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Searching for menswear sewing patterns


West Coast forest

First off, thank you for the huge response to last week’s call for pattern testers!  Our five testers have been chosen (this was very difficult since there were so many outstanding and enthusiastic candidates) and they are busily sewing away as we speak.

To thank you all for your continued interest in the Thread Theory blog and, especially, for your enthusiasm each time we call for volunteers to test, here is a $5 discount code that can be used on anything in our shop.  If you have found the perfect fabric but don’t want to wait around for our patterns to go on sale, this $5 coupon will be just the ticket to get you sewing faster.  Enter INVOLVED upon checkout and your order will be $5 cheaper! 🙂  There is no expiry on this code.

Now, moving on to new business, I have a pressing question to ask you: Do you know and love any PDF menswear patterns created by other indie pattern designers?  We’ve been scouring the internet to find every menswear PDF pattern out there since we are endeavouring to collaborate on a very exciting upcoming project.  We don’t want to leave anyone out!  Comment below with the any menswear sewing patterns (and the name of the company that created them) so that Matt and I can send these talented designers an email to make acquaintances!

Matt and Morgan camping

Thanks for helping us to foster a sense of community in the online world of menswear sewing.  We’re really hope you’ll help us meet some new (to us) colleagues!

33 thoughts on “Searching for menswear sewing patterns

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  2. I mostly just sew Thread Theory, but I’ve been devouring this blog lately – – and he sews from a variety of sources!

  3. Ottobre from Finland has mens patterns in their Family issues once a year:
    La maison Victor (Belgium I think) also has patterns for men:
    And finally Pulliamori from Austria looks promising:

  4. I don’t really have anything to add, maybe a few I wil check out. For Menswear I also have a limited rotation. Most of them are heavy paper like Jalie, Bra-makers men’s underwear Kwik Sew& Burda.I will buy PDF because I tend to trace and am not a fan of tissue. The big four don’t have nice men’s patterns except Vouge which I do have a few but can do better elsewhere on the price point. I have a few older indie patterns like Storm Mountain, Green Pepper, Controlled Exposure, McPhee Workshop, Stretch and Sew& surprisingly Daisy Kingdom known for their frilly 1980s dresses and outdoor gear? . I have one Fehr Trade Men’s PDF and Liesils Everyday shirt PDF. When I have gone to some of the other sites the offerings are to like what I already have so a bit meh. What I reach for most are Thread Theory & Jalie for menswear that gets worn most days. Looking forward to the new collection by the way!!!

  5. I thought I would put my take on this for menswear. I have been sewing since the late 70’s early 80’s. I started when I was in middle school and over the decades have a huge pattern collection for both men’s and women’s wear. I think I have most every men’s sewing pattern ever made. In the past I have used even women’s sewing patterns to create looks for myself (mainly vogue dkny).

    Lately I have been using various pdf patterns from burda (again women and men), japanese menswear pattern books (terrific source for all basic menswear garments), some german books by sebatian hoofs(i love this guy’s tailoring and shirt pattern). Other sources for pdf patterns I have used – for jeans and women’s wear, islandersewingsystems, has some good basic menswear patterns all in pdf formant.

    For me, i have created blocks for basics such as jumpers, hoodies, jeans etc using elements from many patterns to create the look/garment that I want. No one pattern is perfect maybe except for burda patterns which fit me right out of the package with little to no alterations. I do use pdf patterns more so these days since I find them easy to print, assemble and make adjustments. I further like pdf patterns since I don’t need to carry them with me. For myself I am working on recreating ready to wear looks using basic pattern blocks so that I always have an inspiration garment from rtw to create the exact same thing for myself.

  6. Melissa Fehr at Fehrtrade has a couple of menswear patterns in her activewear range ( And from one of her posts the other day, she mentioned sewing something herself from a Swedish firm with some very interesting, leftfield patterncutting for a range of non-gender specific garments that are provided as sharewear pdfs (

  7. Another vote for Wardrobe By Me from here, although Thread Theory is definitely my number one go-to men’s pattern company! I have just downloaded a men’s denim jacket pattern from a company I discovered online called Sewing Pattern Lab – basic pattern without seam allowances and no instructions! But looks nicely drafted.

  8. German Farbenmix also do men’s patterns (and boys)

  9. Folkwear patterns have some great mens wear options. Colette used to do menswear, but seem to have returned ot focusing on womenswear.

  10. Check the work of Joost De Cock at (an open source platform for made-to-measure sewing patterns)!
    His approach of PDF is a bit different than any other compagny as the pattern is compiled based on the body measure you enter in the database, assuring an almost perfect fit at first try!
    Also, his designs are classic with a loooooot oof options, and all this for free!!!

  11. German Farbenmix do boys and men clothes.

  12. I love the patterns from Zonen09, you can check them out at Sharon is a Belgian pattern designer and all of her patterns have a great fit.

  13. Jalie NICO Raglan T-Shirt!! Especially the option with the ‘ever so slight’ curved hemline.

  14. As Lightning McStitch (awesome screenname) also said: you guys, Jalie & Liesl&co are the main ones for me. I wanted to add zonen09 to that list though. It’s a Dutch company but they publish most patterns in English as well. They have a wonderful range for all men in your life, starting with the small ones.

  15. I’m as fussy as can be, and between you guys, Jalie and Liesl + Co I never need to look elsewhere.

    • Goodness you are miss Bartacks & Singletrack! Having a bit of a fan girl moment here lol. I’m the Anne who commented on your wonderful badminton top but I think I was logged in differently there. These accounts gah… *waves* 🙂

  16. Mimi G has quite a few of menswear patterns, Jalie (which I’m sure you already know about), Liesl & Co …

  17. Peek-a-Boo Patterns and Wardrobe by Me are two independent pattern companies whose menswear patterns I have sewn. Thank you for the discount code!!

  18. Thanks for the code! Thinking of getting the Jedediah…. 👖✂️❤️

  19. Saskia from the Wolf and the Tree just released a men’s top, Jessica Potter Pierce from 5 out of 4 Patterns has a number of menswear options, there’s also Greenstyle Creations, Patterns for Pirates, Peekaboo Pattern Shop, KB Stitch Designs, Duck Butt Designs, Jalie, True Bias, Wardrobe by Me, Stitch Upon a Time, New Horizon Designs. I know there’s more but this is all I can think of right now.

  20. I know Wardrobebyme have also mens patterns. I made some of their women wear and the patterns are very nice made. Thank you for the code!

  21. – awesome menswear patterns that I think align well with thread theory, as they’re the only two men’s patterns I use!!

    • Ah, yes, I certainly agree they align well! That vest is spot on! I love hear children’s clothing too – especially those cute baby booties 🙂

    • I wanted to mention Twig and Tale here too, but you did it first 🙂
      I love also in this pattern company, that they have some patterns with 2 versions (for father\mother and the children too).

  22. I have tested and sewn almost every menswear pattern from Wardrobe by Me. Christina Albeck is from Denmark. I am excited to hear about your project!

    Jenny Bowen

  23. I’m sure you know about Hot Patterns?

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