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Call for testers! – Closed April 27/18


It’s that time again!  We have a pattern ready for test sewers – would you like to join the team?

Thread Theory Kit Builders-18

This time around we are looking for 5 test sewers who can complete the project in one week.  This might sound like a short deadline but don’t worry, it is realistic for the amount of sewing time needed for this quick wardrobe staple!

Please comment below to volunteer if you match one (or more) of the following criteria:

  1. You will be sewing for someone who is likely at one or the other end of our newly expanded size range (XS-4XL).  You are willing to thoroughly use our body and garment measurement charts and comment on our sizing and fit.
  2. You are brand new to sewing knits and can give your opinion on the approach-ability of the instruction booklet from this perspective.
  3. You are extremely detail oriented and can give excellent feedback on grammatical errors, the clarity of the instructions, and the clarity of the diagrams within the instruction booklet.

What do you think?  Is test sewing right up your alley?

89 thoughts on “Call for testers! – Closed April 27/18

  1. Hallo there

    I’m new to pattern testing, but I’m soooo eager to start my first one (big dream girl here 😉).

    My husband would most likely be a Medium and I would love to sew something for him.

    I am totally new to knits. I see this as a great opportunity to learn a lot more about knits and would therefor also need complete instructions.. so if you need to know if you’ve missed something, I’m your girl.

    Kind regards

  2. Would love to help I can do size M for men or L/ XL for women’s. I’ve done a couple of knit sews but fairly new to it. Criteria bulletpoint # 3 would be my strongest point 🙂

  3. I would love to help out! I am set taught with about a year of experience and have just started to learn about sewing knits. I am extremely detail oriented and good at following directions and executing tasks as requested! I typically fall in to a medium range of most patterns. Thank you for considering me!

  4. I would love to pattern test for you! If it’s a Men’s pattern, my husband falls into a Medium, typically and I am usually a XS/S in women’s. I have seen with knots before, so I don’t fit that category, but am super detail oriented and love proof reading papers and content.

  5. I would love to try this patten. I am a beginner and I have yet to sew with knit. I’m a size xs

  6. idle to test xs, i fit questions 1 and2

  7. I most likely will be sewing up a size medium for my hubby. I love sewing with knits and am a relative beginner sewer – I have been sewing off and on my whole life with intensive sewing starting 2 years ago. I am an adventurous beginner. I can definitely tell you if more details are needed for the instructions. I am very detailed oriented and can give feedback regarding grammatical errors, I have a university degree (two of them 🙄). I would love to test for you and love your patterns!

  8. Please include me! I meet all 3 criteria and would love to participate in a project that has a practical purpose and will let me make something besides a tote bag or pillow! I’ve been making too many is those lately 🙂

  9. I would love to test! My husband fits in between your M/L sizes and I think I already own almost all of your men’s patterns. I’ve been sewing for years and would consider myself an advanced intermediate sewer. I’ve tested with others before but absolutely hate pics of myself so it’d be awesome to get pics if someone else 🙂 I am also extremely detail oriented and at proofreading. I work part time at a quilt shop so I always have access to fabric!

  10. My husband is almost certainly an XS. He has a hard time finding clothes in stores so I’d love to have some more basic patterns for his wardrobe. My dad is a 2XL and I’ve made him a couple of Finlaysons that he loves. I could sew for either one. The extended size range will be great for the guys in my life!
    I love editing and finding grammatical errors too. I completed my first pattern test two weeks ago and I loved being a part of the process. I’m so excited TT is coming out with a new pattern! I’d be thrilled to help test this pattern.

  11. I would like to try!

    I am a small trans guy who fits in the XS-S range, with pretty minimal experience sewing knits. I enjoy editing and try my best to give detailed feedback, though I haven’t tried proofreading sewing patterns before.

  12. I would love to be a tester! I could see for my husband, who would be an XL, or we have a friend who would be a Small. I have only done one knit project before, to varying degrees of success.

