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Dintex and Merino – Fabrics and your Projects


Merino wool and Dintex fabric-4-2

Do you subscribe to our email newsletter?  If so, you will have been notified about the launch of our Fall Fabric Collection last Monday!  We have Dintex (waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric) and superfine Merino fabrics back in stock…and have some bold new colors!

I’ve compiled some inspiration today from my own sewing projects and from some of the amazing projects that have been shared on Instagram and blogs since we launched our Dintex fabric last year.  But first, have a quick look at the new colors!

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-1

You will now find this classic red Dintex in our shop along with a very sporty Green Apple:

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-6

I could imagine both these colors sewn into the bright high-tech ski jackets hanging at my local ski & board shop!  Or, perhaps, they could be paired with a less sporty pattern (a glamorous full skirted trench coat perhaps) and a floral umbrella for an entirely different look.

Since a few of you have been enquiring about the mesh ‘wrong side’ of this fabric, I took a close up shot of the mesh backing so you can see that it doesn’t need to be lined.  The mesh is soft and hard wearing and is similar to what you would see on the inside of high tech sportwear (especially outer ‘shells’)…

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-4

If you wanted to line your Dintex garment though, the possibilities are only limited by the style that you are trying to achieve!  It would pair nicely with microfleece as a warm and sporty outer layer or you could dress it up with acetate lining or tartan flannel.

Aside from these two new colors we have a large range of more sedate choices as well as some gorgeous stormy blues and tropical teals!

The superfine 100% merino wool that you can also find in our Fall Fabric collection is the perfect base layer to wear beneath a Dintex rain jacket.  It is incredibly versatile – it can be used for classic long johns (by lengthening the Comox Trunks pattern) or it can be sewn in to an elegant dress!  We have restocked it in Moroccan blue and charcoal grey but I couldn’t resist adding this third color to the collection – a GORGEOUS Nova Red that features just a hint of orange:

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-11

Isn’t that beautifully rich?  The fabric gleams and it is incredibly soft against the skin.

Now that you’ve seen the new color choices, imagine them paired with these projects that you and I have sewn throughout the last year:

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-1-2

This superfine merino top in Moroccan blue was sewn by me (for myself) but is modelled here by my sister’s beautiful friend, Sylvia.  We were headed for a beach walk so I couldn’t pass up the perfect opportunity to dress Sylvia up and allow my talented photographer sister to take some shots!

Merino wool and Dintex fabric-5-2

This top was sewn using a BurdaStyle pattern from the magazine but the same pattern can also be found online as a PDF.  I love this rendition of the top because I can wear it as a warm layer while hiking or skiing or I can add a statement necklace and a skirt to dress up (sometimes on the same day!)!  I’ve washed, tumble dried and worn this steadily for a full year now with no signs of wear.  I anticipate that this merino shirt will be in my closet for many years to come.

You might remember one of my other sewing projects from last winter – Matt’s Dintex jacket:


You can read all about this on the blog.  Matt wore this jacket as a shell over a down mid-layer throughout the last snowy winter.  We’ve machine washed and then hung to dry this jacket mid winter because Matt can often be found doing grubby things like carting fire wood or bush-wacking so the front got a bit muddy.  After washing it we sprayed it with a water repellent finish to freshen up the DWR that the fabric manufacturer applied.  He continued to wear the jacket throughout the spring with a sweater underneath and this summer has been wearing it over a t-shirt since it is breathable and thus comfortable in hot weather.  I really need to make myself a similar jacket since I am quite jealous of how it allows him to be ready for anything!


And now, the best part…your projects!

Here are two adorable Dintex jackets made by Nicole of The Spool Sewing Studio (@thespoolsewingstudio) for herself and her daughter:


Nicole always does a great job of using up her fabric scraps by sewing a coordinating outfit for her daughter…so cute and no waste!  Her jacket is the Kelly Anorak by Cloest Case Patterns and her daughter’s is the Oliver and S School Days Jacket.

