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Welcome Baby Noah!


Noah (12)

I wasn’t sure I should post this on here but since I have so many family members following this blog, I have been receiving many enquiries as to whether I would introduce our new baby in a blog post!  I won’t be posting about him very often online (this blog is supposed to be about menswear sewing after all), but here is one of what I’m sure will be the occasional exception!  This is Noah, our baby boy, who arrived on October 19th.  He’s filled Matt and I with endless love!  We have been pleased to be surrounded by helpful and loving family who obviously feel the same way that we do about our little baby.

Noah (11)

To honour all the love our family has already given to Noah, this post is sort of a ‘handmade where’s Waldo’…can you spot the lovingly handmade items in each of these photos? As sort of a game I will refrain from telling you about the items within this post but will add a comment with the answers so you can check them out once you’ve had a chance to guess!

Noah (13)

Noah (1)

Noah (3)

Noah (4)

Noah (5)

Noah (6)

Noah (7)

Noah (8)

Noah (9)

As you can imagine, we are fairly busy with our new baby right now but Matt has been a super-dad so far and has been managing to feed me (while I feed Noah) and provide all of the customer service for Thread Theory.  If you have sent us an email lately or made an order that required shipping, it is likely Matt who you have been in touch with.  I’m grabbing the occasional 10 minutes of Thread Theory time here and there but am more or less on maternity leave at the moment (our jeans sew-along posts were pre-scheduled…don’t worry, I wasn’t sewing jeans while in the hospital!).  I hope to phase back in to accomplishing more Thread Theory work over the next couple of months as I am very excited to dive into the instructions for our next pattern.  The pattern is sitting on my shelf all drafted and ready to go and is proving to be a great incentive to get back to work once Noah and I have found our rhythm.

Until then, I look forward to connecting with you via the occasional blog post!  Happy sewing!

19 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Noah!

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  2. Congratulations! He is a little scrumptious – you need to show him off – and I love the handmade goodies on show too – you are a lucky family !

  3. He is lovely. Cute little man.

  4. Congratulations on your perfect little bundle!

  5. Congratulations to you both. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know each other!

  6. Congratulations and welcome Noah!!! I think your (me) blog readers love to hear and see you in your nor,al everyday life. Thank you for sharing your little blessing ❤️

  7. Big congrats, you guys! So cute. Now you’ve got another wee man to design and sew for!

  8. Congratulations!! Noah is an adorable baby, and you and Matt look so happy. What a wonderful start in life Noah has surrounded by so much love and all those handmade items. 🙂

  9. Congratulations to you and Matt! Welcome, baby Noah!

  10. Congratulations: what a sweet boy!

  11. Congratulations! The pictures are simply beautiful.

  12. Congratulations! Hes abosolutely perfect and you all look completely besotted with him.

  13. I am “sew” glad you have allowed us to have a peek at your precious babe. Congrats to all.

  14. Congratulations! Very cute 😍

  15. Congratulations! All my best wishes for you and your two men! Hope you settle in smoothly with your little darling.

    Greetings from Germany

  16. This is such a good news ! Welcome baby Noah et congratulations to the parents.

  17. Congratulations! Of course Noah should be featured here! It is men’s sewing and he will be a man! :o)
    I sew for my 14 year old 5′ 7″ son who was a surprise pregnancy/gift when I was 47! And I refer to Thread Theory for him! I’m so glad I found you because he’s only getting bigger!

  18. Answers to the “handmade where’s Waldo” game:

    Photo 1: Rabbit teddy sewn by me (using pattern by Willowynn)

    Photo 2: Baby blanket knit by Matt’s Mom (all of the nurses at the hospital invariably said, “What a beautiful blanket!” as their first comment upon meeting us!)

    Photo 4: Checkered picnic blanket made by my mom and I as seating for Matt and my wedding 8 years ago. It has come in handy for many purposes since!

    Photo 5: My sister, pictured in this photo, took maternity and newborn photos for us. Most of the photos in this blog post were taken by her and I am so grateful to have all of these precious memories captured so beautifully! She even managed a lovely shot of Noah being bathed for the first time while I was too busy watching the nurse nervously to even think of capturing a photo. I think she should make hospital newborn photos into a bit of a side hustle 🙂

    Photo 6: I knit Noah this little sleep sack for day time napping.

    Photo 7: Noah is wearing a sweater that my Grandma knit for me when I was a baby. He is resting atop a quilt made for him by his Great Grandma Herma.

    Photo 9 and 10: Other views of the knit sweater, the quilt and the sleep sack.

    Last photo: Nobody is wearing handmade in this photo but I would be remiss not to mention Noah’s cousin, Liam, who was recently made by my sister-in-law and our graphic designer, Sonia!

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