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(CLOSED) Call for Testers: Are you well versed in sewing bottoms?


Well, this is it!  Our next pattern is ready for test sewing!  Would you like to be involved?

This time we are looking for sewists who are well versed in sewing bottoms – be that dress trousers, jeans or any other style of pant.

Parkland Menswear Pattern Collection-14

Have you sewn the Jedediah or Jutland Pants?  Then you would be a perfect candidate!  Or perhaps you have tried out women’s pants such as any of the Closet Case Files jeans or some of the many amazing overall patterns that were launched in the last year.  If you’re interested in transferring your trouser sewing skills to menswear, then please apply!


To apply, please comment on this blog post with a brief explanation of the following:

  1.  A summary of your bottoms/pants/trousers/jeans sewing experience.
  2. Your interest and experience in nicely photographing your finished tester project so that we can later share it on the blog (this isn’t necessary but is a great bonus for me!).
  3.  The size your male recipient usually fits so that I can be sure our new pattern is tested in a wide range of sizes.

Testers will be selected this Wednesday and you will have two weeks to sew our new pattern.

Thread Theory Eastwood Pajamas Sew-Along-35

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!  Your help is essential in ensuring our patterns are easy to understand, have a consistent fit for all sizes, and aren’t riddled with typos.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

53 thoughts on “(CLOSED) Call for Testers: Are you well versed in sewing bottoms?

  1. Hello! I was searching for a mens jeans pattern to purchase to sew for my husband this week and came across this post. If the new pattern is jeans I’d love to be a tester, I’ve sewn plenty of pants and heavier weight fabrics, including Ginger jeans, Persephones, and twill slacks for my husband. His size is 31×34/36 and I have some selvedge denim and some waxed denim that I’d like to sew up as jeans for him. My instagram is @rennadesigns, which is mostly iPhone photos, but higher quality photos are no problem. Thank you!

  2. Hey!

    I have made a variety of trousers and jeans for me – notably the Tessuti Chloe pants, the Baste and Gather Birkin Flares (as a tester), Cashmerette Ames jeans.

    For Nick, I made a copy of some RTW jeans, but used the Jedidiah for fit reference, as well as the Closet Case Morgan jeans for particular aspects. Plus, as you know, Nick’s bum has previously graced the Comox boxers…

    I am better at photos than I was, and it helps to be in Sydney by the harbour with lots of amazing locations and light to help! If you need more or better than I send initially, I am happy to redo 🙂

    Nick is a 34″ waist but is very lanky – tall and slim. He will almost certainly need extra leg length, but the slim fit of your patterns tends to work for him elsewhere.



  3. I’ve sewn jeans, shorts, board shorts, overalls.
    I have the Jebidiah pattern and material ready for it.
    I’m a retail size 38. Usually modify my patterns to fit me.
    I do a pretty good job of photography daily of what I’m wearing.

  4. I would like to test your new pattern. I’ve made the Jedediah pants, and made jeans for me. I can make nice photos too. The recipient wears size 34 with lenght 32. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Me again, use both an iPhone 6 & DSLR for photography, live in the country and can get some really great shots.

  6. Hi, have been sewing for 40 odd years (started very young). Pants sewing includes ginger jeans (x2), self drafted pants, and both woven & knit sewing.

    I make my husband tailored shirts, and pants are on the agenda for our summer (we’re still winter hear).

    Hubs is roughly 38 inch waist, has a roundish tummy & is 6’ tall. Legs on the shorter side.

    Sewing experience is at an experienced level.

  7. 1. I have sewn the Landers and Gingers for myself, and a pair of trouser shorts for my husband. I’ve also done countless pairs of baby pants and yoga/pj pants!
    2. We have a nice DSL-R and an iPhone 8plus (which has an amazing camera!)
    3. My husband is typically a size 33”x34” in RTW pants, but this varies. He is 6’3” and slim!

    I’ve made 4 Finlayson sweaters for my dad and husband and they get worn all the time! Love your patterns

  8. Hi there I have sewn for myself 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of shorts and one for my Mum, and countless pajamas for both me and my hubby – I would love the chance to sew something else for him and have been keen to try the Jedediah pants at some point. My hubby has a good camera so photos are no problem. I have an Instagram account where I post my makes. My husband wears a 32” 32” usually.

