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Happy Friday!  The weather looks as though it will be gorgeous all weekend so Matt and I have plans to head out camping tomorrow at the local lake – bring on a weekend of sunshine, campfires and hiking!  Before all of that occurs, I have a busy day of computer related work ahead of me so, to get me into the swing of things this morning I thought it might be a good opportunity to point out a few features on our website that you might not have noticed while browsing through the patterns.  Matt and I are always brainstorming ways to make our website easier to use and more informative while still maintaining the minimalism that we adore.  So if you have been wishing for any additional information while using out site, we would love to hear from you!


Shipping Information

This is the sneakiest feature that might have slipped by you – a few months ago we added a link at the very bottom left hand corner of our home page to a description of the shipping options we offer.  We refer to this whenever we get email questions about our shipping methods but it might be a useful thing for you to read too before you place your next order!  We ship our patterns through Canada Post and have a very volatile love-hate relationship with them.  We love that we are part of a country that provides such a thorough and affordable service to it’s citizens despite the large size and sparse population of our land mass…but we really dislike how complicated and on first glance, illogical, the Canada Post rate calculation system is.  The simplest way I can explain this system to anyone living outside of Canada is that you will likely be charged a more affordable shipping rate the heavier your parcel is…unless of course, your parcel falls into one of the ‘special deal’ categories that Canada Post has created (which are based off of any combination of weight, location, and size).  Have I made things clearer?  Nope?  Well maybe our Shipping Information page will help!


Stockist List

We have been compiling a list of retailers who carry our patterns worldwide ever since we started selling them wholesale.  If you would like to support a local fabric shop (and avoid waiting for your paper pattern to ship to you), be sure to check out our Stockist List.  We have organized the retailers alphabetically under their country heading.  We include their shop name, whether they are primarily online or brick and mortar and their catch phrase.  If you have noticed that your favorite local fabric shop is decidedly lacking in the menswear sewing pattern department, we would love for you to let us know!  Send us an email (at and, if the shop you recommend ends up stocking our patterns, you will find a free pattern of your choice headed your way :).


Customer Newsletter

There is a newsletter sign up form at the bottom of our home page – you may not realize that this customer newsletter is different than the blog that you are (likely) already following.  We send out a newsletter several times a year with information on pattern releases and sales.  While the blog features my personal ramblings and sewing projects, the newsletter is solely a channel for Thread Theory news.  This might be a good thing to sign up for if you are the kind of blog follower who is completely overwhelmed by their blog feed!  Instead of missing pattern release days due to the impossibility of keeping up with the huge number of blogs that you follow, you can also receive the most relevant Thread Theory info direct to your email inbox (I am speaking from experience as someone who can’t keep up with her blog roll!).


Wholesale Newsletter

We’ve recently created a wholesale newsletter as a way to communicate with retailers.  If you are a shop owner who either carries or is interested in carrying our patterns, you might like to receive this bi-monthly update.  This newsletter includes information of wholsaler-only sales and order dates for future pattern releases.  Head here to subscribe!


Your Makes

The first thing I like to do before purchasing a new sewing pattern is search for every possible blog post written by someone who has sewn the pattern themselves.  It’s a great way to find out about fitting issues, decide on the perfect fabric type, and see styling inspiration.  We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to find other people’s Thread Theory makes so that you can do the same.  On each pattern page in our shop, you’ll find a link to the Pinterest boards that I update often.  Every time I find a Thread Theory project on the sewing internet that is ‘pinnable’ it is added to these pages.  Since so many people post their projects on Instagram rather than blogs these days, Matt and I also created a link called “Your Makes” that shows #ThreadTheoryDesigns – there are loads of inspiring Instagram images popping up here that you will likely not see on blogs or by performing the good ol’ Google search.  If you use Instagram, we would love to see the Thread Theory projects that are on your to do list, on your sewing table or in your closet!  Use #ThreadTheoryDesigns to have your photo featured on our website.

French Instructions

Links to Free French Translations

The last feature on our website that I want to point out is our free downloadable French translations.  If you speak French or if you simply want to have a peek at what our instruction booklets look like, feel free to download the translations at any time!  You can find the translations as a link at the bottom of each pattern description (right underneath the link to the pattern’s Pinterest page).  We currently have translations for all of our patterns except for the Arrowsmith Tank (our free pattern) and the Finlayson Sweater (for which a translation will be coming VERY soon!).


Now that you’re fully informed about our website features, is there any information or any resources missing from our website that you would like to see?  I’m a bit of a novice at social media integration so I would love your thoughts on this in particular!

6 thoughts on “On Our Website

  1. Hi Morgan, I think what would help me is to have links on the pattern pages to any sew-a-longs or helpful tips that you might have covered in your blog related to a specific pattern. I find that I pick up some excellent tips from the blog but then have a hard time searching back for the information when I actually start sewing a project….it might just be me as I am not very computer savy:)

    • Hi Sue, Great ideas! When Matt and I transition the blog over to our website in the next few months we have big plans for this sort of thing – it’s so easy for tutorials to get lost in our current blog. Stay tuned for much better organization!

  2. What a surprise to see my husband ! And he really loves his Peacoat !

  3. I’m not sure if you were aware that Linda Lee answered a question from a male sewist about finding patterns for men. She said that a young couple from Canada were going to film a segment just after her at one of the sewing expos, but couldn’t remember your names. So, the gentleman responded with your name and a link to your website with a glowing report. I was proud to see your site mentioned and recognized positively on the Craftsy question platform on the Sewing with Knits class. I just received 4 patterns from you and am so happy with the packaging, the label and the patterns. Best of luck to you, both!

    • Thanks so much for letting us know! I hadn’t been aware of that conversation on Craftsy – it’s always nice to hear about good reviews like that :D. Have fun sewing up your menswear garments! I’m glad your order arrived safely.

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