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Packing patterns…the reality


Our long awaited order of seven printed Thread Theory tissue patterns arrived on Wednesday and Matt and I have both photographed a few glimpses of how our week has progressed since.

We are swimming in tags, envelopes and instruction booklets!

I’ve been packing them each time I’m able to get Noah to play independently, nap independently, or nap on me (the ergo paired with a short dog walk is nap time magic). Matt’s been packing patterns every moment he isn’t photographing them, doing customer service emails or sleeping. I think he packed somewhere in the vicinity of 250 patterns yesterday afternoon and evening!

The first of the orders headed out to retailers this weekend. Be sure to check out the hugely expanded menswear collection at your favourite fabric shop next time you’re there!

This is a short post as I have to get back to packing orders. I think we will have the last of the stockist pre-orders shipped by Saturday. And then we can launch the new patterns in our shop! Wahoo!

3 thoughts on “Packing patterns…the reality

  1. That looks interesting – I am not a menswear maker but I like the look of the packaging – it would encourage me to explore more if I was. Well done to work so hard around a little one (who looks adorable!)

    • We worked hard to make the packaging reusable and tidy so that you can make the pattern over and over again. My sister in law is a graphic designer and did such a wonderful job on it! Keep an eye on our site as we will be working on quite a few non-gender specific designs in the coming couple of years!

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