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Remnant Sale and Fabric Clearance

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Thread Theory Sewing Supplies-20

Since our focus is patterns this year (two new patterns are getting quite close to my favourite phase of development – sending them off to pattern testers!), we are clearing out the seasonal fabrics that we added to our shop last year.

We may go back to our routine of seasonal fabric collections next year since I really enjoyed the process, but this year we want to focus on our first priority – new patterns for you!

Summer fabrics for men-32

As a result, you’ll find our remaining fabrics and a nice selection of usable remnants at very good sale prices in the shop today!

Have a look >

Remnant Sale-7

One thought on “Remnant Sale and Fabric Clearance

  1. Very excited for you in your upcoming pattern release! Although I understand that it is difficult to spread time and resources across all things I am a little sad that you are not going to stock the seasonal fabrics this year. That being said it is likewise difficult to buy all the things so , I will merrily sew the remainder of the lovely fabrics I have previously purchased from you ( merino❤️, though the rest also were 👍) As always keep up the great work your company is an asset to the menswear sewing world!!

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