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Vintage Patterns – Exceptional western shirts

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Vintage patterns for men and boys-1

(Click on each pattern image to head to the listing in our shop)

There is a lovely new selection of affordable vintage patterns in our shop!  These western shirts caught my eye in particular since they include such a huge amount of detail and would be a wonderful sewing challenge to sink your teeth into.  Check out the shaped yoke in the pattern below:

Vintage patterns for men and boys-9

Many of the shirts include iron-on embroidery transfers so these patterns would not only provide a satisfying sewing project, but they would allow you to try your hand at some colourful embroidery too!

Vintage patterns for men and boys-3

Even though each pattern includes only one size, be sure to check out the western shirt listings because we have several copies of each pattern in size small, medium and large!

Vintage patterns for men and boys-18

In addition to the western shirt patterns, we have a wide range of other new patterns – some decades old and some relatively new.  This tie making kit is interesting because it includes cardboard templates to make cutting out your bias silk very quick and accurate.  If you plan to sew a large number of ties, this template would be very useful.

Vintage patterns for men and boys-8

These two patterns are created by an independent pattern company that really intrigues me.  Have you ever heard of Elements patterns?  I tried googling them with no success but from what I can see from the packaging, they are (or were) a very detail oriented active wear sewing pattern company (under the umbrella company Pitter Patterns…also doesn’t come up on Google) based out of Ontario, Canada.  I love the idea of designing ‘systems’ and wish I had the rest of the patterns to go with these sets!

Vintage patterns for men and boys-10

To check out the complete selection of vintage patterns, head on over to our shop! >


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