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The #makemenswear Giveaway


makemenswear hashtag - Thread Theory Designs

Help me to create a hashtag for DIY menswear!

Every time I post photos to Instagram and add hashtags I find myself wishing there was a general hashtag that I could use and peruse that featured everything to do with making menswear.  There are a number of specific hashtags that provide me with a constant source of inspiration (#menwhoknit #menwhosew or your amazing projects that you’ve tagged #threadtheorydesigns) but I have been unable to find a general category featuring DIY men’s garments.

So let’s make one!  From this point onwards I will be using #makemenswear as my go to hashtag when using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Will you do the same?

makemenswear contest  - Thread Theory Designs

If you use #makemenswear between now and Nov. 1st you will be entered in a draw to win a secret DIY menswear prize package (valued at $100 CAD!!!).

Why is the prize secret?  Matt and I are working on a very exciting project that will be released on Nov. 1st – your prize pack will be created using the contents of this secret project!  Over the next two weeks we will be releasing hints and sneak peaks about our secret project and the prize contents…and of course we will be tagging these sneak peeks with #makemenswear!

I imagine #makemenswear will become an inclusive way to be inspired by menswear projects of all types.  I hope to see:

  • Menswear sewing projects
  • Elaborate tailoring projects
  • Lovingly knitted sweaters
  • Rugged leatherwork
  • Needlework patches
  • Screen printing designs
  • Garment mending and dying
  • Shoe-making projects
  • Waterproofing endeavors
  • Gear-making projects (backpacks, camping gear, laptop bags, camera cases…anything intended for use by a man)
  • Menswear fashion inspiration (exhibits, ready-to-wear, books and films)
  • Lots of WIP shots
  • Tips on sourcing menswear making materials (posted by shops and makers)
  • Whatever else you might be making or inspired by as long as it is related to menswear!

I hope this hashtag will not be brand specific or focus predominantly on one area of the making community (I don’t intend for it to be mainly Thread Theory projects, mainly sewing, or mainly knitting for instance).  It would be so amazing to search #makemenswear to get access to everything from places to source selvedge denim to natural dying recipes!

Photoshoot for makemenswear giveaway - Thread Theory Designs

There is currently only 1 post on Instagram featuring #makemenswear and it is a photo that I took two days ago as a hint about the big project that we’ve been working on.  I hope you will help me to fill this hashtag over the next two weeks!

Here are some specifics about the giveaway:

The prize is a physical package of menswear making goodies worth $100 CAD.  We will ship the prize worldwide for free.  The winner will be selected at random.  Entries will be compiled from all photos using the #makemenswear on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  You are welcome to enter more than once – every photo that you use #makemenswear on will count as another entry!  The same photo posted on multiple social media platforms will count as multiple entries.  The contest will close at 5pm PST on Nov. 1st 2015.  The winner will be contacted using any contact information featured on the social media platform that their photo was posted on – make sure your contact info is up to date and that you check your social media pages on Nov. 1st!

I hope you join me in my #makemenswear mission!

11 thoughts on “The #makemenswear Giveaway

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  4. Great idea. I’ve added the tag to a blog post I did today about a waistcoat/vest I made my husband. I’m not sure if that counts or not (I’m not on instagram) but I don’t really care (although I wouldn’t say no to goodies!). But after you’ve released a mans shirt with a proper collar (hint hint), could you put a waistcoat suitable for a hipster next on your to do list please, because I’m struggling to draft the extra bits he wants from the patterns available to me. Ta muchly! R

  5. Great idea! I have a mens project in the pipeline… just need to get it to the top of the queue!

  6. Great idea! And I really hope your next project is knitting patterns!!

  7. Yay, that’s a great new tag, and I will definitively use it in the (near) future. And by the way, I’ve already re-tagged all my old IG pictures (zephine_malvimavie) related to my men’s projects. You’ll find final pics and wip of polos, a Finlayson sweater, and what I’m most proud of, my #titanproject: a jacket!
    I didn’t re-tagged all my picture only for the giveaway (although I would love to win it!), but because I’m highly enthousiast about sharing and spreading the men’s diy vibe!
    And as I have a man’s shirt on my to do list, I’ll soon have the opportunity to tag more and more pics!

  8. Cool idea!! Looks like I could make good use of that prize package… Can I add the hashtag in the comments of old photos posted to instagram? rather than re-posting old projects?

  9. What a great idea! My hubby and son are well and truly neglected in the sewing stakes – this might be what I need to spur me on to make them something!

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