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New patterns! Swim trunks, raglan tee and more


We have 15 new menswear sewing patterns available in our shop and I am VERY excited to introduce them to you!  As you probably already know, I keep a long list of every pattern suggestion that is sent to me in hopes that one day I will be able to provide all of the designs you long for.

Aside from a button-up shirt, a raglan t-shirt has always been the most requested pattern over the last 4 years.  While I certainly could have created a Thread Theory raglan tee, I was over the moon to find a fellow Canadian indie pattern answered my (and your) wishes by creating one themselves…and, fortunately, they did it very well!

Have you heard of Jalie patterns?  If you haven’t, trust me, you will want to know more about them.  Here is their perfect raglan tee:

Sewing patterns for men-15

It is nicely fitted, the features the ideal crew neckline, and has three sleeve lengths to choose from.  Plus, Jalie patterns include sizes ranging from Boys Age 2 all the way to Men Size 22 (with a 50″ chest)!!!

Jalie patterns is run by a mother and daughter team from Quebec.  The company was founded over 30 years ago and has always specialised in activewear and knits.  Their dance costume sewing patterns were used by my mom to create ballet and gymnastics costumes for my sister and I when we were small.

While Jalie has always been on my radar it was only when I searched for a raglan sewing pattern (after receiving another customer request) that I realised they had quite a few excellent menswear patterns to choose from.  Their collection coordinates very nicely with our patterns – I like to think we each fill the gaps in the other company’s offerings.

Take this pair of swim trunks for example:

Sewing patterns for men-12

I had begun the design process for a remarkably similar pair last winter…but Jalie beat me to it and I am very glad about that because their pair is perfect.  It features colour-blocked panels and the exact sort of lace-up waistband closure I had hoped to include in my design.  One of our fabric distributors carries high tech fabrics that would be very suitable for men’s swim trunks…should I add some of these fabrics to our shop or are swim trunk fabrics already easy for you to source?

Sewing patterns for men-14

To continue with my list of “most-requested patterns,” here is the polo shirt that many of you have asked me for.  This polo includes some interesting details such as a back yoke and optional shoulder tabs so that you can mix and match features to create a wardrobe of unique shirts.

Sewing patterns for men-13

While we already include a few t-shirt patterns in our shop (such as the Strathcona Tee), this Jalie t-shirt still caught my eye because it has a high v-neckline variation.  The fit looks to be the perfect compromise between our slim-fitting Strathcona Tee and the easy fitting Hot Patterns Tee.

Sewing patterns for men-11

Lastly, I really wish I had this vest pattern when I sewed my Dad his insulated vest two years ago!  I heavily modified the Seamwork Denali Vest with the end goal of creating exactly the style you see above.  I will certainly be sewing this one up in the future.

And that is the last of our new Jalie offerings!  I hope they inspire you to get sewing menswear as much as they have inspired me.  Plus, you will notice, if you click through to our shop that their printed patterns are very affordable.  They are printed on regular paper (not tissue paper) and the instructions are printed right on the pattern sheet (no separate booklet).  Their size lines are very clear despite the fact that their size range is so massive (each of their patterns will fit a toddler, a teenager, and a large man!!!).  They look to be a pleasure to use.

Now let’s move on to the next pattern company now available in our shop – Burda Style!

I came across these patterns in my search for a men’s pop-over shirt design.  Like the Jalie designs above, a pop-over shirt has been requested by a number of you over the years.  I really like the options included in this pattern:

Sewing patterns for men-1

There is a version with a minimalist built in placket and two other versions with a yoke.  The back of all three versions includes a breezy inverted box pleat.  Plus, you can choose to sew a proper collar or leave off the collar to create the classic band collar/partial placket combo.  I was pleased to see that the sleeves are complete with a proper tower placket.

Sewing patterns for men-2

Of course, I couldn’t limit myself to only one pattern!  I found a few other gems to include.  The cargo pants pictured above include zippers below the knee (on version 2) so that you can zip off the lower leg to create capris.  I like the detailed options – including zippered cargo pockets and the option to add articulating knees.

Sewing patterns for men-3

While on first glance the trousers above and also the trousers below might look a tad like our Jedediah Pants, upon close inspection there are some interesting differences.  Now that our store includes three slim legged trouser designs prospective menswear trouser sewists will be able to choose their favourite option.

As you are aware, our Jedediah Pants are flat fronted (meaning there is no pleat), include patch pockets and also have a jeans-style back yoke.  The design above includes a flat front like the Jeds but then the back features double darts (4 darts in total) and welt pockets.  The design photographed below includes a single pleat on the front, single back darts, and one welt pocket.  Which of these three trouser designs best suits your criteria?

Sewing patterns for men-4

The third company that has been freshly added to our shop is Kwik Sew.  We have two very different garments from them!

The first pattern looks, on first glance, to be just another unisex fleecy zip up pattern but upon closer inspection it is a very thoughtful design!

Sewing patterns for men-5

The men’s version and women’s version feature different cuts which I think is quite promising – the women’s version looks curvy and fitted while the men’s is straighter and boxier.  The interesting angled seamlines remind me of high-end micro-fleece jackets from adventure or sport companies like Patagonia, Columbia or even Lululemon.  Maybe the pattern could be used to create something like this?

The second Kwik Sew pattern is a pair of rugged coveralls:

Sewing patterns for men-6

These have been designed for functionality – they were drafted to fit over a full outfit of clothing and feature all sorts of useful pockets.  There are even side seam slits included so that the wearer can reach in to his trouser pockets while still wearing the coveralls.

