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Happy Father’s Day!


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I hope your Father’s Day has been filled with loving Father/Daughter or Father/Son bonding time.

Father's Day Gift Sewing

Matt and his Dad sported matching Fairfield Button-ups today – Matt wore the plaid flannel one (his favorite) and Rick wore a gorgeous white linen Fairfield that Matt’s mom just finished sewing!  Rick will be wearing it to Matt’s brother’s wedding this July.  She sewed a band collar and added buttons to the sleeve plackets.  It’s the perfect cross between dressed-up and summer casual (to suit the tone of the wedding).    He’s holding the plane Matt gave him today (cute!).

Father's Day Gift Sewing-3

Happy Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. That white linen shirt is amazing! I like how she tweaked it. Wow, Matt’s mom is good at sewing. 🙂

  2. Eek, I *love* Thread Theory – to the point where I save your blog for a treat, and then miss awesome sales! Do you do a newsletter by any chance? Also, that blue ikat shirt you made for Matt is amazing.

    • That’s so nice to know that you save my blog posts 😀 Yes, we do a newsletter! You can sign up at the bottom of our website home page: It should be the perfect solution for you because we very rarely send out newsletters – only when there is a big sale or there are new patterns or products in the shop! I love the ikat shirt too 🙂 It was fun working with such a rich color and large scale print (neither of which I do often).

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