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Merry Christmas – Free Holiday Card Download



Merry Christmas everyone!  As a small holiday gesture from Thread Theory, we’ve added a new free download to our shop – printable postcards!  Rather than send out a Christmas card full of thank yous and good wishes to every single one of you, Sonia (our graphic designer) and I decided to create some postcards so that you can print them out at home and send them to loved ones yourself!


To download them, head here, add them to your cart and proceed to your checkout as if you were making a purchase.  After entering your contact info you will be given a link to download your card and an email will be sent to you with the same link for future use.

Print off your postcard using the heaviest cardstock you can find, fancy colored paper or, even better, nice glossy photo paper.  The image is black and white so that you don’t need a color printer to use these cards.  You can print it double sided to have writing and address divisions on the back if you like:

I hope that these cards will accompany your handmade and creative gifts this year!  They will be available in the ‘Gift’ section of our site permanently so you can use them in the future too.


Have a Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays!  See you in the New Year!

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – Free Holiday Card Download

  1. Thankyou – these will make great cards to attach to my sewing friends birthday gifts this year. We gift each other 30cm of quilting fabric to our chosen theme and with 11 of us in the group we each get 3 metres of our fabric to make something special. It has been a tradition for quite a few years now and I usually look for something appropriately themed to attach to each gift so this is perfect. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in sharing with your Thread Theory followers.

  2. they are really lovely – i adore the let it sew and will be popping it on the wall in my workroom………………..have a very happy christmas

  3. Thank you for creating these fantastic cards, and for sending the sentiments attached to them. If I print out the top one and scan it to create a machine embroidery design am I breaking any copyrights?

    • Please go ahead and use the design for whatever you like! If you end up making it into a machine embroidery design and have a chance to take a photo I would be thrilled to see it 🙂 Happy holidays!

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