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3 Mini Patterns Coming Soon!


Three new mini patterns will be released very soon so please sign up for our newsletter to ensure that you receive the launch day discount code!  You can sign up here.

The patterns are a departure from our usual focus on garments and will instead fill a non-apparel related void in the home-sewn menswear wardrobe.  Above you can see a few of the useful materials that will be added to the shop on pattern launch day!  Can you guess what sewing project these things could be used for?

7 thoughts on “3 Mini Patterns Coming Soon!

  1. I’m hoping for suspenders as well – they’d make a great gift for my dad. The finished product, that is!

  2. All the good ideas previously guessed. I would say elastic = belts/ suspenders. Fabric maybe ultra suede ? Or pleather? = billfolds/ bags, finishing for belts / suspenders, maybe gloves. The man around here doesn’t have many non apparel bits other than these. Then again we are older and in the middle of nowhere so maybe out of touch.

  3. So mysterious! I have no idea!

  4. and a purse or something like that?

  5. Are they suspenders? A coworker of mine who has recently lost over 100 lbs has solved his too big pants problem with suspenders for now until he settles into his final new weight. He was telling me how hard it is to find decent suspenders at a reasonable price point, and that the crucial bit are the clasps that hold the pants.

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