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It’s now a giveaway!


[Edited Feb 17th: Giveaway closed! Thank you to all who participated!]


Oops! When I made the survey last night I neglected to add a contact info form at the end of the series of questions…and overnight I received an overwhelming number of survey responses! So first, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, and second, I need to change the survey gift certificate draw into an open giveaway!

Since I cannot contact a winner through our survey (because no contact form was provided), you will now need to enter the giveaway by commenting on this blog post. Please do so even if you already completed the survey! Simply tell me what your current (or next) sewing project is for a chance to win. Ensure the email you use for writing WordPress comments is correct so I can email the winner on Feb. 15th. The winner of the giveaway will receive $50 CAD to spend in our shop!

If you haven’t yet filled out our survey, feel free to do so here. Thank you!

196 thoughts on “It’s now a giveaway!

  1. Some jeans for me!

  2. My next project is likely to be a button front shirt

  3. I’m currently making a pair of dungarees. I got tired of wearing old sweatpants to work in, so I’m smartening up my workwear. So far so good, so my next project may be the same garment.

  4. I filled out the survey and am currently busy with costumes for a play, but I was reading the other comments and would love to mod some of your jeans for a flannel lining! It is hard to get them in boys’ sizes.

  5. Will be working on a dress.

  6. Finishing up a top and a denim skirt. Plans for another Finlayson for hubby when it gets cooler.

  7. Jeans! All my pairs are wearing out and I want to make replacements.

  8. Looking at some comfortable summer dresses that I can wear at home or a quick run into town

  9. I literally have one more seam to Hong Kong bind and I’m done with a blazer. Then off to make some baby booties for my baby and his friend.

  10. I filled out the survey, but I don’t know if I was much help – I’m really a quilter with aspirations to sew garments. I’m finishing up a quilt right now, for my guild’s show in June, but I have pajama pants and a couple of simple dresses lined up after that. Thank you for the giveaway!

  11. I filled out the survey, but I don’t know if I was much help – I’m really a quilter with aspirations to sew garments. I’m finishing up a quilt right now, for my guild’s show in June, but I have pajama pants and a couple of simple dresses lined up after that. Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. I just finished 4 men’s briefs for my husband and planning on sewing a lace form bra for myself. Looking forward to your upcoming men’s patterns.

  13. The Peacoat for my partner! I bought the pattern a couple years ago and I promessed the man that it will be ready for two Christmas ago 🙂 I cannot let him wait longer for this classy garment.

  14. Ohhh! Filled out the survey and coincidentally my next project is Quadra Jeans — with adjustments for selvedge denim!

  15. I’m just about to start in a bathing suit for my upcoming Caribbean vacation.
    Lots of good ideas in the survey by the way.

  16. I actually have some quadra jeans waiting to be cut out 🙂 Good luck with the survey Morgan, I hope you get some good direction.

  17. Baby clothes and a sweatshirt for me

  18. I have a jacket cut out that I need to finish. But first, I have to do some alterations for clients.

  19. My next project is a blouse for myself as soon as I make the muslin to be 100% sure it fits. After that it will be another blouse as this will bolster my summer wardrobe and make an indentation in my stash! Keep up the great work! I’ll continue to be a fan no matter which direction you choose to go in the future.

  20. My next project is a Jean dress for me and either finishing or abandoning my various WIP’s (decisions to be made!) my next project for my husband is knit wool “socks that are like slippers” that he’s requested

  21. Currently trying to decide between a merino wrap top or a pair of chino pants in stretch twill for my next project 🤔

  22. Thanks for offering the giveaway! I’m plodding through my first real coat project, but with a newish baby it’s slow going! I hope to finish before winter is done. Pattern is B6720, and I’m using emerald green melton.

  23. My next sewing project will be one of the men’s pants patterns, likely the Jutland, but I will need to adapt it to fit me, a woman. I’m fairly thin and not curvy, so this should work! Suzanne Teal

  24. Merino top I purchased from Thread Theory. Stalling because I can’t decide on the neckline since I made more than a dozen tees with round neck, cowl neck.

  25. Working on a swimsuit right now. Next: PJ bottoms for my husband 🙂

  26. Working on a swimsuit for myself right now. Next: PJ bottoms for my husband 🙂

  27. A bag for me!

  28. After having finished my husband’s 4 underwear briefs, my next project is a lace covered foam bra for myself. Looking forward to discovering your future men’s patterns.

  29. The next thing I’m going to sew is fifteen shirts for the youth musical organisation of my daughter. So, I’ll be busy!

  30. Currently working on two pairs of overalls for me!

  31. This is in reply to your request since the survey didn’t have a form.

    I am currently sewing lounge pants in a dark green flannel for myself.

    Connie Beard

  32. I’m going to start a jacket soon, I once I’ve found the right material!

  33. I’m just finishing a sewn sweater for one sister, and then I’m going to make the other sister a dressing gown. Maybe then I’ll be able to make something for me….

  34. Hi! I filled out the survey and really hope you keep expanding your menswear range! Another Belvedere for my partner next – or will be his 4th! 🙂

  35. I have a Fairfield shirt on the cutting table right now for my son. Next will be a couple of pairs of jeans for him. I modified the Jedediah pattern to include a flannel lining for winter wear for him.

  36. I am making a Brunswick
    Pullover from some French terry for this cold weather!

  37. I m setting up to make a Cropped cardigan.

  38. Time to work on the stash….

  39. I have already sent in the survey and give you so much credit for asking the questions and valuing your customers feedback. Thank you for that. Currently I am working on a Merchant and Mills TN 31 and I’m using dry oilskin fabric. It’s a challenge🥴

  40. I’m currently working on a baby quilt. Lately I alternate between crafting and garment sewing. Next project I plan is for me. A tunic top with leggings. My son loves your Finlayson pattern. I have made it for him several times now. We live in Florida, so I have been making it out of thin sweater knits and it’s perfect for him.

  41. A pullover hoodie, I haven’t sewn a stitch since the beginning of December!

  42. Hi, I enjoyed taking the survey (I suggested that you make more fashion-forward menswear patterns). My next project is a Boucle poncho with a leather shawl collar.

  43. T-shirts for my nephew, 3.5 years old – the half is important to include he tells me 🙂 The idea is that the smaller size will work well as a way to get through quite a few and improve my skills sewing with stretch fabrics.

  44. I have been hoarding a piece of japanese selvedge denim that we bought in Tokyo to make the husband a new pair of jeans. I floated the idea of the Quadra jeans pattern in front of him but he is totally wedded to the Jedediah pants (with hacked front pockets) that I have made about 8 versions of now!

  45. I’m going to make more Fairfield shirts for hubby. He loves them.

  46. My next project is a black turtleneck for my husband using your Strathcona pattern. I have the pattern and fabric ready, now just need to cut and sew 🙂

  47. It’s a toss up between some baby blankets I’ve got in the pipeline or getting the muslin of a dress for my mother right enough that I can start work on it for real.

  48. I’m going to be making a tea cosy to replace a hideous one bought by my dad, (eugh not my kind of fun sewing) then a shirt also for my dad in a bicycle cotton, he’s a big cyclist.

  49. It will probably be a sweater for me or a small project with cork fabric 😉

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