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A menswear-related use for your fabric scraps!


I shared this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago but my thoughts keep drifting back to this inspiring company so I felt the need to share their work with you via the blog as well.  Have you heard of Zero Waste Daniel?

His team’s work is certainly fuel for my imagination.  What would you make using your scraps and this enlightened perspective?

View the Zero Waste Daniel mission >

4 thoughts on “A menswear-related use for your fabric scraps!

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  2. I totally re-shared the Zero Waste Daniel video! I’ve always been interested in finding ways to minimize clothing waste. I always feel guilty when I create new things because it just adds to the worlds “stuff” problem. Thanks for sharing the great resouses.

  3. Neat principle!

    The recycling plus the stripey tops immediately reminded me of something I stumbled upon the other day looking at Joost De Cock’s updated website (a refresh of his old site). If you haven’t seen it, you need to see his submission to the “Refashioners2017” competition that apparently encourages people to do the same as the Zero Waste Daniel guys and refashion new from old.

    If you have already seen it, you would definitely remember it! Apparently the theme this year is “suits” and it’s ongoing if anyone is interested.

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