    And as for the grammatical/written instruction feedback, I work in corporate communications for a public relations firm, and have experience with technical writing and editing.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  13. I would love to be a tester! Love your patterns and love to try new things!

  14. Morgan, I’d very much like to give it a try. I’m not new to sewing with knits, in fact I’m a fan of the Ann Person Stretch & Sew Patterns dating back to the 1970-80’s. I’ve not used your patterns for myself, but my significant other really likes the Finlayson sweater I made for him at Christmas. I’m sending you three photos of my work via private message on Facebook.

  15. I would love to be a pattern tester. I am new to sewing knits and would love more experience. I am extremely detail oriented as my day job is in healthcare and I’m constantly juggling massive amounts of paperwork.

    instagram: idylltryst

  16. I would love to test for you! I have a teenage son who is just moving from boys to men’s sizes and would likely be an XS. I sew with knits regularly and can give the detailed feedback you’re looking for. I’ve tested for other indie designers before and really enjoy the collaborative process.

  17. I would like to see for you. I’m an experienced sewist, one of my recent projects was a Fairfield for my son last year. I have the hardest time buying clothes for him as he has a very lean wiry frame and long arms with wide shoulders. A 28″ waist puts him held the range of most mens sizes. I’m not new to knits, but I would happily give feedback on directions.

  18. I’d love to try testing a pattern for you! I just started sewing knits in October and my husband is right at the top of your size range. I did make him a Goldstream pea cost and absolutely loved your pattern, so I’ll be watching for your new item regardless! My Instagram is fabricandfolklore

  19. I’m a beginner with knits, I sew mostly with wovens. I’m no expert but I’d call myself an intermediate. I proofread court documents for a living, so my attention to detail is pretty high 🙂

  20. I can test! I have seen the Finalysn and the Jutland pants. My husband and son love them. Please contact me. I have tested for two other companies. My son a XS my husband more of a Medium.

  21. Forgot to say my partner is small sized. But not extra small. X

  22. Hi, I’ve made some kids tshirts in knit but nothing for myself. I’m a size 12. I’m not super good at details. Fingers crossed!

  23. Me! I’ve been sewing for ages, but am new to knits. I always love to make something for hubs, since it’s difficult to buy him clothing off the rack. He’s usually a medium or large depending on how fitted something is, since he’s six foot five and has a 34 inch waist 😂

  24. I have been sewing since I was young but just started sewing knits within the last few months. I would love to be a tester and I am definitely someone who looks at the small details. I work in a graphic design studio, so I am very well versed in proof reading and instructions. Pick me!

  25. I would love to join the pattern testing team! I have a made few of your patterns for my husband. I am still somewhat need to knits, I mostly work with wovens. I have pattern tested for a few other designers.

  26. I’d love to pattern test! I sew for someone who is dead between your M and L. I’m newish to knits – sewn a handful of garments but still learning. I have professional expertise in training and writing manuals!

  27. Please pick me if you still need testers. Either way I am so excited you are expanding your sizes. My husband is 6’5” and broad. I’ve tried to make him your patterns, but he goes beyond your current size chart. Poor man can’t find anything that fits well. Something will fit in the body, but will be 3” short in the arms and tight at the neck. He loves the look of your sweater and cardigan patterns, but I just can’t alter the pattern well enough.

  28. Morgan, I’d be happy to test for you again. Last time I sewed the Belvedere in 4XL for my husband. I’m not new to knits, but you know I’m a detail-oriented former copy editor!

  29. Sign me up! (Please)
    My fella *just* fits into your largest size for the Strathcona.
    I’m not new to sewing knits, but I am no expert.
    I have lots of experience with technical writing and enjoy a good proofread. (I’m a scientist).
    Instagram:: nique_et

  30. ME me me me!!! My husband would likely be a 4x – check him out looking fabulous in a me-made here: I pattern test quite a bit for Cashmerette and Helen’s Closet, plus bits and pieces for other companies, so I’m good at the specific-feedback! I sent you an email back around Christmas when you announced your expanded size range, because I’m so excited to finally be able to sew your patterns for my guy!

