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The Thread Theory Studio Tour


Thread Theory Studio-23

We moved into our new house/studio in July – I’ve been waiting for the elusive perfect day to photograph the studio to show it to you!  In my imagination I had decorated my sewing room, vacuumed recently and had replaced all of our storage bins (read: shoeboxes) with whimsical rustic barn-wood crates.  Thread Theory Studio-21The other day a sewing friend came to check out all of the new Menswear Supply Shop inventory and exclaimed at how beautiful everything looked.  At first I thought to myself, “How can it look beautiful, I haven’t even started decorating?!” After a pause though I could suddenly see the studio through a visitor’s eyes.  Thread Theory Studio-29 The tools, fabrics, books, and kits have done the decorating for me!  So, without further ado, and without further tidying, let me show you exactly how the Thread Theory premises look on a Friday morning in early November…Thread Theory Studio-20

All of our inventory (aside from the large majority of our patterns) are displayed on shelves in my office hallway.  The office is a cozy nook over-top of the home’s garage which is attached to the main house by a long hallway.  The hallway is conveniently lined with bookcases on both sides which I have cleared of the home owner’s books and filled with Thread Theory products instead!  We’re house sitting for the foreseeable future so I will definitely need to get some bookshelves like these when we move in to our own home.Thread Theory Studio-24

The shallow shelving keeps everything tidy.  The Merchant & Mills tools look especially nice displayed in the open like this – it would be a shame to box them up and put them away because I love to look at them every time that I walk by!Thread Theory Studio-26Thread Theory Studio-25 Thread Theory Studio-28

I will need to get some more baskets and crates to house our tailoring supplies since they are prone to flopping about:Thread Theory Studio-30
Thread Theory Studio-31Thread Theory Studio-40

The yarns and knitting books are on the opposite side of the hallway from all of the sewing and tailoring items.  I’ve kept all of the yarns in their cellophane bags to prevent them from getting dusty.Thread Theory Studio-17

My packing station features our coasters (a complimentary coaster goes into every envelope and box that we ship out), behind which sit our stamps and beside which sit our tape dispensers.Thread Theory Studio-37

At the end of the hallway the room opens up into a cozy attic-style office.  The lighting is always a soft and peaceful green tone due to the holly tree outside my window.  I find this private space to be very relaxing and quiet compared to the rest of the open concept house.  My cat, Jazzy does too – she spends the bulk of her time up here with me (hence the scratching post in the foreground on the left):Thread Theory Studio-45

We store all of the fabric bolts and rolls downstairs in my sewing room (which suddenly feels decidedly small after all of the shelving was added!).
Thread Theory Studio

In the photo below I am standing beside the fabric storage racks while I take the picture – they are on the left hand side beside my ironing table.Thread Theory Studio-5

I will likely be re-configuring my sewing room shortly because Matt and I do our website photography in this room.  We set up a canvas backdrop over my ironing table.  It runs down the wall and over the table to create a backdrop with no horizon line.  The tripod for the camera and all of the flash equipment takes up the main studio floor space so I plan to move my industrial sewing machine into a corner so I can still sew while photography equipment is set up.Thread Theory Studio-7

Right now my industrial machine is in my preferred position – against a window so that I can look outside at my veggie garden while I sew!  My Tailors Shears, Brass Thimble and wooden magnetic needle minder are always on the windowsill beside me so that they are ready to use:Thread Theory Studio-8

This is the current state of my inspiration board:
Thread Theory Studio-2

And a pretty built in unit has become an ‘inspiration shelf’ right beside my board:Thread Theory Studio-3

To finish up the studio tour, here are a couple of projects that I have in the works!Thread Theory Studio-6

I’m currently sewing the Seamwork Magazine Denali Vest for my dad.  I’m REALLY pleased with how it is turning out!  I’m using ripstop fabric for the shell, llama fur insulation (from this company) and plaid stretch cotton lining.  I will do a whole blog post about this vest once it is done!

I’m also thinking of starting my first knitted sweater project (if my sister-in-law has time to help me out *hint hint*…thanks Sonia!).Thread Theory Studio-51

I really love this design from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits book:Thread Theory Studio-47Thread Theory Studio-49

I’m hoping to use Classic (a nice blue) colored Maxi Wool if my sister-in law thinks this is a good pick for the sweater!Thread Theory Studio-53


I hope you enjoyed this peak into my work space!  Now I better get back to enjoying it 😛

3 thoughts on “The Thread Theory Studio Tour

  1. Thank you for letting me into your business space and touring me around. I enjoyed seeing everything. I myself am currently setting up a small dedicated sewing area, emphasis on small….and seeing your area has been inspirational for me…thank you for your work

  2. It all looks so cosy and organized, I just want to move in! 🙂

  3. These two( well three) spaces are spot on! I agree that when a room is filled with beautiful supplies and tools that is all the ” decorating ” needed with mabe some special items. It is a luxury to be able to easily access what you need and ( mostly ) encourages things being returned to their home. Your studio(s) look inviting and uncluttered, perfect to create in. Enjoy!

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