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Future of Thread Theory – please take our survey


[Edited Jan 31st to add: I neglected to add a contact info form to the survey so I’ve changed the $50 gift card draw into a general giveaway. To enter, comment on today’s blog post. Thank you for the overwhelming response to our survey! I’m just thrilled with your thoughtful answers!]

For years now I’ve received requests to design ‘menswear inspired’ women’s patterns, women’s workwear patterns and boys/teen patterns. These ideas all intrigue me greatly but I’ve more or less refrained as I wanted to make sure that justice was done to our primary focus of menswear first. Sewists have been waiting too long for contemporary menswear pattern designs so I’m glad that we’ve filled that niche with a good solid base of West Coast casual garments!

The very first photo we ever took of a Thread Theory Design! Taken in early spring, 2013.

Now that we have 14 menswear garment patterns in our shop that we are very proud of in addition to two special release women’s designs (launched on past Thread Theory anniversaries to thank our predominantly female customer base), and two gender neutral accessory patterns, I feel ready to consider branching out. After all, we have stayed on a fairly focused trajectory since we first registered our business in Dec. 2012 – we had only one burning dream: Make it possible for sewists to make the same sort of menswear they would buy from a shop!

Our website as a newborn when it first launched in 2013.

At first we focused completely on designing our own patterns, we then started carrying kits and tools to make menswear projects more enjoyable to sew. We next forayed into menswear fabrics for a couple of years. We then scaled back on tools and cut out fabric completely (our new homestead doesn’t have the studio space necessary for fabric sales and I don’t have the toddler-free time necessary for frequent product photoshoots!) and shifted our focus back to patterns – this time adding many other amazing indie menswear designers to our shop. While I’ve greatly enjoyed this menswear focused journey, it’s just really starting to feel time to refresh. I don’t know what that will mean yet but perhaps you do!

I am just about to begin the design process for a new batch of patterns – I tend to design in batches of 4 – so I thought this could be a neat opportunity to hear from you on the matter! Should I make this next batch all menswear? Should I shift my focus elsewhere? Or perhaps the next batch should be a bit of menswear and a bit of something else? Tell me your opinion using our very short survey. It’ll probably take all of 5 minutes and will give you a chance to win a $50 CAD gift certificate to our shop! The draw for the gift certificate will take place February 15th.

Fill out the survey now >

17 thoughts on “Future of Thread Theory – please take our survey

  1. Fantastic patterns, I have the Eastwood PJ’s waiting to be cut out for my husband, just finished making a pair for my son for some unfathomable reason he didn’t see the point of the pockets in PJs, strange child! I on the other hand cant make anything without pockets.

  2. Completed the survey, very good and well written. I love your patterns, you design great menswear patterns that just are not avlaible by anyone else so please keep up the good work.

  3. Just done the survey. Keep up the good work

  4. Love your brand! So hard to find good menswear patterns but yours are awesome! I’d love to see more menswear patterns 👌🏻

  5. From your early days i have always appreciated how you you have been responsive and taken on feedback. All the best with your future directions. Can’t wait to see where it takes you!

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  7. This is a timely survey. I’m making a version of the Newcastle Cardigan for me. I’d love to see more menswear from you, but if you made workwear for women like what you can find at Carhartt (especially work pants similar to the Jutlands, chore jackets, or shirts with all the cool details Duluth Trading Co. puts in theirs), you would be unique in the pattern industry as far as I can tell.

    • Oh! And if you happen to go in that direction, I also want to put in a vote for Carhartt-like overalls—rugged with a straight leg and loose waist that you can actually garden in. I can find trendy patterns, but I haven’t found a pattern like that, even from the ‘80’s or ‘90’s.

  8. I’m getting back into sewing after a 20 year hiatus. My first project will be the Fringe Blouse for me and then something for my husband. I like your pajama pattern. I think I will give that a try.

    Great survey.

  9. great survey

  10. great survey!

  11. I also didn’t see a way to leave contact details on the survey for the drawing.

  12. There is a real lacking of menswear patterns in the universe, so I’d encourage you to maintain your pace on menswear. That being said, I’d encourage you to extend sizing for any womens patterns,.


  13. Completed the survey. There doesn’t seem to be way to provide contact details to enter the prize draw? 🙂

  14. Filled out the survey but there dosen’t seem to be anyway to give you contact details/enter the prize draw 🙂

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