  31. I enjoy testing patterns. I am not new to sewing knits and have been sewing for many years. My husband’s measurements fall in the 2x to 4x size range, depending on which of your patterns I look at. I’ve sewn a ton of t-shirts for my children using Jalie patterns and make all their fleecy jackets as well.

  32. I would always love to test sew again for you Morgan, but I think condition number 2 rules me out! 😉
    That’s ok cause I have a huge queue of sewing which includes finally getting back to the Lazo trousers.

  33. I’d love to test this pattern! My boyfriend is plus size and he would love if I made him something. I have been sewing for a couple of months and I am ready to grow in my sewing journey by using knits. I am 19 years old and I love fashion. I think that I could offer a unique perspective as one of the younger sewists in this hobby. I also do very well in English and language arts as well. I graduated from high school last summer with all nine of my English credits for college completed. I believe I fit all three categories above, and I’d love to be one of the lucky five!

  34. I would love to test your pattern. I am not new to sewing knits, but I have a daughter who is tall and very thin, would would be an XS, and I am detail-oriented and would like to read and edit instructions.

  35. I volunteer! I have been sewing for only two years and the Strathcona Henley was one of my first makes. At that time, I only had a straight stitch machine, but that didn’t stop me! Actually, despite using only a straight stitch, the shirt is still going strong and is well-loved by my 20-year old son. Now I have a new Singer with all sorts of zigzag stitches, for sure, any knit I sew will be even better. My husband is a size medium and my son is size large. Both are around 6 feet tall. That might not be in the size range you would want to test, but I hope you’ll consider me anyway. Even if you don’t, I’ll eagerly wait for this mysterious new pattern you have planned. Cheers!

  36. I’d love to test for you. I’ve had some hit and miss experiences with knits. My hubby would be on the larger side of your range and struggles to find well fitting clothes so I’d live to make for him, both my daughter and youngest son would fall into the small end of the range. So there is plenty of scope for sizes.

  37. I would love to test patterns. I have 30 years of professional sewing experience. Sam

  38. I would like to sew with knits but currently have no experience; I would be happy to provide assessment from this perspective. I will be able to evaluate the clarity of instructions and diagrams from the angle of a novice sewer.

    I am comfortable using body and garment measurement charts from my experience as a knitter and will gladly use your charts to determine size and fit and offer appropriate feedback. I would likely be sewing a size S for a man or L for a woman.

    I am a mixed media artist who is meticulous in my craftsmanship and extremely detailed oriented. I am also an excellent proofreader.

    My schedule will easily accommodate your desired timeframe. You can find me on Instagram @aegadkins if you’d like see more about me. Thanks for your consideration!

  39. I have sewn a couple of your patterns for some of the men in my life and would love the opportunity to test your new pattern! My husband would definitely be on the upper end of your size range – between 2xl-3xl. I would consider myself a seasoned sewist and have sewn with knits before. The turnaround time to get this piece of clothing sewn up works for me. Let me know if you have any questions! I don’t have a website but you can see some of my sewing on Instagram- @annettesamborski

  40. Hello!

    Would love to put in for testing 🙂 I once did it alongside my sewing blog, but haven’t in some time. Took a step away for my family and career.

    My spouse is a large man (bodybuilder) with a jacket size of nearly 48 (save me!) but a leaner waistline of usually a size 36.

    I’m not new to sewing knits (we sew raglans for him regularly!) but very detail oriented and aware of grammatical errors etc. I’ve enjoyed testing in the past, especially when the designer has been receptive of overall feedback on formatting and presentation, not just the pattern itself.

    We have quite a few of your patterns, and your Comox trunks have travelled around the world with my hubby as he sails with the Canadian Armed Forces 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply!


