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Fabric painting fun

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I thought I would share Noah’s first art project…and of course it involves fabric!

I set him up in the bathtub with an ‘artist’s smock’ (a very stained and ugly onesie) and two blank canvases (blank cotton canvas tote bags). I put three blobs of non toxic acrylic paint on the fabric and let him smear his hands around.

I was ready to be extremely fast at blocking his attempts to put his hands to his mouth but was surprised to find that he didn’t move them in that direction. In fact, once he stuck one hand into the yellow paint I had to encourage him to move it around at all. He just wanted to keep it still and seemed to find the paint texture unpleasant. Darn! If given flour or food to play with, it’s a different story! Maybe we should have painted with sweet potato and beets haha! He got into the swing of it for a minute or two though and managed to spread all three colours and then he had enough!

For the next bag we tried feet which he seemed to enjoy more. It was less creative play this way though because I was basically manipulating his feet for him. When he’s older and able to crawl we will try painting again with his hands and a big sheet of paper on the floor.

After both bags were finished we ran the bath and played with some bath toys while he rinsed off…all in all, not quite as messy and fun as I anticipated but I’m still very proud of his first art! I think my mom and mother-in-law (who always read my blog) might be able to guess what is coming their way this Mother’s Day! I won’t spoil the surprise of the goodies they will find inside the bag though.

Have a great weekend! Maybe you’ll get up to some creative play with fabric too?

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