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Next pattern progress


Progress on the second sample and first rough draft of the written instructions for our next pattern is coming along very well! I’m not working at a pre-baby pace but I have been able to get three 1.5 hour stretches of fully focussed time here and there over the last week. I’m making headway!

Last weekend we had two days with no trips farther than the grocery store and no visitors so we tucked in to some fun homesteading projects.

Matt spent Saturday cleaning out a little addition on the back of our house which was a room for the last owner’s dog. We are turning it into a cold storage room and Matt has begun to build shelving to suit our needs. The first shelf he is putting in is more like a work bench and will fit two demijohns for winemaking beneath it. The rest of the shelves will be sized to fit two rows of mason jars. It will be an excellent storage room for the produce we dream of growing!

I didn’t get much done on Saturday as I played with Noah all day but on Sunday morning I canned two different rhubarb jams while Matt took Noah for a long nap walk. Later that day we set Noah up on a blanket in the orchard and gave him the first home grown radish to play with and taste.

The radish, paired with some snuggle breaks and his basket of toys bought us enough time to lay out some beds and plant them with six blueberry bushes!

Eventually I’d love the orchard area to consist of long narrow beds filled with plants that coexist nicely with the fruit trees and wood chip paths between. This is a great start! On the sunny slope in the far left in the photo above I can imagine a small Mediterranean garden filled with sage, the fig tree that Matt’s mom just gave me, autumn olives and the grape vine that we just planted. It’ll be a very pretty and productive use of this very hot area!

This weekend I look forward to a picnic with friends in our yard and hopefully a trip to visit family on nearby Saltspring Island. Poor Matt has the flu right now (it began yesterday) so I hope he can get enough rest that he will be well enough for the Sunday trip! If he isn’t, the backup plan for my first Mother’s Day will be just as lovely – Noah and I will head to the opening day of the local farmer’s market.

This coming week I hope to finish the pattern sample and rough instructions. After that I will transfer the scrawled notes to Adobe Illustrator and begin the long process of expanding on my brief notes and then illustrating each step.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

5 thoughts on “Next pattern progress

  1. oh the rhubarb jam looks amazing! I love rhubarb and have been making a rhubarb rosemary jam for a couple of years now. Would you be willing to share the recipe for your jam with me?

    • I tweaked the recipe I like best too much to share confidently but if you google strawberry rhubarb jam with honey you will see lots of recipes that are similar. I just added cardamom and nutmeg instead of cinnamon and orange juice instead of lemon juice and half honey, half coconut sugar lol.

  2. Yum! We bought a couple pounds of rhubarb for jam (the window for finding it here is so small – I’d love to be growing it instead, but not easy in an apartment!). No go-to recipe yet since we learned how to can a week ago, ha! I also just sewed a Fairfield with rhubarb-pink stripes…maybe a photo shoot is in order…

  3. What a lovely life you have!!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day! Have a lovely weekend. Hope Matt feels better and all is well.

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