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Carmanah Sweater – our new pattern has landed!


Meet the newest pattern in our menswear line – the Carmanah Sweater!

This sweater pattern is part of our menswear Alpine Collection which means that it is designed as hardwearing activewear.

As such, it includes details reminiscient of high end adventurewear: Notice the twill tape seam finish, the chin guard, reinforced grommets, a well-shaped three piece lined hood, and lots of topstitching.

This pattern was designed to be a very versatile one that can be sewn up over and over to create a whole wardrobe of comfortable sweaters fit for many occasions.

There are a myriad of variations and an excellent array of color-blocking options so that each sweater you sew will look unique.

Instead of creating ‘Variation 1′ and Variation 2’ as per usual, we’ve created five mix and match sections.

Choose between a full zipper or a quarter zipper. Sew a collar or a hood. Add a kangaroo pocket or leave it off. Sew your sweater with one fabric or select contrast yokes and a pocket.

One of the great joys of sewing is the ability to choose your own fabric and style. This pattern is quite flexible – as long as your knit has at least 10% stretch and a medium weight, you can choose anything from cozy jogging fleece to a sporty ribbed knit to elegant boiled wool!

Indeed, with the right fabric and zipper choice your Carmanah could even look quite dressy (think soft boiled merino with a fine antique brass zipper with leather pull tab).

Two cuff pattern pieces are included so that you can use self fabric or a contrast rib knit depending on the stretch and bulk of your main fabric. The instructions include details on how to avoid ripples when installing your zipper. In fact, the instructions are very thorough so if you are new to working with knits, this sweater might be a great project to tackle after your first t-shirt. The more involved details are reminiscient of a woven jacket project and there are tips on how to set up your machine and handle your materials so that you do not need to struggle with stretch.

When I designed this sweater I imagined it would complement our very popular Finlayson Sweater pattern. Just like the Finlayson Sweater, its boxy shape makes it simple to fit and thus easy to sew as a gift (it’s possible to just guess the size or have a sneaky peek at the recipient’s closet).

It’s mix-and-match design allows sewists to cater the garment exactly to the recipient’s tastes – do they want a high-tech wicking hoodie to wear as a mid-layer while hiking? No problem! Do they want a ‘slightly more dressy than a crew-neck’ quarter-zip sweater to wear to the office or to Christmas dinner? Check! Just like the Finlayson, the high-end finishing details make it both a wardrobe basic and something that can be uniquely customized to suit the wearer’s personality.

Add a funky hood lining fabric and choose an interesting patterned or colored twill tape to add personality within the sweater. Finally, again like the Finlayson, this knit sweater is just involved enough to be an interesting and rewarding sewing project but still much simpler than sewing, say, a button-up shirt or jeans. It’s a nice in-between project to tackle when you don’t want to get overwhelmed by tailoring but still want to get creative with the details.

The size range for this pattern is: XS-4XL (36 1/4″-50″ Chest). 5/8″ seam allowances are included within the pattern.

We will be launching this pattern as a paper pattern during our next pattern re-print. If you order the PDF now but prefer the tissue pattern when it is available, please feel free to take advantage of our usual offer: Email us when the paper pattern is released and we will discount the cost of the PDF from your order – this way you get the format you prefer but, in the meantime, you can get sewing!

You could even sew the Carmanah Sweater this weekend! It is 20% off until Friday September 25th to celebrate it’s arrival to the shop. Happy sewing!

13 thoughts on “Carmanah Sweater – our new pattern has landed!

  1. Just pieced together this pattern and I’m impressed with the style and instructions . As a newcomer to men’s patterns I am wondering if this is a very baggy top. My son is 40 inch chest with 32 inch waist. He is 6’ tall. Medium is 40” chest but garment finish is 47.75 inches. My son likes roomy but not baggy. Would small, 38” chest be plenty big enough.

  2. When will you give this to Pattern Review??? I love buying the copy shop version, as it saves me cut and taping time 😉

    So excited for this new one and, crossing fingers, you make a coat/jacket pattern that’s lined, with an exposed zip, and lots of pocket options!


  3. Thanks for this new pattern. I have made Finlayson sweaters for 3 generations of my family. Can’t wait to try the Carmanah with all its options.

  4. Fantastic to see another Thread Theory pattern for men! With 3 “boys” over 6″6, it’s not easy finding clothes RTW. Cannot wait to give this a spin – one has already picked out his fabric!

  5. This is marvelous! I can see this being made again and again in my house.

  6. I would like to know if this new pattern will also be available in printed form in the future?

    • Yes, it will! I anticipate it will be available early in the new year. We always make the following offer when we launch a new PDF: People who purchase the PDF now but would prefer the tissue version when it is available can email us in the first week after the tissue pattern release to receive a discount code for their tissue pattern purchase which removes the cost of the PDF from the order. So you get to sew now but get your preferred format later!

  7. I love how you make a pattern work in multiple ways creating multiple looks! All with clean lines. Way to go!

  8. Love your new pattern, however, I have a couple of questions as outlined below:
    1. For the 1/4 length zipper version – how long is the zipper?
    2. How much total fabric is required for the single coloured version for the collar and hood option? The chart states 3/4 yard,
    however, it doesn’t seem to be enough fabric.

    • Oh dear, you found some typos! Thank you for bringing them to my attention! The fabric requirement chart within the instruction booklet is correct but the one on the web is not (a bunch of the columns autopopulated with the 3/4 yard amount). You will need 2.8 yards of 60″ wide fabric for both the single coloured versions (collar or hood). You will need a minimum 8″ zipper for the quarter zip variation but instructions are provided to shorten longer zippers.

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