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Welcome to the new era of menswear sewing. Go ahead and create something exceptional!

Free collar download!

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The first of our free downloads to accompany the Fairfield Button-up Shirt pattern is available in our shop today!

The Alternate Collars add on will allow you to add a band or widespread collar with collar stays to the Fairfield Button-up.

When you download this collar pack from our website you will receive the pattern pieces to print at home and the instructions necessary to add the collars to the Fairfield Shirt.

The pattern pieces and instructions allow you to create:

Sartorialist - band collar.jpg

Image Credit: The Sartorialist, July 18th 2013. Photo by Garance Dore.

A Band Collar

This is an old fashioned style that stems from when it was common to wear detachable collars (and sometimes simply leave the collar off).  In the last couple of years the band collar (or Mao collar, or Grandad collar) has had a resurgance in popularity.  It is essentially a collar stand with no collar attached.  It is simple to construct and no additional pattern pieces are necessary.  Instructions are included within the download to explain how to use your collar stand pattern pieces to make this style.

Band Collar inspiration.jpg

Source: 1. Articles of Style 2.Still Winter 3. Burton Menswear

I will be sewing a band collar shirt using our buffalo check shirting for my dad during our sew-along!


Image Credit: Eton Shirts – on Cutaway and Spread Collars

A Wide Spread Collar

This collar style is a classic style that most men have in their wardrobes.  It is flattering with wider ties and does a great job adding the illusion of width to narrow faces.  The download includes the pattern pieces and instructions for a wide spread collar complete with collar stays.  You can skip the collar stays if you are going for a less formal look!

Spread Collar Inspiration

Source: 1. Proper Cloth 2. D’Marge 3. The Suits of James Bond

I will be making a wide spread collar during the sew-along to add to the shirt Matt is wearing as best man at his brother’s wedding this summer.

Head here to download the free collar variations!

Our sew-along begins this Monday, May 16th.  The first post will include the sew-along schedule and all of the information you need to gather fabric and notions before we begin to measure, cut and sew!

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