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They’re here! Printed patterns have landed.

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If you receive our newsletter you will know that there are 5 new printed patterns available in our shop today! The Belvedere Waistcoat, Sayward Raglan, Eastwood Pajamas, Quadra Jeans and Fulford Jeans are available as tissue patterns for the very first time. Not only that, the Comox Trunks and Fairfield Button-up are finally back in stock!

We headed to town on a sunny day earlier this week loaded with boxes of patterns for our retailers. Even the bottom compartment on Noah’s stroller is loaded with a couple of orders!

Check your local fabric shop for our new patterns to save on shipping. If they haven’t stocked up on our latest releases yet, I’m sure they would love a request from you so they know just what to order!

Alternatively, please email us at if you have purchased any of the five new patterns in PDF format while you waited for them to be available in print. We will give you a discount code that will remove the cost of the PDF from your tissue pattern so you will have received the PDF for free! Include your order number or the full name you used to order your PDFs so we can look up your order history. This discount will be live for one week (expires next Saturday, April 27th). Thank you for supporting our shop while you waited for us to print!

Aside from packing orders, my focus this week has been sowing seeds. We have some radishes and greens coming up already and the peas are looking very promising. I’ve been thrilled to find that miner’s lettuce grows wild and rampant around here so we’ve been having a delicious salad of these tender greens almost every dinner. They are so pretty and remind me of miniature lily pads.

Noah is 6 months old today which signals the end of the ‘maternity leave’ that I set for myself. I’ve been doing pattern packing, sewing related emails, blog posts and social media in snippets here and there but today marks the first day that I am back to work on big projects like instruction writing and designing! Well, I should clarify, I’ll be working for the length of one extra long nap while Matt takes Noah out in his carrier. Let’s see how much I can get done!

I hope you have an excellent Easter/long weekend. Head here to view our entire line of tissue patterns. Happy sewing!

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