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Spring Wardrobe – End Result!


Spring Wardrobe - dresses and skirtsSpring Wardrobe 2015

Spring Wardrobe - pants, underwear, shirts

With the first day of summer (and my birthday!) arriving on Sunday, now is the time for me to wrap up my spring wardrobe project.  I first posted about my spring sewing plans on January 1st when I was dreaming of warmer weather.  I included some patterns I hoped to sew and a couple of different color themes that I planned to choose from:

Mood boards

I ended up sticking with the blue and off-white color scheme and added in black and grey as neutral colors.  I’m glad I used this color scheme rather than the green and pink one I had been considering because until I sewed up these garments my closet contained only earthy browns and olive greens.  It feels much fresher and brighter now with bold blues and clean blacks smattered here and there!

I didn’t get all of my sewing plans finished this spring but I came pretty close.  Here were the key pieces I hoped to create for this wardrobe along with which patterns and fabrics I ended up using for them:

Two blouses: Complete

Two sweaters: Halfway done

  • The Coppelia Cardigan: Sewn in an off-white linen knit (so dreamy to wear!!!) using Variation 1 which is a wrap sweater.  Fabric sourced locally.  Blogged with my Ginger Jeans here!
  • The Coppelia Cardigan: I also sewed version two in a beautiful forest green wool knit but it ended up not fitting me very nicely and all my adjustments to try to fix this sadly led to a sweater that is considerably too small.  I’ll have to try again!

Two to three basic tops: Incomplete

  • The Nettie Bodysuit: Despite the fact that basic tops are what I most lack in my wardrobe, I never got around to making a few Netties because I haven’t found the perfect fabric yet.  I would like something with a bit of body that won’t stretch out throughout the day.  I have my eye on a really interesting compression fabric from the fabric wholesaler that we get our Comox Trunk kit fabric and Bag Making Supplies kit canvas from.  I’ll be working on these tops fairly soon!

Two trousers: Complete (but not fully photographed)

  • The Ginger Jeans:  Sewn in a thick and soft black denim that I purchased during a winter trip to Vancouver.  These have been a big success and I have plans to make a second pair soon.  Blogged here!
  • The Lazo Trousers:  I’ve sewn a couple samples of our upcoming Lazo Trousers pattern but all our photographs of them are featuring our model rather than me.  I’ll probably blog about these when the pattern is finally ready to release :).

Two skirts (one dressy and one casual): Complete

  • The Cascade Skirt: Sewn in a rich purple faux suede with a brass button.  Fabric sourced locally.  I wore this occasionally in late winter and early spring but it is quite fancy (and warm) so I’ll be bringing it back out in the Fall.  Blogged here!
  • The Brumby Skirt: I had originally planned to sew a second Cascade Skirt in a more casual fabric but then Megan Nielsen switched up my plans by releasing her Brumby Skirt pattern.  I’m glad I ended up sewing this skirt since the wide, shaped waistband is incredibly comfortable I love the pockets and top stitching!  Tencel Denim from Blackbird Fabrics.  Scroll down for more photos of this!

Two bras and six underwear: Complete

  • The Watson Set: Sewn using kits from Blackbird Fabrics (there are new kits in the shop today!!!).  I went a bit nuts in January and February sewing loads of bras and underwear.  I’ve shown my favorite ones in the collage above.  Blogged here!

Two sundresses: Complete

Scroll down for more photos of these!

  • The Kim Dress: Sewn using a limited edition floral print from By Hand London.  The stiff cotton paired with the full skirt and pin tucks really makes this into the perfect sundress for wandering through meadows of wild flowers…I just needed a big straw hat to complete the picture!  I love the shaping of the bodice on this pattern.  The straps are set quite far apart and so they fit my wide shoulders far more nicely than most sleeveless dress patterns do.  I look forward to sewing up the second variation of this pattern (with a slim petal-like skirt) this winter…maybe in velvet?
  • The “Have it your way” Dress: This is a dress from Lauren Guthrie’s book (Learn to Sew with Lauren) but I found this pattern in the first issue of Simply Sewing and it was called “Two Ways Dress” within this magazine.  This style, with its high neckline and peter pan collar, is something I have never worn before.  I have always admired this look (it seems very sophisticated and French to me) but was nervous it would make me look like a toddler with a round face!  In the end, I really love it and am not sure why I’ve avoided high necklines for so long.  I was able to skip the back zipper completely since the dress has quite a loose fit at the waist.  Next time (there will be a next time!) I will be cutting the back skirt and bodice on the fold to eliminate the center back seam.  This dress was sewn in a very soft rayon from Blackbird Fabrics.


Matt did a really nice photoshoot of my latest unblogged outfits on Wednesday.  We were walking Luki at a park called “Wildwood Forest” that was completely filled with beautiful tall grasses and daisies.  It made an excellent backdrop and Luki enjoyed exploring while we ignored him for half an hour :P.  It was a quiet enough location that changing into new outfits wasn’t too nerve wracking!

ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-8-2 ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-7-2ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-6-2 ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-4-2ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-11-2ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-2ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-5 ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-12-2ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-19ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-11ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-18ThreadTheorySpringWardrobe-17

Well…I must say, that feels pretty satisfying to have most of my personal sewing projects from the last 6 months gathered into one place to examine!  It hasn’t really felt like I’ve been doing much sewing lately since I’ve been so focused on computer work for Thread Theory, on packing boxes for moving (in one week!) and on gardening.  Here is an example of how going slow and steady can pretty much winn the race (or at least mostly complete the race).  A few of these projects haven’t had much wear throughout the Spring seeing as I only finished them a week or two ago but at least they were completed while it is still technically Spring.  I never had more than one personal project on my sewing table at a time and sometimes went up to half a month without working on my wardrobe items.  I like this style of sewing – there was no rushing or stress involved and I got to enjoy some new items in my closet as the weather warmed up.  Now I’ll have a complete capsule wardrobe waiting for me next Spring (though, reality is, in our temperate climate I will be wearing these garments most of the year!).

Now it is time to welcome the Summer – it is going to be a long and wonderful one!

22 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe – End Result!

  1. Love love love! This is so inspiring for me – and I absolutely adore that have it your way dress, the style and fabric are gorgeous 😀

  2. I really ADORE your spring wardrobe! All these makes are wonderful and so inspiring! I loved seeing all of them gathered and this really gave me inspiration to keep going with my summer wardrobe!

  3. Colors and patterns ; your wardrobe is what I could have sewn for me ! What a gorgeous Kim of yours ! And I’m completely fond of your Watson bras and can’t wait to try lingerie for sure. I’ll try Florence bra of Seamwork mag instead though
    I’m also fond of planning a wardrobe but I also let my plans change – it makes me feel secure and whenever I’m down, I just check my wardrobe that I’ve planned and it makes me want to sew again.
    Congrats !

  4. Bravo Morgan. They look amazing on you and suit you which makes the enjoyment of designing your wardrobe and sewing it so worth while. You are a talented lady! but that isn’t surprising.

  5. Wow! What an amazing job you’ve done! And that photoshoot is just idyllic! I especially love the have it your way dress and THAT fabric! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Lovely collection! And beautiful photoshoot. You should be very pleased with yourself!

  7. All your outfits look amazing on you, and what a wonderful photo shoot!

  8. They are all just lovely pieces, it’s great that you planned out these ideas, set yourself the challenge and at the end you have a beautiful collection of pieces you love. I’m a fan of the slow and steady race. I especially like the sundresses you made, and the prints you used. I think the brumby skirt looks so cute and it’s tempting for me to make one up too, those pockets are brilliant!

  9. Everything you made is lovely! (and kuddos to the Mister on the photography, too!) I’ve stuck with a colour palette for the last few years, and it’s made such a difference in how much I love my wardrobe! Any thoughts on what colour(s) you might add for fall?

  10. Love the wardrobe! I really thought I’d skip out on the Brumby skirt, but I keep loving every version I see. I think the shaped waistband is selling me, not to mention those amazing pockets! Good luck with the upcoming move!

  11. Wow! Well done on your spring wardrobe, it all looks gorgeous! I just love your Camas blouses, and your Brumby skirt, I’m so tempted by both those patterns. Such lovely photos too, what a location!

    • Thanks! I have a few more Camas Blouses planned for fall – I have one cut out with a quilted contrast that I never got around to sewing before it became warm. I love how the Camas can be made to suit any season :). I think the Brumby could suit all seasons with the right fabric choice (and the addition of leggings) too!

  12. So inspiring to see this, and everything looks wonderful on you.

  13. Great collection of pieces and outfits!
    You’re probably very happy when you open your closet in the morning!

    • I think the next step on the way to making me happy with my closet will be to go through my closet and put away things that don’t match the wardrobe I’ve picked for the season. I don’t have enough clothes that I could safely get rid of much from my closet but I find it makes me happier to have a color theme going on so maybe I’ll just put away the items that don’t suit that theme. Then, when I’m sick of those colors I can move on to picking the next theme!

  14. What a wonderful wardrobe! I love every piece in it. you’ll be so comfy and well dressed this summer.

  15. Everything is gorgeous! I haven’t done much sewing for myself lately and I miss it. You’ve inspired me! I especially love your version of the Brumby skirt – I see one of those in my near future. Lovely pictures, as always!

  16. These are gorgeous! I love your wardrobe! I think I need to sit down and do this myself in a couple of months. The brumby skirt! I didn’t really consider it even seeing some bloggers blogging about it. I think it’s nice, but the gathers deter me from the pattern. After seeing your brumby, it makes me want to buy this pattern! I love how light yours looks! I love your Kim dress, but what grabbed my eye was the have it your way dress. It’s so pretty!

    • Thanks! You should try planning a wardrobe – it was a lot of fun! Having an initial color scheme and a few patterns/garment types picked out really helped me end up with something cohesive. I didn’t overthink it too much though and let my plans change as time progressed so as not to feel like sewing was a chore (that’s the worst lol).

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