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#makemenswear winner!


It’s November 1st which means that our Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop is up and running – and it also means that today I get to select the winner of our #makemenswear giveaway!  Thank you for the hundreds of entries we received on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (I only sorted through these forms of social media but thank you, also, to people who have been using the hashtag on other forms!).  I used a random number generator to select the winner.  Drum roll please!

Congratulations to wouter.vdub on Instagram!


I’ve commented on his post and look forward to hearing back from him soon!  He has been given the choice between a physical prize package worth $100 CAD full of goodies from our new shop or a $100 CAD gift card to the shop so he can select his own prize.

I hope that people will continue to use #makemenswear – I have REALLY been enjoying the huge variety of project styles that have been added to this collection.  In case you are curious, it would seem that Instagram is by far the most successful platform for this hashtag (there are currently 268 posts on Instagram while there are only 15 posts on Twitter and 18 on Facebook – and most of the Facebook ones have been posted by me).  So, you don’t already use Instagram and wish to be part of a vibrant worldwide menswear making community, it would seem that Instagram is the place to go!

Here are a few inspiring #makemenswear entries to close off this post and to get you in a menswear-making mood this Sunday.


3 thoughts on “#makemenswear winner!

  1. I just found your blog today, seems very interesting but none of the photos are visible. I use a Mac. Any ideas?

    • Thanks for letting me know – that’s very strange! This particular post that you’ve commented on happens to include embedded Instagram photos – they show up as Instagram images complete with the Instagram user’s name and description when I view the blog post but I wonder if they don’t show up on Macs in this manner? Have you tried viewing other blog posts? I’d be very curious to know if you are able to see normal photos (as opposed to embedded Instagram ones). I hope we can fix this problem for you!

  2. It’s amazing to see so many pieces of menswear. Such talent!

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