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It’s now a giveaway!


[Edited Feb 17th: Giveaway closed! Thank you to all who participated!]


Oops! When I made the survey last night I neglected to add a contact info form at the end of the series of questions…and overnight I received an overwhelming number of survey responses! So first, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, and second, I need to change the survey gift certificate draw into an open giveaway!

Since I cannot contact a winner through our survey (because no contact form was provided), you will now need to enter the giveaway by commenting on this blog post. Please do so even if you already completed the survey! Simply tell me what your current (or next) sewing project is for a chance to win. Ensure the email you use for writing WordPress comments is correct so I can email the winner on Feb. 15th. The winner of the giveaway will receive $50 CAD to spend in our shop!

If you haven’t yet filled out our survey, feel free to do so here. Thank you!

196 thoughts on “It’s now a giveaway!

  1. Oh, I have a Harry Potter CosPlay outfit for my DIL, a quilt, & some pants for myself all in the works. I need to find my Fulford pattern and get it assembled. I am in desperate need of jeans!

  2. I love your patterns. Next up is the Finlayson Sweater for my son and then a Camas Blouse for me.

  3. I love your patterns and next up is the Finlayson for my son and then the Camas Blouse for me.

  4. I just finished the qualicum bag in repurposed leather and I am in love with it.
    I have made the Finlayson and Newcastle sweaters, Camas Blouse, Jedediah and Jutland pants and would like to make some more of the sweaters. I really like that you have tissue patterns available because I am not a fan of the PDF ones. Your instructions are detailed and great for beginners.

  5. The pattern I use more ofte is the finlayson, and it’s not for a man… I think some unisex clothing will hit a very useful spot! But keep up with the good work on menswear patterns! I have a ongoing belvedere and plans for quadra jeans this year!

  6. Keen to try the Jutland pants and Newcastle cardigan in the next couple of months. They are very versatile patterns that offer a lot of possibilities!! 😍

  7. Hmm, I think my comment disappeared, I will try again! I’m currently making a pink & orange & sequinned Butterick B6318 vintage style dress for a Frocktails event next month. As a new reader of your blog, I look forwards to reading your posts on sewing & your home life.

  8. I have 2 current projects: a skirt for me almost finished and a yoga cushion filled with fabric scrapes.

  9. I have 2 current projects: a skirt for me almost finished and a yoga cushion filled with fabric scrapes

  10. I’ve only just discovered your blog, what a delight! I look forwards to reading your posts on sewing & on your home life. Currently I’m sewing a Butterick B6318 vintage style dress for a Frocktails event next month. It’s gonna be pink & orange & sequinned!

  11. I have 2 current projects: a skirt almost finish and a yoga cushion filled up with scrapes of fabrics (but I don’t have enough now to fill it completely)

  12. My current project is a hoodie for my daughter with mods for Japanese anime character “Kirito” in Sword Art Online.

  13. I think that it would be awesome to win! A little selfless sewing…and some of your beautiful patterns!

  14. My next project is a Camas blouse! Though who knows…might be derailed to make pants for my tall 12 year old daughter, or a swimsuit for myself…all things lingering in my queue.

  15. I’m currently working on a sweater dress! Just the patch pockets left 🙂

  16. I’m currently working on a sweater dress! Just the patch pockets left!

  17. Hope springs infernal — I’m continuing my attempt(s) to come up with a pair of trousers that fit!

  18. I just love all your blog posts and your menswear patterns are my go to’s for all my husband’s clothing!

  19. I have just finished putting away a whole wardrobe of stage costumes of which my proudest creation was a ball gown in the shape of a Christmas pudding with a 5ft diameter hoop skirt which I also made to go underneath. It was a completely mad project but the spontaneous applause when it appeared on stage made it all worth it! In between the costumes, I managed a bit of Christmas sewing including a Finlayson for my husband which he wears all the time. After all that, I needed a breather to catch up with the house and garden but am now ready to sew again and planning a Style Arc Kendal top in some blue jersey from my stash and a Jenna jumpsuit for my daughter because that project has been on the list way too long.

  20. I’m making a party dress for an event I’m attending next Saturday – I’m using a stretch for a structured woven design so I’m hoping it comes off as envisioned!

  21. I’m currently being the cool Nonna & making diapers & clothes for all the naked babies my 2 granddaughters have accumulated in a very short time. Best payment ever…big eyes; sloppy kisses & squishy hugs. Keep up your good work with that little man; I think we all love seeing him grow and learn. (Did the survey first night.)

