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Pattern Tour: A short video


A little peek inside our sewing patterns so that you can examine our practical chipboard envelopes (that will fit bulky traced patterns without tearing), our beautiful garment tags, and our thorough instruction booklets.

5 thoughts on “Pattern Tour: A short video

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  2. The packaging is unique, like opening a present. The instructions in their book form are very convient. I have not been disappointed or frustrated with any of the garments I have made, and my guy is trilled with them( except the Henley, not this particular one he just is for some reason vehemently opposed to them in general ???) Also and this.. um … is a bit nerdy, the packaging ” goes” my sewing room, love it all !!

  3. I love your pattern package. I have a few of them and love the envelope, the tag, and the direction booklet. Thoughtfully produced.

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