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Thoughts of sewing


Me Made May (a social media phenomenon where people pledge to wear their sewing projects and photograph their outfits throughout the month) has been inspiring as always this year. It’s also been frustrating. Since Noah was born I have sewn a fresh set of knit pants for him each time he grows out of them and a little bit for work (only in the last few weeks)…and that’s it! I really wish I could squeeze in more time for sewing, but of all my creative pursuits it is the hardest for me to fit in. Noah tolerates gardening when he’s in the carrier or on a picnic blanket. I can also garden when he’s napping in the stroller. He likes to join in while I bake. And he plays happily while I draw. As soon as I try to sew, though, he will have none of it! I think it’s because my movement back and forth from the tall ironing table to my tall sewing machine distracts him from his play and is also happening all above his head and tantalizingly out of reach and sight. I don’t have evenings free due to his sleep routine which is when I gather most new moms sew.

Anyways, I am enjoying the chance to garden and bake and will simply need to continue my love for sewing by daydreaming about it until the time comes when I can sew again! Babies grow so quickly so I don’t really wish for more time to sew as that would mean I was wishing Noah’s infancy away!

This Me Made May I’ve thought about sewing projects each day instead of creating or wearing them (aside from the sample sewing that is chugging along for work). Here is what I’d love to sew to suit our new lifestyle if I had the time:

Overalls! These would be very useful for gardening and chopping wood. There are so many amazing indie overall patterns to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to these two.

I would sew these Jenny Overalls by Closet Case Patterns in a sturdy canvas for cooler weather (though the shorts version is tempting too!).

And these Sew House 7 Burnside Bibs would be great in linen or hemp for the summer.

Matt could still use some new Fairfield Button-up shirts. I bought him white linen last summer but never got around to sewing it as I was really only interested in sewing baby things while I was pregnant lol (I’m glad I did, though, as it is a joy to see Noah wearing his handmade overalls!).

Matt wears his original flannel Fairfield constantly so I’ll likely sew him another while working on the white linen one as batch sewing is so efficient.

I just bought the linen to make myself a harvest apron like this beautiful one I found on Etsy. I managed to cut it out while sitting next to Noah on the floor the other day. The linen I chose is periwinkle and quite heavy. I bought it from my friend’s shop, The Spool, in the Comox Valley. She just expanded into an enormous space and so her fabric selection is suddenly quite large. We went to visit recently and tour her beautiful new space so I picked out the linen for myself as a treat.

I can imagine wearing this apron somewhat like a hip bag or fanny pack. It will carry my phone, be used to collect veggies, and will keep eggs safe while I am also carrying Noah around the farm. Our chicks arrive in three weeks so I still have lots of time to create this apron before they begin to lay in mid to late August.

It would be nice to sew both Matt and myself a cozy Finlayson Sweater for evenings around the camp fire later on this summer. I have fabric set aside for this from one of the collections that we used to stock in the shop. If ever I could sneak away from my sleeping baby in the evening, this would be a realistic project to tackle as I can sew a Finlayson in just two short evenings (takes 2-4 hours depending on the speed I work and how distracted I am by Netflix or a podcast!).

It would be lovely to sew a summer dress for myself that is nursing friendly. I generally find myself sewing a fresh dress for myself each spring but, even if I don’t have time this year, my dresses from past years are still in good shape…they just aren’t nursing friendly which is inconvenient. The Southport Dress by True Bias would be a nice option. I think I’d make it tea length in linen or cotton. It looks comfortable, pretty, and nursing compatible.

Lastly, it would be so much fun to tuck into some sewing projects for Noah! I’d love to make him a set of fabric food, some bigger overalls, and a little apron that would cover him while eating much more effectively than a bib.

What sewing thoughts occupy your mind? Any tips on sewing while raising a baby who won’t sleep indoors unless I’m right beside him? Or any tips on helping him to sleep on his own (I’ve been reading and trying everything with very little success).

21 thoughts on “Thoughts of sewing

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  3. So cute 🙂 things are going to change really soon! I’m sure you’ll get back to sewing more in no time!

    Check out UK pattern designer Made By Jack’s Mum. Looks like the Heyday dungarees would be up your street! And they’ve just brought out a flat cap pattern too! 🙂

    • That flat cap pattern is so cute! Thanks for the pattern company recommendation, I think quite a few of their designs will become wardrobe staples for Noah in time!

  4. I am a huge fan of a sling or the African way of strapping the baby to your back. You can get work done and if the baby is tired it will fall asleep.

    • I headed to a farm down the street yesterday with Noah on my back to volunteer as long as Noah stayed patient. He lasted 1.5 hrs while I picked veggies and got to talk to adults! It was great!