The last new company was added to the shop because they were my most inspiring and consistent source for menswear patterns before Matt and I developed the idea to create Thread Theory….

Sewing patterns for men-7

Vogue Patterns!  They have a monopoly on suit suit patterns and I don’t mind that because their selection is lovely and their instructions are thorough.  In fact, it’s a bit of a relief that I don’t have to create a suit pattern any time soon. 😛  Unless you guys have a special request?

The three suits I selected cover a wide range of styles.  The first suit that you see photographed above features both a double and single breasted unlined suit jacket.  The front extends towards the back to create a side-back seam (the same sort of seam included in our Goldstream Peacoat design).

The suit below includes a fully lined jacket with a slim shawl collar.  It includes the option to create a contrast shawl collar which would look classy in satin or velvet.

Sewing patterns for men-8

The trousers included in the pattern above are very interesting because they have two variations – the second of which includes a side seam band made out of the same contrast fabric as the shawl collar.  If you happen to sew for a man (or you are a man) who likes to stand out in a crowd, I think this design made with a bright and personalised contrast fabric could make for a very unique suit!

Sewing patterns for men-10

I like the suit jacket included in Variation A of this last Vogue suit pattern.  It includes two buttons, a nice modern notched collar and it is partially interfaced and fully lined.

While I was ordering suits I decided to include one last pattern since I thought it covered all loungewear bases so nicely!

Sewing patterns for men-9

I think the robe/housecoat included with this pattern is perfect – it has an elegant shawl collar, two very nice length options and big patch pockets.  The pyjama bottoms, from what I can tell by examining the envelope, have the potential to be flattering – it seems like the sit below the natural waist and they include the detail of a self fabric drawstring.  Both of these design features are a step up from your standard home-ec rectangular one-size-fits all PJ project!

And there you have it, our new range of menswear patterns have been fully introduced!  Every one of these patterns was added to our shop because it has either been requested by you or it includes design features that I think will be useful to the style-savvy menswear sewists that we all are.   I hope my research and selective shopping has introduced you to a new menswear pattern company or has allowed you to see a familiar menswear designer from a fresh perspective!

Head to our shop to peruse our complete pattern collection >

10 thoughts on “New patterns! Swim trunks, raglan tee and more

  1. I agree this is a great resource , time and money saver for those of us who rely on online shopping. When sewing for my husband I tend to use either Thread Theory or Jalie with a bit of Kwik Sew and Burda. I have a couple of Vogue suit patterns for someday.?? In the past I have ordered patterns, fabric, notions/ hard wear from all different locations across North America. Another sensible idea Morgan, good luck to your continued success!


  2. What a great resource, thank you from us sewists everywhere!
    I don’t suppose you’ve come across a pattern for a quarter zip men’s stretch training-type top in your travels? My hubbie would like one for golfing in cooler weather to pop ove a polo shirt but I can’t find one anywhere.

    • Maybe this top would strike your fancy? It is a quarter zip sports top with raglan sleeves. I’ve heard great things about FerhTrade patterns but have not sewn with one myself yet!

      • That looks ideal, thank you so much for all your help.
        Now all I have to do is work out how to add a zip to lycra without creating a mountain range along the opening ….. wish me luck!

      • Another great choice is Jalie 2212. The photo is a bit dated showing it as a Lycra bound polar fleece. I recently made it from your ( love, love, love it) heavier weight Merino changing the Lycra for self fabric bands. The shoulder yoke extends down into the sleeves making it perfect activities like cool weather golf. There are quite a few pieces which I triple top stitched ( Coverstitch) the seam giving it ( in my opinion) a nice finish. It fits well over a golf shirt but is not bulky and stows away easily as it warms up. Not sure how to add a photo her but it’s on my Instagram feed.

      • Thanks for getting in touch Marion.
        I’ve just checked the pattern and your version looks so different from the very dated pattern images – and so much more what I’ve been looking for. How did you find installing a zip in stretch fabric? I’m still quite new to sewing with knits do any suggestions would be really appreciated.
        i can’t wait to source some suitable lycra here in the UK to try this out. The only problem I have now is that I shall be spoilt for choice!

    • The merino I used was a fairly stable knit. With Lycra you can add something like ” Steam a Seam Tape” to stablize the zipper edge( zipper doesn’t stretch anyway) or use wonder tape to hold it all in place. I have the Fehr Trade top also and am planning to make it in Supplex. My issue is that I don’t have a lot of fabric choice where I live so patterns get bumped according to fabric availability on line.

      • Wonder tape, of course! I believe I can order it via Amazon here in the UK. Like you, we are limited by what’s available online, which makes choosing fabrics for anything out of the ordinary a bit tricky, so I too tend to put plans back depending on what’s available online. I think I may try to control my impatience for this one and wait for a delivery of samples first 🙄. Good luck with the Fehr Trade version, I assume Supplex is a highly stretchy sports fabric, it’d be interesting to hear how you get on.

  3. I love that you have created this great resource for menswear sewing and that it doesn’t all have to come from your patterns. I think that shows a rare and refreshing humility and care for your customers. It also frees you up to create patterns that aren’t out there. You’re really filling a gap in the sewing community. The thoughtful and enthusiastic way you guys run your company makes me excited to sew for my husband (and I’m a pretty diehard selfish sewer). Thanks for everything you do.

  4. What a nice round up of patterns to add to your very well drafted set! I love the Jalie patterns, and just started using them. I find I have much fewer issues with fit. I highly recommend them. Best of luck with your expansion into carrying other patterns to complement your excellent ones.

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