  9. Hi! I’d love to be a tester 🙂
    I have made the Jedediah pants (and shorts) as well as several Lander pants and Ginger jeans for myself. I have made probably too many pairs of overalls as well. Bottoms are actually my favourite garments to sew. Some of my favourite things to do are topstitching and fly insertion..
    We have a pretty decent digital camera that will definitely use to take some lovely photos of chosen.
    My partner Tyler wears a 34 in the Jedediah pants.
    Looking forward to seeing the new pattern regardless of whether we test it or not! 🙂

  10. I would be happy to pattern test!

    1. My experience for bottoms is pajamas with pockets and a fly, jeans, and yoga pants for myself, as well as baby pants, and I’m currently working on a sloper for the hubby so I can make pants for him a bit more easily.
    2. I have a decent camera, and are more than capable of taking a photo either using a model, or rigging a way to display the pants properly by themselves.
    3. My male recipient is a 32 waist x 36 inseam.

  11. Hi! I would love to test your new pattern! I have quite a lot experience sewing pants for myself (sewoverit London ultimate and Carrie trousers,victory culottes, true bias Hudson, closetcase ginger jeans and numerous pajamas are the ones I can remember right now 😉) and the kids. I’ve made some pajama pants for my man so far and I happen to have the Jedediah shorts on my cutting table right now! He is quite tall and slim and would fit into a size 32 that I might ( or might not ) have to lengthen. If you would like to expand your tester group internationally (i‘m from Germany) I would be very happy to hear from you. You can check out my instagram (@sewlindasews) to see some of the garments I made for myself and the kids to get an idea of my sewing skill level – although I didn’t get around to photographing many of the pants in particular- it has been to hot for pants the last few weeks 😉

  12. I would love to test for you. I’ve sewn up your Jedediah pattern for my husband and plan to make another pair soon 😉 I’ve also sewn some patterns for myself including the Alina Design Chi Town Chinos. I’d be happy to take photos however I don’t have a blog. I use Instagram at ErinSewsinCO. My husband is a size 32 and I typically shorten the length a bit. Thanks for considering me – I always have a great time testing!

  13. Hi
    I’ve sewn a bunch of pants only one pair of Jutland for my husband but five pairs of ginger jeans, Morgan’s, and the closet case overalls. Ive also made a bunch of active wear bottoms though I’m thinking your looking for woven pant experience.
    I’ve been working on my photography for my instagram laurakirby3534 and way back when I did object photography in college. It’s been a bit but my husband I think is between 36-38 but I can’t measure him as it’s late and he’s asleep.

  14. Hi! I’m Hannah and I’d say I’m pretty experienced with pants. I made three gingers, two landers, a men’s jeans (ottobre design) and a men’s shorts (from an old one he had) I really like to get nice pictures of what I make, check out my Instagram @hlkort! My boyfriend was the smallest possible size in the jeans I made him, I don’t remember what size that was though… 🙈 I would love to participate!

  15. Hi!

    I have sewn Chi Town Chinos from Alina and Safran from Deer and Doe for women and a pair of Vogue trousers for men.
    My man usually fit nicely in your patterns (size 34-36). I’m a big fan of your Fairfield Button Up, he has plenty of them!
    I’m a native French speaker so I could help for the French instructions but I have no problem with instructions in English.
    I like photographying my sewing projects and I’m sure to find a lovely spot in Hamburg, Germany were I live.
    I hope to be part of the panel!

  16. Hi!
    I have sewn Chi Town Chinos from Alina and Safran From Deer and Doe for women and a pair of Vogue trousers for men. I would love testing your new pattern for my man. He usually fit nicely in your patterns without adjusting. He should fit in 34-36.
    I’m a native French speaker and could help checking the French instructions but I have no issue with instructions in English.
    I like photographying my sewing projects and I’m sure to find a nice spot here in Hamburg, Germany were I live.
    I hope to be part of your panel!

  17. Hello! I’m willing and able. I sew more pants than anything else in my household as my boyfriend has a propensity to breaking all of them. He’s quite slim, but with cyclists thighs so sits about in the middle of a 32 to 34 and I’m constantly fixing patterns to make them to his liking. The neatest thing I think I’ve made this year were some jebediah shorts, I still need to photograph them. Im particularly proud of the top stitching. I also make for myself, and self draughted myself a pair a couple of years ago.

  18. 1. Tested pants patterns: Closet Case Jenny overalls/trousers and Sasha Trousers. Have sewn these multiple times, as well as other patterns for myself and other people.
    2. Very willing! Just moved house to a neighborhood with a great park!
    3. 32-33″ waist x 31-32″ inseam.

