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A Magazine About Menswear Sewing


Seamwork Menswear IssueIf you enjoy reading about menswear sewing you will probably already realize that menswear themed articles and books are few and far between.  Yesterday, Seamwork Magazine took one big step towards changing this by releasing an entire issue devoted to menswear sewing!  Seamwork Magazine is an online monthly publication created by the team behind Colette Patterns.  It features two sewing patterns per month and a huge array of interesting articles.  The entire content of the magazine is free to read and a subscription of $6 per month will give you credits to download two patterns from the magazine’s pattern database.

Seamwork Menswear Patterns

The Menswear Issue includes two patterns as per usual – this time modeled by both men and women.  The patterns include a raglan sweatshirt (which is a basic design that was REALLY missing from the list of available menswear patterns.  I’m glad that hole has been filled at last!) and a cozy quilted vest.  I think Seamwork styled these pieces on both the male and female models very successfully.  The unisex concept sometimes makes me a little nervous since the emphasis is usually placed on suiting the female form while the garment only just passes as menswear.  This isn’t the case with the Seamwork patterns – they are basic menswear staples!

Seamwork Menswear Bespoke

Patterns aside, the articles in this issue are what I especially would like to talk about!  I wrote one :).  You will find my article under the heading “Bespoke Tailoring on Savile Row.”  In it I discuss the history of the tailored suit, the relevance of Savile Row at the heart of the tailoring tradition, and the process you might expect to experience if you were to order a tailored suit.  While completing my university degree I majored in history and wrote many essays on the relevance of fashion and sewing throughout various historical periods…writing this article reminded me of how much I used to enjoy the research process!

There are a many other articles within this issue that are essay-style and an excellent read – check out “Male Sewist” and “Dedicated Follower of Fashion.”  Plus, there are a number of tutorial based articles, including one that I will be using as a reference in the future and I bet you will be too: “Common Pattern Adjustments for Men.”  Learn about balancing a shoulder seam and adjusting a for a full abdomen (plus other alterations).


If you are constantly frustrated by the lack of easily accessible menswear sewing resources out there, make sure to comment on the Colette blog to thank the Seamwork Team for all of their hard work in creating this menswear resource.  We want them to know that the menswear focus is well worth their while (that way they will be more likely to devote their focus to menswear again in the future!).

3 thoughts on “A Magazine About Menswear Sewing

  1. Thank you very much for this post…I am always in search of info concerning menswear sewing and tailoring. I look forward to reading your article and the Seamwork articles…I am excited…

  2. Enjoyed your article! I had not got around to checking out Seamwork I found the articles interesting.

  3. I just finished reading your article in Seamwork and it was great! Now I have to read the rest!

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