  22. Heya!
    My next sewing job will be to repair the pockets of your cargo pants pattern that is now the staple of my husband. I’m not joking! He now has two pairs and refuses to go to the shop now because he can choose where the patch pockets sit and the knee reinforcements are in the perfect position! He has two pairs now and he’s been wearing them on exclusive rotation for a few years.

  23. I have an ongoing project of Quadra jeans for my husband. The next planned project is a dress for me. I am wavering over the pattern – either the Balladone or the Bleuet both by Deer & Doe.

  24. I made the „quadra jeans“; 👌

  25. I need to finish a second Fairfield button up shirt for my husband. The first one turned out so nicely that it has been in constant rotation!

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  27. Strangely enough my comment I wrote is not visible. Maybe try again? I am working on a jacked named The Foreman by Merchant & Mills. A lovely boxy jacket which I make in a wool linnen fabric from Ecological textiles. I was trained as fashion designer and have tought this subject for many years at a vocational college in Enschede (the Netherlands). A few weeks ago I have bought a new Pfaff sewingmachine as a treath because my old Singer (from the fifties) got some problems. Last summe I made a few short sleeved shirts after a Japanese patternbook I bought. More summershirts will come after my jacket is finished. This afternoon I have ordered the Fairfield shirt because we both love bright coloured printed shirts. Very looking forward to start this journey again. Love it sofar. So keep up designing modern twists on classic vintage patterns. Fashionable seniors who dont like to look like boys’but also don’t like the boring menswear you can buy. With love from Amsterdam

  28. My next sewing project will be a dress for my baby girl.

  29. I have bought and washed flannel for a shirt for my husband, hoping to actually at least cut it out this weekend. It finally got cold where we live and he wants to wear it. 🙂 Wish me luck!

  30. Next make? A double-sided linen bathrobe from an in-stash Simplicity pattern for my son -in-law💕 for whom I also made a pair of Quadra jeans this past summer. Thx TT !

  31. Next project? A double-sided linen bathrobe from an in-stash Simplicity pattern and for my son-in-law💕 for whom I also made a pair of Quadra Jeans .

  32. My next project is either a backpack or a winter raglan…I’d need to get hardware for the backpack, or laundry detergent to pre-wash my fabric for the raglan. We’ll see which shop I visit first. 🙂

  33. My next sewing project is a Newcastle Cardigan adapted to fit me in a sweater look Polartec fleece. I have been wanting to make this for a few years, so I hope I can get it just right. It looks like such a cozy style!

  34. Hi! I’m making 2 Harrison shirts from Cashmerette Patterns – one I’ve cut long time when and one I need to blog shortly. I’d love to win the $50 CAD, but I’m actually more interested in seeing your future works. I love your patterns for men! So does my husband.

    Cheers, Lília Visser

  35. aaah I have too many things on the go now! A jeans pattern test, a Chloe dress, and a rag quilt are all on the sewing table!

  36. I was wondering if I just missed the part where you add your email 😉 I have so many things I want to make, but I think baby clothes or a jacket for myself is next up. Although I have also promised my husband a spring/summer jacket…

  37. Currently I am reorganizing my sewing room. But hopefully my next project will be pj’s.

  38. I’m altering a perfectly good skinny jean pattern to make a pair of straight leg jeans. I hope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  39. -next to sew is a new men shirt for my husband.

  40. I’m working on some office-friendly trousers!

  41. I am going to be making my husband new T-shirts from a thread theory pattern!

  42. Today I am working on a quilt and thinking about sewing jeans.

  43. The next thing I will sew will be a belated Xmas gift for my spouse. Its late due to the fact we both had the flu and colds at Xmas and I have yet to catch up with my back log of projects.

  44. Filed the survey , currently working on a hoodie for my lo 🙂

  45. How or where do I stop recieving other’s comments on this particular post survey blog. I wrote a comment and do not see it appear but I’m recieving the other comments. Thanks.

  46. Next up, a new pair of Quadra jeans for my son. Thanks to you I can fit a skinny and tall athlete.

  47. Done! Hope everything goes well whichever way you decide to take things.

    Next to sew is a third pair of Fulford jeans for myself I’ve had cut out for a bit but not got round to sewing. Three pairs in addition to some Quadras might sound like some sort of obsession, but really when you released that pattern every single pair of my existing (shop bought) jeans was seriously falling to bits!

  48. I’ve made the jutland pants and a henley for my SO, and the Newcastle cardigan (using your tutorial) and a henley (or two) for myself.

  49. I already did a rucksack, a handbag, but I really love the bag you designed shortly. 🙂

  50. My first attempt at a men’s shirt (the Fairfield) as a present to mark 15 years since I met my other half.

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