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50% off Sale Announcement (!!!) and a great gift idea



Stay home this weekend!  If you’re anything like us, you love cozying up with good food and a fire.  I certainly don’t relish the idea of racing out to the busy box stores for Black Friday sales!  Matt and I hope that you will enjoy the next few days at home with loved ones during the American Thanksgiving weekend so we’ve put all of our PDF patterns at half price!  50% off is the highest discount that we ever give.

The sale begins now and ends on Monday, Nov. 28th at 10pm (PST).  Start the weekend by printing off your new project in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the chance to stay cozied-up with your family and your sewing machine.



Aside from this sale announcement, today I have wanted to show you a new locally crafted item that I just added to the shop!  This beautiful screen-printed gift box and tool tray was created by Comox Valley woodworker, Scott Bertram (he is half of the dynamic duo behind my favourite local sewing business – The Spool Sewing Studio).


Some time ago, while my sewing friend, Nicole (who is Scott’s partner) and I were on a ferry ride to an indigo dying workshop on a nearby island, we dreamed up our ideal work station caddy.  We decided that we liked a simple container the best (no plastic compartments that don’t quite fit the tools, something easy to pick up and move around the work station, and something beautiful that can double as a gift box).  By the time we got home from our workshop, I was ready to place my order with her talented husband!


And this is the result, available to all in my shop!  If a fussy sewing basket is not really your style, this minimalist tray might be the perfect alternative for you.


Each tray is crafted from birch plywood which makes it nice and light (and reduces the shipping costs for you).  It has been designed to precisely fit our sewing patterns which makes it a lovely gift box to add to your sewing themed gift-giving plans.

Every order that includes one of these tool trays will be wrapped up as a beautiful gift (yay!  I love doing this as you will know if you follow me on Instagram).


Once the gift has been given (to yourself or to a sewing friend :P), the box can be used to hold your scissors, pins, tape measure and other essential sewing tools.



The screen print inside each box was designed by our graphic designer (and my sister in law), Sonia Bishop.  She modelled it after my beloved Merchant & Mills Tailor’s Shears.  Nicole printed it on the bottom of each box during construction.


The boxes have been given a traditional hand rubbed finish of Danish Oil which sinks in to the wood to create a soft gleam, protect the wood, and enhance the natural beauty of the grain.  It will not chip, crack or peel.


I hope you like our limited first edition!


If these fill a nice little niche in our shop, I would like to offer more one-off batches of tool boxes as I have a variety of useful containers in mind.  Also, Scott has all sorts of construction details he would like to add to the next set.  What notions or tools do you struggle to store tidily?  For instance, is your pattern stash a mess? I would really like an attractive bobbin storage solution.  I keep my filled bobbins on a magnetic strip adhered to the underside of a shelf but I would like to store my empty bobbins tucked away in a wooden tray or dish.  Maybe soon 🙂

Check out the screen printed wooden boxes in our shop. >

And shop our 50% off PDF pattern sale!

7 thoughts on “50% off Sale Announcement (!!!) and a great gift idea

  1. I second the bobbin storage! I too use a magnetic strip but sometimes it would be nice to have them a little more contained. And my poor pattern stash really does need some help as well. These boxes look so pretty!

  2. These are cool! Along these lines, I tend to store some of my tools in old wooden cheese boxes and my patterns in old wooden roast beef boxes. I don’t know if you have seen these at antique markets, but they are a good fit and those sizes might fit well if you expand your range. I would love to be able to buy more like the roast beef boxes for pattern storage. (Sorry I’m not including sizes–I’m not at a place where I can measure them at the moment.) I really like the scissors printed on yours as one more cool element of a beautiful design.

    • I just did a quick google of roast beef boxes…I wish I could find such beautiful old boxes for storage in my studio! I have two boxes of similar size in which I file my pattern collection but I must admit, I purchased them new from Target :P. I’m not sure we would easily be able to ship such a large box but I will certainly look in to it because I agree, they make for excellent pattern storage!

  3. What a great pattern sale! Again! I’m close to getting your entire collection at this point 🙂
    I just sewed up a Finlayson sweater and had a lot of fun making it! Review and photos up on my blog. Thanks for another great pattern!

    • What a lovely sweater (and blog post)! I’m so glad that you enjoyed making the Finlayson! It was interesting to hear about your successful shoulder adjustment. I often do something similar for Matt and have detailed it on our Fairfield Button-up sew-along ( Here’s to many more Finlaysons in the future! I plan to sew up a snuggly one in black sweatshirt fleece soon. Matt really needs some warmer sweaters.

      • Thank you! I think there’s another Finlayson around the corner. And I just got the Newcastle cardigan and would love to make that one soon, too.

        I also have a Camas blouse cut out for myself — fingers crossed I sew it up soon 🙂

        The forward shoulder adjustment is a must for both of us. Otherwise clothes made up in wovens pull to the back. The problem isn’t as bad in knits, but the seam still falls behind the top of the shoulder. I keep wondering how many people have this issue. Not that many sewists mention it when they talk about their adjustments, actually.

        I will definitely follow your fitting tips when I get to muslining Fairfield. I keep stalling on shirtmaking but I really should finally get into it. Thanks so much for the sewalongs and tutorials. And for the beautiful patterns, of course!

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