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Welcome to the new era of menswear sewing. Go ahead and create something exceptional!

It’s now a giveaway!


[Edited Feb 17th: Giveaway closed! Thank you to all who participated!]


Oops! When I made the survey last night I neglected to add a contact info form at the end of the series of questions…and overnight I received an overwhelming number of survey responses! So first, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, and second, I need to change the survey gift certificate draw into an open giveaway!

Since I cannot contact a winner through our survey (because no contact form was provided), you will now need to enter the giveaway by commenting on this blog post. Please do so even if you already completed the survey! Simply tell me what your current (or next) sewing project is for a chance to win. Ensure the email you use for writing WordPress comments is correct so I can email the winner on Feb. 15th. The winner of the giveaway will receive $50 CAD to spend in our shop!

If you haven’t yet filled out our survey, feel free to do so here. Thank you!

196 thoughts on “It’s now a giveaway!

  1. Working on a waistcoat for hubby

  2. I’m wanting to do the Finlayson for my teen son who is suddenly into fashion. It would make a nice casual topper.

  3. I forgot to put what I am working on… trying to sew a few things before our trip to the Bahamas in a few weeks, including some linen pants adapted from a men’s pajama pattern! Fulford jeans are next in the queue for husband sewing.

  4. Purchased the Quadra Jeans pattern three months ago and have made five pairs so far. My next project will be the Fairfield Button-up Shirt…

  5. I just filled out the survey, I’m so glad you are doing this!

  6. Purchased the Quadra Jeans pattern three months ago and have made five pairs so far. My next project will be the Fairfield Button-up Shirt!

  7. My current 2 projects are a button down shirt for my husband and a fleece vest for me.

  8. I have been working on my repair projects that usually sit on the chair in front of my sewing machine. (For a long while, I’ve had to transfer this pile to my bed before I can sew then return it to the chair before sleeping.) I’ve repaired 2 rips in 2 shirts, a hole and the resulting “run” in a crocheted blanket and a number of holes/worn-out-spots in jeans. Feels so easy now to sew without that extra effort!

  9. Just filled out the survey…thank you! Making the Quadras now 🙂

  10. My current project is a new bag to help get my sewing motivation going. The survey was perfect with well thought out questions, and thank you for the giveaway!

  11. Just did the survey. Keep up the good work! Planning on making a pair of Jutland pants.

  12. Great patterns, and I enjoy the Instagram posts.

  13. My next project is a picnic blanket! Not very complex and almost boring, but it’s been hanging around my sewing room for far too long and I just need to get it done! Then I can move on to something more interesting.

  14. On my list is a relaxed flannel button up shirt for my husband to wear around our homestead. And a pair of the very practical Jutland Pants of which I already have a file waiting to be printed. And a floral linen button shirt for me. And… O gosh, I need more sewing time!

  15. Finishing a natural linen zip front, round neck jacket for me. Thinking of converting the gold stream pea coat to a single breasted version for my hubbie and a Lois dress for me out of a lovely green silk !

  16. I’m making trousers at the moment, on my second toille…

  17. Just completed your survey! The Belvedere lady from Europe;o)

  18. My next sewing project are androgynous pants. I don’t know yet if I start with a male or a female pattern, but probably the details will blur any clear distinction.

  19. Will be taking the survey, shortly.

  20. I’m making some overalls for a friend to wear for fieldwork. It’s going to be a fun project!

  21. Currently making a two piece Nonya style outfit for my grandma who lives overseas in Malaysia. She picked out the fabric when I visited her last year.

  22. Hoping to finally make my husband something… I’m a selfish sewer, but I think I’ll enjoy seeing him wear something I made. 🙂

  23. My current project is finishing work that has been hanging over my head. 🙄 I’d rather be trying one of several patterns or your designs that I’ve purchased😆

  24. looking forward to trying one of your patterns this year. I am currently making the peppermint ruffle sleeve top but soon in will be time to make my partner a shirt.

  25. I’ve got a Sage tee cut and ready to sew during tomorrow’s nap time:)

  26. My next sewing project is a Brindille and Twig Harem Coverall for my 15 month old… Or maybe a Scuba sweater for my 3.5 year old. Quick little boy projects.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. I love every pattern of yours I’ve sewn. Finally my husband has jeans he finds comfortable (and he likes to brag about them ). I can’t wait to see your new pattern!

  28. I’m almost finished my second pair of Jutlands, I was planning on making a Newcastle cardigan next…but since it’s starting to warm up outside I might keep on with the work pants, I want to add some personal touches like a hammer loop and some wrench pockets. Love your patterns!

  29. A pair of Jedediah shorts for my partner’s christmas present!!

  30. Keep the amazing patterns coming!!

  31. Thanks so much for your hard work! The survey is a great way to get feedback. My next sewing project is a pair of Sasha Trousers from Closet Case Patterns.

  32. Trying my first Jean jacket! I can’t believe how many pieces there are Haha. Keep up the great work!

  33. Either more pants for me… Or my first Fairfield for my husband

  34. I am in the middle of constructing a lace dress. It’s experimental and sheer, made to be worn over various bits of clothing. I may even decide to finish it! I also am taking a break from making Kermit puppets for my son and his friends. It became a bit of a craze at his school, and I’ve made eight so far!

  35. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns. Survey completed.

  36. Hi there,
    I ordered your t-shirt raglan style one online through an Australian supplier of patterns. I have been sewing clothes on and off for years and only in the last year discovered by my own research (on Instagram and Google) that there were great patterns and fabric out there that wasn’t commercial.
    I was getting frustrated with the lack of choice of both. I would spend ages looking through those pattern books, then discover the pattern was not available…
    When I came across your patterns for men I thought it was wonderful, I have 2 adult sons that I can sew for now 🙂
    I love seeing your photos and blog, especially Canada, nice to see somewhere different and I have a friend that married a Canadian girl that lives outside Vancouver, plus distant family.

  37. I hope the survey brings you clarity and inspiration!

  38. I just filled out the survey 🙂 my next project is a Dread Pirate Roberts costume, using your Jedediah pattern for the pants! That is my very favorite go-to pattern for men’s pants 🙂

    (Sorry if this posts twice. The WordPress login was being weird)

  39. Hi! I just filled out the survey. My next project is a Dread Pirate Roberts costume, using the Jedediah pattern for the pants! It’s my very favorite go-to pattern for men’s pants 🙂

  40. Yes please! Survey completed

  41. Honestly just keep doing what you are doing! I find your menswear patterns so pleasurable to sew.

  42. I don’t have any particular patterns in mind, but I need to make a spring outfit for my anniversary! If I have time, I’d like to make a shirt for my partner too

  43. I’m gonna sew the Fairfield for my husband’s birthday present. ❤️

  44. Thanks for soliciting feedback, I filled out the survey 🙂

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