  19. Hi 😊
    I am an advanced seamstress with a Thread Theory size 38 boyfriend 😉 I have made him 2 pairs of Jed shorts and am currently making a third pair, hacking it to be 18th century appropriate for reenacting. I have also helped my mother make at least 50 pairs of children sized jeans – complete with a gazillion pockets, fly front and all – and have experience with pant fitting in generel.
    I have pattern tested for several companies before and have a (slightly neclected) blog. I like to think that I am a good photographer, and my boyfriend is very photogenic 😉


  20. Hi!
    I’m a very experienced sewist but probably pants are my least practiced field. I have made the Jedediah for hubby, plus the ClosetCase Morgan, some True Bias Hudsons and some Colette Iris.
    Hubby is a size 34 and has been begging for more pants 😆
    I have pattern tested before and do my best to take nice photos that shows off the garment!

  21. I have made a few shorts for my partner and me. First time I’d say that I made more shorts for him than me 🙂
    I used Burdastyle pattern 8715. Which has a zipper fly and button closure.
    When taking pictures we normally go outside, mainly our garden, the light is much better but also he is more comfortable to pose for my blog pictures.
    I cut size 38 for your Jedediah Pants but haven’t made a toile yet. His hip measurement is 40” but his waist is 42”. But he likes to wear them lower hence I still need to make that toile for your pattern.

  22. Hello! I gladly volunteer myself as a tester. I recently made your Jedediah pants for myself. I appreciate your biz as one of the few pattern makers that offers menswear and would be happy to help out. I am on the large end of your spectrum at 6’4″ and 240lbs. I have a 42 waist and 36 inseam. Off the shelf I wear 40/34. I started making pants so I can tailor them for a better fit vs store bought. I like making things for my wife as well. She has made her own clothes since she was a girl and inspired me to try it. I’m glad I did; it’s so liberating to make your own clothing. If you need volunteers I would be so happy to help support a small business that offers contemporary menswear patterns, and really great ones at that. Hope you find all the help you need, and count me in.

  23. My husband would be so happy to have me sew him more pants! I’ve made him several pairs of jeans and shorts, and myself several pairs of Ginger jeans and a couple of Landerpants.
    Taking photos of him would be fun too. I have a DSLR that takes nice shots.
    My husband has a 33/34” waist and maybe 32” inseam.
    There are some examples of my makes on my instagram page @tessagreene
    I have not pattern tested before, but am really interested in the process!

  24. hi! i’m well-versed in sewing for female bodies but less experienced with menswear. i’ve sewn closetcase’s ginger jeans (2 weeks ago, so the techniques are fresh in my mind), pj bottoms, lingerie and swimwear, and sew liberated’ arenite pants as far as pant/non-skirt bottoms go. you can see my projects on instagram under @sunflowerknit. the fella i’d be sewing the test for wears a 28″ waist with modifications for slightly larger hips and thighs. if that’s helpful, i’d be happy to test!

  25. Hi! I would love to test a new pattern!
    I have only made pants for myself so far, including lander pants and ginger jeans.
    Every time I make something for myself my husband requests the same for him, so I’m super interested in what your pattern will.look like! 😉
    He wears a Brazilian size 44, I think that would translate into an American 34…. Oh and if o get to test I swear I’ll make him take pics at the beach 😋

  26. Hi, I’ve sewn several pairs of Closet case jeans & the Sasha to name a few. I’m also familiar with the Jedediah pants
    My instagram is @karimadethis and I’m a sewing instructor at Topstitch Studio & Lounge @topstitchatl
    My husband would wear a 38/40.

  27. Hi! I’d love to test again, and have plenty of experience with pants… but my mister is well out of your largest size (I looked at the size chart for the pyjama pants, which I assume will be the same?) I’ll definitely make him a pair with some slash-and-spreading adjustments once the pattern is released, but I’m probably not an ideal tester! ❤

  28. I sew all of my husband’s pants (KwikSew 3504) and I’ve also made him some dressier chinos. I’ve made myself more than a few pair of the Closet Case Ginger jeans + Sasha trousers, Papercut Otsu, Deer&Doe Safrans, etc. I like sewing with denim, canvas, twill, stretch/no stretch, etc. He is a 32×30. My photos are @stitchininmykitchen on IG. Cheers!

  29. Hello! I would love to test this pattern. I have sewn my children’s pants since they were babies. I sewed pants for my husband a few times, but only pajama pants and sweat pants, using Ottobre Design paterns. He is size 34/34. I would love to take this opportunity to take good photos as well. Thank you.

