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Heads-up: Shipping Woes


Canada Post

(TBT that awesome day in 2014 when we first launched our paper patterns!  We couldn’t have done it without the affordable shipping that Canada Post provides.)

In case you haven’t heard (very likely since most of you aren’t from Canada), our shipping provider, Canada Post, may not be operating for a while.  Without delving into too many of the political details, the essential info is that a lockout/strike has been threatened for this coming Monday.  This means that there may temporarily be no affordable option for us to ship your parcels from Vancouver Island (one of the more “affordable” options is $80 CAD to ship a single pattern to the UK…eeek!).

Before you, or, more accurately, Matt and I, panic, let’s be realistic:

  • A strike or lockout is not yet confirmed and may not happen at all (it has been threatened many times over the last couple of weeks and then subsequently delayed so that negotiations could continue).
  • You can still access all of our patterns as PDF instant downloads so your sewing projects won’t be delayed!
  • If a strike does occur Monday or later in the month, it will hopefully be quite brief.  This means you can either wait to order your sewing supplies until after the strike or you can place your order when you are ready and I will ship it as soon as the strike is over.

Anyways, I wanted to provide this information for you so that it would not be a complete shock if the strike actually occurs and I post a banner and pop up in our store announcing the inability to ship.  Now you have the back story!

If I don’t make any announcements Monday, please assume that shipping is operating as per normal!  Also, if Canada Post is still operational Monday I will be launching a set of summer items that I have been eagerly waiting to add to the shop.  Monday is as long as I can wait since I really want you to be able to use them in your summer sewing plans!

Thanks for your understanding!  Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Heads-up: Shipping Woes

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I am hoping for you and all my fellow Canadian business owners that this strike is non-existent or as brief as possible. Good job staying calm!

  2. Just to clarify , Canada Post and it’s largest union are currently in contract negotiations . Canada Post invoked a 72 hour notice to “lock out “their 50,000+ of their employees legally effective July 2, 2016. Canada Post has extended this deadline over the past week and is now threatening action at midnight July 11, 2016. CUPW the union representing the employees have not invoked a 72 hour intent to “strike”. Their position is to negotiate while continuing to deliver the mail. Living in an area without access to much of what I want, I appreciate being able to order from companies such as yours. (I love the care you take in wrapping each order). This is maybe a minor point when the real concern is the uncertainty and ( maybe) a shutdown but all the more reason to let Canada Post know we want mail moving.

    • Hi Marion,
      Thanks for providing the details! I wanted to avoid delving in to the politics since most readers will likely only be interested on any shipping delays for their orders but it is excellent to have the accurate information provided in your comment for those who would like to know more!

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