt’s tutorial is extremely in depth so that you will be confident when you apply them to your pants, but really, it is VERY simple to do!

JeanRivets-27Simply push the silver pin through the fabric and into the rivet cap.  Hammer lightly against the silver base until the rivet is tight against the fabric.  The pins are long enough that they can be used through several thick layers of denim but can be snipped with pliers or side cutters to suit whatever thickness you are encountering.JeansKit-17

The buttons we chose are light but strong with a classic oak leaf design.  I love the dark background against the antique brass color!  The buttons are applied in the very same manner as the rivets using a slightly larger pin.  The metal shank on these buttons makes it easy to button or unbutton even heavy denim jeans. JeansKit-27
I hope our Jeans & Pants Essential Notions kit will help you in your pants sewing odyssey this winter!  I plan to use the Gun Metal colored kit with a couple meters of our new Grease Canvas to make my dad some pants – I’ll show them to you once they are done!