  30. Hi, I would love to pattern test- I am a huge fan of Thread Theory patterns (so is my boyfriend).
    In terms of trousers, I have made the Jedediah shorts and trousers and 3 lots of pyjama trousers for my boyfriend. For myself, I have made Sew Over It Carrie trousers, ultimate trousers, Mia Jeans, Culottes. I currently have the Closet Case Sasha trousers ready to be cut out also.

    I would consider myself an intermediate sewer with a range of garments (both menswear and womenswear). For my boyfriend I have made 3 long sleeved and 2 short sleeved Fairfield shirts and 4 Arrowsmith tanks and Comox trunks.

    My instagram is @figgyj21 where I try and take photos of most things I make.

    The sizes for the recipient are 34inch waist (I used a size 34 for the Jedediah) and height is 5 foot 9, leg length is 28.

  31. Hello Morgan,
    I am excited! As you know, I’ve sewn your eastwood pajamas. I made another of them as a birthday presents since. I’ve sewn a few shorts, the Jedediah pants and a pair of dress trousers. In RTW pants I usually wear 28 or 29/30 (XS in european patterns or a S in most Japanese patterns)
    I woud love to test your new pattern. Making my own pair of jeans has been at the top of my “to- sew- list” for a while now. I’m sure my wife will be happy to take some nice photos of the finished project for your blog.

  32. Hi, I’d be happy to test for you again (Lazo trousers way back). I can certainly be an exacting seamstress and always hunt down those typos. 🙂
    I’ve sewn pants/trousers/jeans for kids and trousers for me but no bottoms yet for my husband.
    Everything gets photographed and you can see examples on my blog: or Instagram: @lightningmcstitch

  33. Ahh I love sewing pants. I’ve made both the Jed’s and jutlants, Ive seen overalls for myself, and the gingers and the Morgan’s by closet case. Sadly I’m already pattern testing and I don’t think I’ll be able to finish both on time 😭

  34. I have made my husband 2 pairs of Jedediah shorts and I am currently working on a pair of Jedediah jeans for him. I have also made Ginger jeans and Carrie trousers for myself. I would be happy to take photos for you to use on the blog. I try to take pictures of everything I make, some of which can be found on Instagram @ruth_e_walker. I made the shorts in a 32, but the jeans have been shaved back so much a 30 would definitely have been a better starting place!

  35. 1. I’ve made many kids joggers and shorts, I helped test the hey June women’s bryce cargo pants, helped test the sew Caroline parkside shorts, boys linden shorts and board shorts.
    2. Totally happy to take nice styled pics!
    3. My husband wears a 31/30 in ready to wear and I honestly haven’t measured him in forever but I assume he would be a 30 or 32 in your pattern sizes.

  36. Hello i would love to test your new pattern. Have sewn jeans and trousers for myself and jeans and shorts for my husband multiple times. I’m experienced with a fly zip but not a button one.
    My husband is 34inch waist and 32 inch leg and wears a size large usually.
    I am happy to take photos to share but am not experienced in this as I don’t have a blog.
    Hope to hear from you soon, Jenny x

  37. I have sewn pants many times, including self drafted dress pants for my husband who is a 32 waist 37 leg.

  38. I would love to test for you again. I love your patterns. I have made both the jedediah and the jutland pants. The finlayson sweater, fairfield button up, and my favorite the pea coat. and some others haha. I usually take pictures of my kids clothes that I make but sometimes make time for my husband too.
    I like to do “model” pictures of my family in my handmades and flat lays so I can do either that you would like. I also particular about the inside finishings. My husband is about an xl typically in your patterns but I normally grade between sizes for the pants for him. Cant wait. He needs some new shorts! I mostly use Instagram now to show my works. If you would like to see examples of the type of pictures I do and my sewing you can check it out here

  39. Hiya, I could test it out for you if you like? I’ve previously sewn a flannel-lined denim version of your Jutland pattern, a couple of pairs of suit trousers (Burda 6871) and some loose linen trousers (Vogue 8719). Oh and some lycra running leggings and some fancy dress medieval pantaloons, but I think they’re both probably a bit different. 😉 I’m happy to share photos of the finished article, although sadly no ready access to pine forests where I live! In terms of fit, I’m about a 33″ waist and my measurement chart says 28 3/4″ inside leg. I often have to take a little out of the length, but Thread Theory seems to fit particularly tall bodies: I think I had to take about 5″ out of the Jutlands if I recall correctly!

