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Call for testers! – Closed April 27/18


It’s that time again!  We have a pattern ready for test sewers – would you like to join the team?

Thread Theory Kit Builders-18

This time around we are looking for 5 test sewers who can complete the project in one week.  This might sound like a short deadline but don’t worry, it is realistic for the amount of sewing time needed for this quick wardrobe staple!

Please comment below to volunteer if you match one (or more) of the following criteria:

  1. You will be sewing for someone who is likely at one or the other end of our newly expanded size range (XS-4XL).  You are willing to thoroughly use our body and garment measurement charts and comment on our sizing and fit.
  2. You are brand new to sewing knits and can give your opinion on the approach-ability of the instruction booklet from this perspective.
  3. You are extremely detail oriented and can give excellent feedback on grammatical errors, the clarity of the instructions, and the clarity of the diagrams within the instruction booklet.

What do you think?  Is test sewing right up your alley?

89 thoughts on “Call for testers! – Closed April 27/18

  1. I’d love to help out with pattern testing – would fulfil all 3 components!

  2. Hi! I’d love to be a test sewer. I am new to serging – bought a serger a month ago and have completed only one project (your Finlayson sweater). I’m a naval officer so you can expect attention to detail and honest feedback on any pattern I sewed. Lastly, I’m a size small if you need someone to test the smaller sizes. Thanks for your consideration and have a great day!

  3. Hi there,
    sewing for my son who wears S, 171 cm tall. I al based in Germany.
    Best, gisele

  4. i’d love to be a tester. i fulfill all the 3 conditions 🙂

  5. Yes! I can do number 1 and 3. My 17 year old son is at the small end of your range. I do have experience with knit fabric though.

  6. I’m an experienced tester with an eye for detail. 35/29/39

  7. Hello ! I would love to be a tester for you. My man is a bigggg one (2XL or 3XL) and I knew you looking for such big patterns, you are very few proposing them. I love your casual and natural style.
    A bientôt ! Nathalie (Chiloée)

  8. Hi, I would love to test your pattern! I could be sewing for either my husband, an XL, or my brother-in-law, an XS, or both! I have lots of experience in apparel sewing, but have only ever made one garment in a knit. I got a serger about a year ago and am excited to learn to use it for knitwear. As a research engineer I am very experienced in writing, editing and reading technical articles and patents. These are chock full of diagrams and procedural details. I hope I get the chance to test this pattern for you, and am excited to see what it is either way!

  9. Hi – I’d love to test as well. My husband is a size M in most RTW. I’m a relatively new garment sewist, but have tackled knits (leggings, tees and, of course, Hudson Pants).

    I review documents all day (I’m an attorney) so happy to edit/provide feedback to text.

    Whether I test or not, I can’t wait to see the new pattern!

  10. I meet all three criteria and would love to be considered. My husband (usually size XXL in RTW) loves your patterns and would be thrilled to be a “model.” I have only recently started sewing with knits, although I have an extensive background sewing wovens. And I used to write to publishers as a kid when I found grammatical errors in books, so I’ve spent years honing my eagle eye. Please let me know if you want more info 🙂

  11. Would love to test for you. My husband would be on the larger end of your patterns. I sew with knits regularly and edit documents in my day job. I typically sew at least one garment a week, usually 2-3 depending on the complexity.

  12. I commented earlier but I don’t think it went through. Anyway, I’d love to test for you! My son is a teenager and would probably be perfect for your XS size. I sew with knits often and can provide the kind of feedback you’re looking for. I’ve tested for other indie pattern designers and really enjoy the process.

  13. I would love to test your new design!!!
    I am extremely detail oriented, both in English and French. I have 5 years of sewing experience (from undergarments to my own wedding dress), so I am definitely not new to knits, but I have had the occasion to give sewing lessons so I am familiar with typical beginners’ difficulties. And I would like to sew for my husband which should be size XS-S at waist. I am not new to test sewing, I can’t wait to give you my humble contribution!!!
    Can’t wait to see the new design anyway, keep up the good work 🙂

  14. Hi Thread Theory! I am a French girl, who loves your patterns . I am of intermediate level in sewing, I propose to test one of your pattern in French or in English! I sew for my man a M size generally. A bientôt j’espère ! Marine

  15. I can totally do it ! French Canadian sewist here 🙂 I would love to test your pattern. I would be happy to check both french and english Version !
    My model is xl (in tt button up shirt)
    I sew with knits. The one week deadline is totally fine with me !

  16. I would be Sewing 2xl for my hubs and his beer guzzling belly. Just started properly getting to grips with knits and would love to sew something for him that’s comfy in this warm weather, and definitely love following instructions and seeing how easy things are!

  17. Morgan, this is my second application for this posting – the one I sent last night still hasn’t appeared. I ‘d like very much to test one of your patterns. I’ve sewed knitted fabrics for quite some time (being a fan of Ann Person and her Stretch & Sew patterns dating back to the 1970’s!). Nor do I have someone in either the XS or XXL size range to sew for. I do, however, have many years of proofreading experience in my employment history! I’ve sent three photos of my sewing projects to you via FB Messenger.

  18. i think i can!!! not totally new to knits as ive sewn up 2 tshirts but would love to test. i fall on the larger end of your size range and i sew for a larger to plus sz range of people(currently working on the goldstream peacoat for brother)…except for my neice who is XS. love to help out and give a try…thanks for consideration.

