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Inventory Clear Out Sale


Inventory clearout

Matt and I are anticipating the arrival of three new paper sewing patterns on our doorstep this week – we can’t wait to hold the tissue versions of the Finlayson Sweater, Jutland Pants and Camas Blouse in our hands at last!  In the meantime though, I’ve been looking around at our cramped little house/studio and have been wondering where pallet after pallet of cardboard boxes are going to fit.

So, to help clear some shelf space, we’ve put the entire selection of tissue Parkland Collection patterns on sale at a VERY discounted rate – they are currently 35% off making the tissue patterns almost as cheap to buy as the print at home PDFs!


The Parkland Collection tissue patterns will be on sale until we’ve cleared enough shelf space for our new shipment of patterns.  Thanks for helping with the Spring cleaning!

2 thoughts on “Inventory Clear Out Sale

  1. Although I have purchased the pdf’s and sewn the new patterns( well “tweaking ” on fit of Jutlands) I am very excited to see the tissue release !!! I appreciate the gap that your company is filling in good versatile menswear pieces , keep them coming!!! In this case the recipient is a new retiree, the pieces fit well , look smart and are getting a lot of wear!!

  2. I’ve been patiently waiting for Jutland pants pattern! I can’t wait!

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