  40. Hello 🙂
    I would love to pattern test if you are still looking. I have sewn many a pair of pants and my fitting has improved once I started sewing bottoms for my guy – he’s a lot less curvy than me! He wears 28″ pants, which is generally a small in sewing patterns. The weather here in Australia is finally getting sunny again coming out of winter so I believe I could get a few nice shots outside, but photography isn’t something I do on the regular.

  41. I’d love to test for you! I’ve made many (eight) pairs of closet case files ginger jeans, a pair of overalls, and a couple pairs of other trousers for myself using my own draft (these are mostly on my blog.. I’m one or two projects behind at the moment) but I’ve been wanting to make a pair of pants for my partner! He wears a 32×32 but I think his actual measurements might put him closer to a 30×32. You can check out my blog and instagram @katklebenow to see some of my photography – photographing my makes is always such a fun way to end a project!

  42. I’d love to test for you again! I’ve made loads of bottoms – jeans and dressy pants. I’d be quite happy to photograph my project in a wooded area – my husband does a great job of modelling! My husband has a waist measurement of 30″ and he’s 5’6″ so I’ll likely have to adjust the pattern for his height.

  43. Hi!
    1. I have sewn two pairs of Jebediah shorts for my husband, Ginger jeans and Birkin flares for myself.
    2. It’s getting chilly up here in Sweden, but I should be able to get some decent photos before it gets too dark and cold 😉
    3. The size 32 Jedediah’s were perfect on my husband
    I love your patterns and the fit is great on my tall thin husband. It would be so much fun to pattern test for you!

  44. 1 – I made my self pattern pants, leggings for my sister and reshaped some rtw jeans I had. More important, I am looking for excuses so see something for my husband, since he really deserves it.

    2 – I will be on holidays from September 3rd to 17th meaning I will have time and scenario for nice photos (Italian lakes let’s go!)

    3 – natural waist 96cm (38″), seat (aka hips) 103 cm (40″), inseam 85cm, upper leg circumference 57cm.
    In thread theory scale it’s an opportunity to test grading between sizes 😉

    On another note, I would like to help out, so if I qualify for testing let me know!

  45. I would love to test your pattern! I’v sewn several styles of women’s pants. At least 12 pairs of the Closet Case Morgan jeans, Sasha trousers, Jenny Overalls, Kwik Sew K3897 Overalls, Turia Dungarees & I’m currently testing the True Bias Lander pants. I’v sewn boys size 14 Kaki style pants too. The person is like to sew for is a teen so I’m hoping you have smallersizes in your range. I often photographed my makes to post on my instagram.

    Thanks & Best Wishes, Tina

    Sent from my iPhone


  46. Hi – I’ve sewn two pairs of shorts for my husband from Kwik Sew 4045, but I made them dressier by sewing double-welt pockets in the back and I pegged them a bit to remove the fullness from the cargo cut. My husband has a 34- inch waist and is 5’6″

    I also have sewn two pairs of Sewaholic Thurlow trousers for myself. Both projects include a real fly front, belt loops and other “real” pants features.

    I’ve also sewn pants for myself with mock fly fronts, side zips, drawstrings and elastic.’ I’d be happy to test a pattern if you need testers.

  47. While most of my sewing is selfish, I’ve enjoyed sewing for my husband recently. He requests pants more than any other garment. I’ve done trousers and casual pants for myself and hiking/outdoor pants for him.

    I’ll gladly take pictures of the final product. I’m not a seasoned photographer but often take pictures of my makes so I can refer back to them later on.

    Sizing is 34×34.

  48. I’d love to test for you

    I have sewn many pairs of trousers over the years, for my husband and boys. I like nothing more than sewing a fly!

    I’ve been a photographer for quite a few years now so hopefully I’d fit that bit of the brief too

    My husband wears waist 36″ and a 29/30″ leg


  49. I would love to test a pants pattern! I have sewn several pairs of women’s pants and jeans (Ginger Jeans, Jamie Jeans, Jalie Joggers + more) and am working my way into sewing some menswear. I can take some nice photos of the finished project (see my insta @krkvt) and my male models (roommates) are 30×30 and 32×32.

  50. Hello, I would love to take part in your pattern test. I consider myself an advanced sewist and I have sewn dress trousers and jeans in he past. I’d be really happy to join in with your testing and sew something for my OH too. He wears a 38″ waist and 33″ leg. I’d be more than happy to share photos as an aspiring photographer and for my own little blog.

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