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Call for Vintage Menswear Sewing Patterns!



Perhaps you’ve noticed how practical, well designed, and still relevant vintage menswear sewing patterns are – plus there are hundreds to choose from!  Whenever I receive an email asking for a particular menswear pattern that perhaps won’t fit into our Thread Theory line, my thoughts drift towards vintage sewing patterns.  I know that the requested design exists as a sewing pattern somewhere!

That is why I will be collecting a catalogue of vintage menswear sewing patterns to add to the Thread Theory shop.  Once the collection is large enough it will be a great way to find a pattern to suit all manner of menswear fit and styling criteria!


And I would for love you to help!  If you have a pile of old sewing patterns, have a look through them to see if there are any menswear designs that you don’t want anymore.  If so, email me at and there is a good chance I would happily buy them from you!


Since I am new to this vintage pattern collecting hobby, I figure it is probably best to put some parameters in place:

  1. I would prefer to buy menswear patterns in groups of 5 or more (it doesn’t have to be 5 of the same design or even the same company), this way it is more cost effective to pay for them to be shipped to me.
  2. The patterns should be uncut…but if you have a REALLY great design that has been cut to a common menswear size, I may still consider it so email me anyways!
  3. I hope to pay for groups of patterns as though they were ‘bulk’ or ‘wholesale’ so that I can offer them in our shop at a fair retail price for vintage patterns.  If you have a price in mind, don’t be shy to tell me!  If you have no idea what to charge, I am happy to make and offer (and give you examples of patterns on Ebay or elsewhere so that you know the price is fair).
  4. I will pay you for the patterns and the cost of shipping using Paypal.  Please use the cheapest shipping method!
  5. There are lots of reasons why I may say ‘no’ to your offer to sell your patterns.  Please don’t be offended if I do!  For instance, it might be too expensive for me to pay for the shipping from your location, or the design might not be something I think would suit the Thread Theory shop.


I will be setting up a section for Vintage Menswear Patterns in our shop once I have amassed a large enough collection for you to peruse (if I am, in fact, able to find enough patterns).  These vintage pattern listings will be ‘one-offs’ so I will just snap a quick picture and write a very quick description.  I plan to add new listings as soon as a pattern arrives on my doorstep!


What do you think of this idea?  Does the idea of a catalogue of vintage menswear patterns (all in one place) sound like a useful resource for you?  Have you worked with vintage menswear patterns before?  Do you find that the sizing differs as much as women’s vintage patterns or is it similar to modern day menswear sizing?

I look forward to seeing what we can find!

Thanks for your help 🙂

9 thoughts on “Call for Vintage Menswear Sewing Patterns!

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  3. Love those drawings! Cowboys and underwear models washing their faces!

  4. That is a really cool idea. I tagged Peter Lappin of the Blog Male Pattern Boldness on Instagram because he sews with a lot of vintage men’s patterns. Maybe he’ll have some thoughts or patterns for you. I can’t wait to see these in the shop. I hope it works out well!

  5. Interesting idea!

  6. Such a good idea Morgan! I don’t have any patterns like this but I will keep my eyes open. And I will see what my mom has. Vintage patterns are always so fascinating. I love the ones you shared pictures of; the leopard-print briefs and moustache look is quite something! Please tell me you’re going to make that one up for Matt. 😀

  7. You should have a conversation with Ron Collins about this! He’s coming to Victoria to do a workshop at Sawyers in March and at the Creative Festival at Pearkes Auditorium on March 10 & 11 🙂 I’m sure he’s got a bunch – if you speak with him beforehand he might bring some with him and you could just meet up with him here saving you some postage. Ron’s been sewing for years and years and I bet he’s no different than the rest of us …patterns that you thought were a great idea at the time but somehow just lost their sizzle for whatever reason as time went by 🙂 I don’t have his contact info but Sawyers in Victoria would…so might the organizers for the Creative Festival. I think this is such a great idea Morgan!

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