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Meet our Summer fabric collection!!!


Hemp and Cotton Shirting

Earlier this week I sent out a newsletter to introduce our mini summer collection of sustainable fabrics.  If you didn’t receive the newsletter, make sure to sign up here.  It is the best way to hear about new items in our shop the moment they are launched.

Men's shirt fabric

This Summer collection of fabric is comprised of breezy hemp and organic cotton yarn dyed fabrics that are ideal for casual summer button-up shirts (or dresses and skirts).  Many of you requested solid versions of the shirting that we launched alongside our Fairfield Button-up pattern.  Thank you for sending in your requests!  You now have four colors of solid fabric and two fabric weights to choose from.

They are going quickly already – the natural stripe and denim shirtings are just about sold out!

Summer Fabric Collection - menswear

We only ordered one roll of each fabric so they will be available for quite a limited time.  Once they sell out this season my studio shelves will be cleared for a mini Fall collection.  Any special requests for the Fall collection?  What menswear fabrics do you want to see in our shop?



4 thoughts on “Meet our Summer fabric collection!!!

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  2. I’m looking for high quality knits to make t-shirts for dance classes / light exercise, something that will hold through many washes (and sweat!), But not the professional “dry-fit” material. High quality knits arw the hardest to find…

  3. I totally agree with Marion. It’s so hard to find nice merino!

  4. I should not respond to this as I am deep in projects at the moment( maybe the foreseeable future.).That being said the one ” fall/ winter sewing for men fabric that would lure me to get out the plastic is a nice Merino knit.

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