And another gorgeous Kelly Anorak, this time in Navy Dintex, sewn by @newribina and shared on Instagram:17818549_1248444198610671_3114182173880483840_n

She used the hardware kit that we stock in our shop!  I love how she used the reflective zipper (that we include for pockets or ‘pit zips’) as a chest pocket.  The drawstring at the waist is also reflective so the wearer of this beautiful jacket is safe walking or riding at night.


Jen (@_jennicholson_) sewed this Hemingway Windcheater for her partner.  The charcoal grey Dintex that she chose pairs very nicely with the gunmetal snaps.


Lastly, a third Kelly Anorak, this time sewn by Fiona of the blog Stitch and Finish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fiona has written some very helpful details about working with Dintex, seam tape (for waterproofing seams) and about a few modifications she made to tailor her jacket to cycling.  Her end result looks SO pro!

I’ve sorted our new Fall fabrics into their own section in our shop so you can see them all at once.  I thought that might make it easier to pair your outerlayer Dintex with a coordinating merino base layer.

I would really love to share some photos of the projects you guys have made with our merino wool over the last year but it isn’t nearly as easy to search as #dintex is!  I know I have seen some great ones but I can’t seem to find them now.  Can you point me in the right direction (to your blog or Instagram posts)?

10 thoughts on “Dintex and Merino – Fabrics and your Projects

  1. What GSM is the Dintex? What would postage be to Germany?

    • Dintex weighs 230 gsm. To find exact postage, add the item you’re hoping to order to your cart and enter your shipping details. You will be given the shipping cost to examine before actually checking out! Send us an email at if you have any more questions or need assistance, that is the quickest way to contact us 🙂

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. I checked out the postage and it was more than the fabric, so I will pass. I had wanted to get the pumpkin colour, because it looks very good on your guy and I had never seen such a waterproof in that colour before. Do you have a European outlet?
        Thanks for you answer with regard to the gsm.

    • That’s a shame about postage rates! We occasionally offer sales on shipping via our newsletter so you could sign up for that if you like ( We don’t have retailers for our fabrics or tools at this point, only our tissue patterns! Keep an eye out for terms such as “waterproof fabric with breathable membrane” when looking at fabric shops in Germany. Gore tex is the most well known company to make this style of waterproof fabric but there are many other companies making a similar excellent textile such as the Dintex that we carry! I guess the trick is to find it as a fabric rather than already sewn into outerwear!

  2. That merino sweater is really lovely. I was wondering why in the description of the fabric it says to not machine dry, but in the post you say that you do machine dry the sweater. Thank you!

    • Thanks for pointing that out! Sorry to contradict myself 😛 I like to be extra careful when writing our product descriptions and so suggest the gentlest way to handle the material. 100% merino can sometimes felt slightly when dried with medium to high heat and can lose its natural ability to wick moisture. I have not noticed this effect after machine drying my top many times and it has not shrunk at all either. My household is not very gentle with our clothing so I am very appreciative of a merino top that can stand up to washing and drying with all of the other t-shirts. Here is a link to more info on caring for merino:

  3. I loved this post 🙂 I’ve referred many people to your Dintex due to the popularity of the Closet Case Kelly pattern last year and so many people saying they wanted to make it out of “Gortex” next but didn’t know where to find it 🙂 I’ve been sorely tempted myself but I already own a couple of “Gortex” jackets and really don’t need another however I do have a cape pattern – – that I’m determined to make up this year and I’m thinking about Dintex for one – what do you think?

    • What a beautiful cape pattern! I love the shorter version with front zip in particular and think it would be very practical made up in Dintex for walking around Victoria in the rain! I don’t think the cape is lined so the black mesh would be visible. It would be fun to add a pop of colour to the interior as well as some body to the hem by binding the hem in in a bright color and turning up once before topstitching. I think this would help the Dintex to achieve a nice drape. By the way, thanks ever so much for referring people to our shop! 🙂

  4. Hi is the merino wool a knit fabric? Doubleknit? Jersey?



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