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Holiday Announcement

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Gifts for Sewers-23

The last day to order tissue patterns, tools, fabrics and kits from us so that they will arrive in time for Christmas is today!  Matt has stayed home from work today to help me pack all of your parcels and we will make sure they get to the post office before the end of the business day.

Now that Christmas is only two weeks away (yay!) it is time for me to announce that I will be on holiday from December 23rd until January 4th.  Any shippable orders placed in our shop during that time will be shipped when I turn my computer back on the first Monday of 2016.

I will keep an occasional eye on the email inbox to make sure that any of your questions or concerns are answered in a timely manner but will otherwise be taking a break from the office in order to spend time baking Christmas goodies, taking on the hosting duties for Christmas dinner (for the very first time!), and spending some time up our local mountain to snow shoe, toboggan and ski!


Matt and I have invited my family over to join us around the fire tonight as we set up our Christmas Tree so I am full of the Christmas spirit today!  With that in mind, here is a small round up of Christmas-related blog posts that I have written in the past:

Gift Guide Photos

One thought on “Holiday Announcement

  1. I just bought my first pattern of yours from the Make House here in Victoria and I’m looking forward to making this blouse!

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