  19. Hi there! I’d love to do some pattern testing if you need someone. I usually sew a size L in your patterns for my boyfriend. I have a few pictures on my website of the fit with the Strathcona Henley and the Fairfield ( I’m also new to sewing kits. I am very detail oriented and will certainly provide feedback on pattern clarity.

    Thanks! Angie

  20. I’m new to sewing and have only made one knit garment! My husband generally wears a medium and I would most likely be sewing for him! I would love to test out another beginner friendly pattern and expand my skills in knits!

  21. I fit every one of these criteria. I wear an XL, have never sewn knits, but have wanted to for quite some time. I also have an English degree and love proof-reading, etc. I would be thrilled to help.

  22. I would love to be a tester for your new pattern! My partner is always on the border between an XS and S so the new sizes would be wonderful to test. I am also absolutely new to sewing knits, I have been looking for a project to get me over the fear of them! I am detail oriented as well, and love giving constructive feedback, especially in terms of instruction and grammar, especially for patterns, because thorough, thoughtful instructions are what everyone likes. Looking forward to this new pattern release!

  23. I’d be 3. Experienced & rather anal when it comes to grammar. I even text in full – can’t handle text abbreviations dulling the English language 😬.

  24. I’d like to volunteer to test! I’ve made your Comox trunks for the husband and they are fab! He will be towards the XS/S end of your range. And I love being nerdy over spellings and grammar!! 🙂 🙂
    There are lots of my projects on my blog,

  25. 1. I’d be sewing for a 2XL or 3XL.
    2. I’m an intermediate sewist but very new to knits. I’ve only sown two knit projects so far (your Comox Trunks and one Plantain Tee). I purchased a twin needle last week but haven’t used it yet.
    3. I have been a proofreader previously and now spend most of my working hours writing letters (taking particular pride in ensuring plain English readability).


  26. If you could decide… I am a recently retired professional who has gone back to sewing . I have plenty of hours in one week to finish a project. I received a serger for Christmas and have completed one knit top . Otherwise , I have no other knit experience. Best of all , I love to sew!

  27. I would love to test the pattern. My boyfriend probably has the size S or maybe XS – depending on the exact measurements.
    To me: I am very detail oriented (sometimes so much it is frustrating). I am also good at looking for spelling issues. I sew now for three years but mostly with woven fabric. I have never sewn knit fabric (only for repairing store-bought t-shirts) so I think this would be a great for checking if the instructions are good for beginners and a great opportunity for me as well.

  28. I’d love to try! You’ve seen the subject of the sewing, I sent in an entry to the Finlayson competition, so I’d be the small end of the spectrum. I’ve recently had to adjust a pattern to fit him as he’s a really odd shape with smaller arms than you’d expect. (I then washed the perfectly fitting shirt and it only went and shrank….)
    Definitely interested! @zonmatrondoesart on Instagram.

  29. I definitely match criteria no.3! Would love to test for you. I have a partner very keen for me to make him some things! I’ve been sewing my own clothes for about a year now. I’m Fairly experienced with knits now but still need practice. Instagram: @pocketortwo

  30. Hi! I would love to be part of the test 🙂 I’ve been sewing for 5 years now (corsetry, cosplay, memade stuff for myself…) but I am just getting started with knits and men’s clothing. The first patter I tryed is your Camox trunks. My husband is in between sizes M/L (thin wast and large hips and tights). You can check out my FB page (Katia BM) ou Instagram (@katia_bloch). I can also correct your french instructions is needed.

  31. Hi, I am interested in testing your new pattern, but it depends on the week it starts. I have a couple of travel dates next month. I have been sewing off and on for years, but have yet to complete a successful knit project (one half-finished Moneta has been sitting “forgotten” i.e. ignored in my to-do pile for at least 2 years :/) I REALLY want to have a successful knit experience though. My husband is a L or XL, I believe…I forgot his jacket size. I am 42/36/44.

  32. I‘d LOVE to be your test sewer and as I am an experperienced sewist and my mother language is German I can offer a German translation of the instructions. Are you interested?
    Looking forward to your answer,
    Almut. (niemandszeit)

  33. I would love to test a pattern for you! I would be most likely be making a size XL. I have a degree in fashion design so have a good knowledge of patterns and garment construction. Up until recently I have predominantly only worked with woven fabrics. I am loving my new foray into knit fabrics so far though!

  34. I’d love to help test this pattern! I would probably be sewing an XL size, and in my non-sewing life I am an editor so super happy to check over the instructions with my editor hat on! Thanks.

  35. I’d LOVE to test a knit pattern for my husband! He’s a pretty big guy so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a 3 or 4xl…

  36. I would be interested! I would sew a M or L for my hubby and have only sewn three or four knit garments before so I understand the difficulty with being a newbie. I am also quite particular about spelling and clear instructions so I think I would be able to help on that front too! I sew every day so the timeframe shouldn’t be an issue at all. Thanks for your consideration!

  37. I’d love to test you pattern, my hubby is a size large but with broad shoulders so I’m always amending patterns lol but ive pattern tested for avid seamstress, Sinclair Patterns and Jennifer Lauren Handamde and provide detailed feedback as if I was a beginner sewist. My blog is many thanks

  38. Hello! Would love to participate. Would be sewing for either the smallest or the largest end if your spectrum.

    Not a new to knit sewing.

    I would gladly provide feedback on ease of following instructions, clarity, etc.

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