  5. He looks so gorgeous. You’re sewing machine will be waiting there for your when you’re able to make time for it again. When my son was little, I was luck enough that he would let me sew with him in a baby carrier (although re-threading was a tad challenging…), but he totally wouldn’t tolerate getting up to iron or moving around too much. Scheduled “hand him over to someone else and look after yourself” time is also good!!!

    • Yes! I’m having Matt do one nap a day and yesterday gave myself time to sew for fun the entire length of the nap! It was great! The house is a mess though as a result and we had the same soup for lunch and dinner lol. It was worth it!

  6. He’s a very cute kid and I can’t wait to see him with the chicks when they arrive! I think all babies have their own sleep quirk, and there’s not a whole lot parents can do to change them. (Mine would only nap in a moving pushchair, which was great for getting fit but terrible for fitting in any sewing.) I’d suggest just trying to work with what you’ve got for now – perhaps getting even more creative about what you can manage to get done with a sleeping baby lying on you – and waiting for it to pass. You will get back to your sewing machine in the end 🙂

  7. Hi, I found this sleep schedule guide SO helpful – my little one followed it so closely, it was surprising.
    But he did go through a big regression at 6 months and then again at 1 year (teething! walking! ARGH!) and those always throw one off!
    And I agree with the previous poster – nap time is for sewing or my own nap. Everything else can wait! 🙂

    • I’ve been using a website called sleep science for their schedule and it looks to be the same as the one you linked to so we are on the right track! Naps are quite consistent but he wakes 10 times a night instead of 1 :S

  8. Oh my gosh what a cutie Noah is! And your garden is looking gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us. My best attempt at a sleeping tip is to see if he’ll get attached to a comfort item that’s only associated with sleep. For my first it was a dummy (pacifier) and my other two it was a series of soft baby wraps that they’d cuddle up to. That was great because there could be many and they were easily washed & replaced, unlike a single special soft toy. It sounds like you’re being his comfort item/sleep cue at the moment. I only offer this because you asked for suggestions – I know it can be so overwhelming as a new parent with all the advice you get, often conflicting. So feel free to totally ignore, too! Best wishes 🙂

  9. Oh he’s so cute. My boy is 18 months and I understand how frustrating it is to see others ploughing ahead with their projects. In terms of sleeping there are just so many variables I think. I ended up using Dana Obleman’s Sleepsense program to sleep train my guy at 4 months as I was returning back to work at 6 months and (a) needed sleep to function and (b) needed a solid routine for others (mainly my parents) to use when caring for him while I was at work (and also as I am still breastfeeding). It was hard for a few days but he responded well. I get a couple of windows now to sew – mostly daytime naps on my days off, rather than at night as I tend to spend that time with my husband flaked out on the couch. I’m a huge advocate of a good routine – then the babe knows what to expect and you can predict what you can achieve in that nap. I’m also a huge advocate of avoiding all mundane household duties during said naps to sew! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing what worked for you! I’m currently trying Elizabeth Pantley’s no cry approach and am having the first glimpses of success (rocking him to sleep most nights now for a week instead of nursing to sleep!). I’ll keep at the plan I made using her book for the next month and see how it goes!

  10. I recognize the baby sleeping and sewing problem: my first was exactly the same. Number two was a lot better about these things and three is somewhere in the middle. (for both two and three it helps that their brothers distract them during the daytime which is when some sewing can be sneaked in. With my boys it got better around the one year mark, so no advice except you are probably doing just fine.

  11. My baby was exactly the same – no advice here re sleep as we never cracked it but she did grow out of it. Hang in there mama!

  12. Your Baby Noah is the cutest with his chubby little cheeks! Sleeping alone!! I raised 4 and when you have your 2nd baby, it is no longer an option that either one sleep alone. You need the break and so do they! Depending on the age difference it is nice to put baby down for a nap and let Mommy have time with big brother( if he is beyond nap age). Beyond nap age didn’t happen in my family until they were 4 or the year before kindergarten. Until then, everyone had a nap at exactly 1:00 pm, right after lunch. Usually until 3:00. Sometimes Mommy napped or sewed! Or read a book. Or washed dishes. But littles stayed in their room and they might have burned up the first 20 minutes fussing, but they usually got in a good nap, which made for less crabby in the evening when Daddy was home!

  13. I have a theory that getting your baby to nap in a bed indoors requires more discipline than I could cope with – it works if you do that for every nap time which is rather restrictive. I would concentrate on helping him fall asleep at night on his own (which is a useful skill as it will ultimately help him self settle in the night). And I just got used to sewing in 10 minute increments. That, or get someone to mind him while you sew (which will feel super indulgent but do it anyway).

  14. I’ve made two southports, it’s a great pattern

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