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Sell us your pattern stash! Plus it’s now possible to write reviews.


Vintage sewing patterns for men-13

I was just sent a fresh selection of vintage boy’s and men’s sewing patterns all the way from Oklahoma!  They are now available in our shop for you to peruse.

Vintage sewing patterns for men-21

You might remember when I asked you to sell me your vintage menswear patterns last winter.  Since then, Cyndi, from Oklahoma, has been gathering together each gem that she finds at her local thrift shops.  She packaged them up for me and I paid for them to be shipped to our studio.  Cyndi opted to trade her vintage patterns for a few Thread Theory tissue patterns she has had on her wishlist for a while.  We are also happy to pay you for your sewing patterns!

Vintage sewing patterns for men-17

If you love to shop at thrift stores or if you have menswear sewing patterns languishing in a storage box somewhere, please email me so we can work out a similar deal!  I’m really enjoying sorting through these old patterns and it is heartening to think that these patterns will avoid the trash bin and instead continue their life as useful templates for your unique menswear projects!

Vintage sewing patterns for men-6

Head to our shop to check out the selection of $3 vintage patterns.  While you are at it, you might notice that we have a new feature on our website – you can now review our patterns, fabrics and tools!

Vintage sewing patterns for men-22

The first 10 people to leave a review on our website will receive 10% off their next order.  Thanks for sharing your opinions, projects and plans!

Vintage sewing patterns for men-7

Check out our vintage pattern selection >

4 thoughts on “Sell us your pattern stash! Plus it’s now possible to write reviews.

  1. Really interesting – can I order Butterick`s 4763 please Bill Kerr

    • Hi Bill,
      Yes, I see that your order has gone through in our shop so Butterick 4763 will be mailed off to you this week! I hope you enjoy sewing with it!
      – Morgan

      • Morgan thank you… my one reservation is that I am technically an English L , not a M , 5`10″ chest 42″ and waist 34″ & 31″ inside leg – do you think with that pattern as its technically up to M in size that I will have a problem or should I just add a couple of inches critically to the upper body.. ? I just felt the US clothes sizes from my experience tend to be larger than British, and I felt that I might get away with it on Butterick 4763. I am a new sewer and this will be my first project independent of the class I had been taking. What do you think – just make it a bit bigger all round particularly on the chest.. regards, Bill Kerr ( I liked the garments on the pattern and decided to take a shot at it..)

      • I’ve just been examining the pattern while I pack it up to mail today and I think you will be completely fine sewing the M without adjustments. The shirt is very easy fitting and, in my experience, Butterick patterns tend to be even easier fitting than their measurements and illustrations suggest. There is a chart of finished garment measurements on the back of the pattern which includes the shirt width at the hem – the size M width is 49″ which I suspect is actually not the width and is instead the circumference! I would recommend sewing your first version in a cheap fabric (muslin or an old sheet for example) so that you can test the fit and make adjustments after you see how the garments look on you…I wouldn’t recommend making adjustments before sewing it up at least once since trying on the actual shirt and shorts will give you a better feel for any changes you need to make. Have fun!

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