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Strathcona T-shirt Sew-Along


Strathcona Tshirt Sew Along Thread Theory

While we have quite a few sew-alongs and tutorials on our website, there are a few big gaping holes which really need to be filled!  One such hole is a sew-along for the t-shirt version of our Strathcona Henley and T-shirt pattern.  Currently, the only tutorial on our site specifically suited to the Strath is my tutorial on sewing the Henley button placket – extremely useful if you plan on sewing the Henley variation but not so helpful if you are sewing the T-shirt!

In preparation for the sew-along, the Strathcona T-shirt and Henley pattern is currently 25% off!  The tissue pattern is currently only $15.00 while the PDF pattern is only $8.25.  The sale will run until the sew along is over on September 23rd.


Here are the aspects I will cover in this sew along – you will notice it will only take three blog posts to complete (it really is that simple to sew a t-shirt):

Blog Post #1 on Sept 16th

  1. Choosing manly t-shirt knits

Blog Post #2 on September 18th

  1. Choosing a stitch style
  2. Cutting out your fabric

Blog Post #3 on September 21st

  1. Sewing the shoulders
  2. Sewing the neckline
  3. Sewing the sleeves and side seams
  4. Sewing the hems



I hope you will sew along with me!  Please don’t feel rushed to find fabric in time – you are welcome to start sewing whenever you are ready.  Any comments and questions added to these sew along posts will be answered by me indefinitely!  Please use #strathtee to share your sewing process and finished tees!


9 thoughts on “Strathcona T-shirt Sew-Along

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  5. Just wanted to check…is the link to the blog post from yesterday not working? Thanks!

    • Thank for pointing that out! I had scheduled the post for Wednesday (today) on my calendar and for Monday on the Sew-Along announcement. Woops! The blog post is launched now though – I hope you find it to be helpful!

  6. Haha, you can share them if you want, I haven’t seen them so I don’t know if I’d be embarrassed 😉 I’ll send you some pictures of the finished product on my model as soon as I take some. It’s so much fun!!

  7. Yay! I used parts of the Finlayson sweater sew-along to make my first Strathcona T-shirt, I just couldn’t figure out the shoulder reinforcement and how to sew on the neck binding, hehe. Looking especially forward to choosing manly t-shirt knits!

    • Sonia showed me the photos of you and your partially finished Strath 😀 They were so funny! I wish I could share them on Instagram or the blog but I’m guessing you’d be embarrassed :P. What do you think? Congrats on all of your sewing success recently! I’m so impressed how quickly you’ve learned!!!

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