    Sent from my iPhone


  41. Was unable to post interest in the test opportunity through the desired portal.

    I would like to be considered for this current tester opportunity. Seems like a fun opportunity.

    Details on me:

    I’ve returned to sewing within the past year, currently making self-tie papillon ties, pocket squares, cummerbund, vests and most recently dress shirts to support my interest in Argentine Salon style Tango Dance. Thus my efforts are seen on the dance floor multiple times on a weekly basis and come under close scrutiny from fellow dancers and other sewists whom I’ve met in the tango world.

    I’ve also sewed the winter weight flannel pajamas that I currently wear through the past fall/winter/spring season.

    40 years ago I was a sewist of Frostline kits and completed at that time as my first sewing project a complete down (rated to -10 F) mummy style sleeping bag which I continue to use as needed for camping, etc.

    I am also an author of a book on creative process and creative personal insights that occur for maker when they are making my hand. Website is currently under construction but the link will give you an idea of this effort.

    “Zen and the Art of Making a Morris Chair”. Publishers listing:

    The chair that I designed and built from “scratch” is a museum quality furnishing in the American Arts and Crafts design motif. I was asked to demonstrate the chair and accompanying picture frame and tabouret table (side table) at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC in 2010.

    I am also a communication professional with focus on correct, coherent writing. Thus I am interested in proper grammar, syntax, and spelling for your projects.

    Thus I would like to be considered as a candidate for this test opportunity. Please send further details as you have them.


    Make it your way!!!!,

  42. I would love to test for you! I’d say that I’m an intermediate sewist (you can check out some of my makes on instagram @katiesewedit). I’m so excited that you’re expanding into the XS range! I’ve wanted to sew up some of your patterns for my husband (especially the Jedidiah pants), but he is right on the border of XS/S and often doesn’t fit into the measurement chart. I’m pretty good with grammar – I am currently going to college with an emphasis in English.

  43. I’m a high school fashion teacher in Calgary. I have a degree in English as well as Home Ec. I am definitely a detail oriented sewist- I can check for written errors and sewing issues. I can also give my feedback about how beginners might find your pattern since I teach 100 or so teenagers how to sew every year! I’m @satodtman on Instagram.

  44. I’d love to test! The only pattern criteria I fit is the last one, but I used to be a reporter and editor for Associated Press for a living so I can definitely help out with very detail-oriented editing. My husband is a size M on your size chart and I’m very experienced with knits.

  45. Oooh, yes, I’d love to volunteer! 1. Guessing a 1x would be appropriate for me, depending on your size chart (full disclosure – I’m short and often need to adjust fit accordingly). 2. I’ve sewn about 5 knit garments over my roughly 2-year sewing experience. 3. I rely heavily on good instructions & can spot a type-o from a mile away (my mother was a writer). 4. Your patterns are pretty darn cool & the thought of testing for you is exciting!

  46. I would be very interested! I’ve been sewing intensely for 5 years (I make almost all of my own clothes at this point) and could give good feedback on grammar and clarity. I would also be sewing for someone who is an XS in the size range.

  47. Would love to test a new knit pattern. I sew knits a lot primarily for my kids but some also for myself and my husband. I could definitely sew from the expanded sizes also. Love these patterns girl and I look forward to see what you do this year!

  48. I would love the opportunity to test your new pattern! I can sew a garment for someone on either the smaller or larger end of the size range (probably either XS/S or 3XL although I’m not sure since I don’t know the exact measurements of those sizes). As well, while I have sewn a few knit garments I would still consider myself a beginner. I am also detail oriented and think I could provide constructive feedback, as needed.

  49. I’d be happy to test … not exactly new to sewing with knits but not great at it either lol .. and depending on your measurement charts i’d be definitely in the larger size brackets!

  50. I’d love to test the patterns. I have been home sewing for about 10 year and am a big fan of your patterns. Please let me know what needs to be done to be a test.

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