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Pattern Release on Monday!


Fairfield Button Up Shirt (27)

Big news:  The Fairfield Button-up Shirt PDF pattern will be released to the world this Monday, May 2nd!

Along with this new pattern there will be a comprehensive selection of shirt making tools, fabrics and notions added to our shop.  All of the resources necessary for your shirt making endeavors will be at your fingertips!

Fairfield Button Up Shirt (28)

The Fairfield Button-Up PDF will be 20% off for newsletter subscribers next week!  In case you are curious, the newsletter subscription isn’t the same thing as subscribing to our blog.  We only send out the occasional newsletter to let you know about new patterns, products or sale prices. Subscribe now to make sure the discount arrives in your inbox on launch day!

4 thoughts on “Pattern Release on Monday!

  1. What about the paper pattern?

    • It will be released once the PDF has raised enough funds to print the pattern. We have done this with our last few patterns and it has worked well. 🙂 We always offer a discount that allows people to receive the PDF for free if they later buy the paper pattern. I will explain how this works in Mondays pattern launch blog post and newsletter!

  2. Yes!!! I can’t wait.

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to the new pattern!

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