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Goldstream Peacoat Sew-along and 30% off sale

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-11

Just a quick note to let you know our Goldstream Peacoat Sew-along begins shortly!

I will be posting it straight to our website where the schedule is already live. Weekly recaps will be sent out to newsletter subscribers so be sure to follow our newsletter if you would like to sew or read along with me! The sew along will not be posted to this blog (regular posting will continue with a Fall homestead update coming along in a week or two…I’m waiting for one of the chickens to lay their first egg!).

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-9

To prepare you for your coat sewing adventure we’ve made a tailoring section in the shop which is 30% off right now – including the PDF and tissue Goldstream patterns and our gorgeous corozo nut fouled anchor buttons:

Thread Theory Peacoat Sewing-3

Who will you be sewing Goldstream for?


Matt’s Wardrobe Refresh: Progress


We are halfway through Matt’s birthday month so it’s time to update you on the progress I’ve made on his small wardrobe refresh (my plans are discussed here). I began with the simplest of pieces to ease myself into the time commitment since I’m rather rusty at sewing (non-work related pieces) and because my current sewing project for Thread Theory has been very involved over the last couple of weeks.  Easy knit projects were the way to go for the first two weeks of September!

I started with the easiest project of all, the Sayward Raglan.  Raglans are shockingly simple to sew because the barely curved sleeve seams are as quick an painless as sewing a side seam.  There is no worry about the knit stretching out at the sleeve head since there is no sleeve head to contend with!

I sewed Matt’s raglan from some merino and bamboo knit remnants that I had leftover from when we stocked these gorgeous fabrics in our shop.  The bamboo had been used for another project so I had to cut the sleeves across the grain which is a little wierd but Matt doesn’t notice anything different and the fabric was a four-way stretch so it worked just fine. Matt has already worn the shirt for a couple of days and loves the color combo. He gravitates to various shades of grey so it is really nice to see him in a bright red for a change!


From the tiny remaining scraps I pieced together a matching raglan for Noah so the boys could match during Matt’s birthday dinner last weekend! It was their first time matching…Matt got quite a kick out of it! I just cut apart a stained onesie that was destined for the rag bin to make sure I made the right size for Noah.  The fit of the chest is a bit wonky but Noah grows so quickly he will probably only wear this shirt a handful of times anyways! Or perhaps he will fill out the chest better as he grows.


My mom was over last weekend so I had a bit of extra energy and spare time since her and Noah have been getting along famously of late.  I used my energy during nap time on Matt’s actual birthday to finish a Finlayson Sweater for Matt so he got not one, but two fresh garments in time for his big day (my ambitions were not that high so I was quite pleased with myself).  Even though I remembered how quick the Finlayson is to sew, I forgot the immense satisfaction it gives me to make.  While a raglan tee is a lovely thing to sew, the Finlayson Sweater is almost as simple but is certainly more exciting!  The neckline facing and shawl collar give the final garment a very polished appearance and it really made me feel as though I’d accomplished a big project (even though it only took two naps to complete!).


I’ll be sewing Noah a matching sweater with the scraps from the Finlayson project too using this cute pattern by Tuesday Stitches.

Now that I’ve checked off the simple pieces, I’m going to devote spare bits of time in the next week to mend.  Matt’s jeans need a large knee hole mended and, my jeans have just recently followed suit so it will be efficient to mend both of those during our Friday movie night. I’ll also trim the old waistbands off Matt’s Comox Trunks and add fresh ones.

After a week of mending I should be done my long evenings of Thread Theory sewing (and will be sending the completed pattern to our graphic designer which will be the very last stage of development!) and that will leave me with more sewing energy to tackle the more involved projects on the wardrobe refresh list. I’ll be sewing a pair of Quadra Jeans, one (or maybe two) Fairfield Button-ups and then I will be finishing a Goldstream Peacoat that I started for Matt many years ago.  It is my oldest UFO by far…time to change that!

Obviously, the wardrobe update that was meant to take place during his birthday month will be heading into October.  I guess the lucky guy will be getting a very long birthday celebration!