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A Stretch Cotton Camas – with little anchor buttons!



Let me introduce to you our newest model – my Mom! I can’t believe that this is my Mom’s first time modelling for Thread Theory!  My Dad is such an old hand at modelling now that we can whip off a photo shoot with him in mere minutes.  He casually cycles through a variety of poses without prompting as Matt snaps the shutter – just like a professional model!  Now, with our first women’s pattern up on our site, it’s my Mom’s time to shine!


I recently sewed a nautical themed Camas Blouse for her in a lovely soft stretch cotton from Blackbird Fabrics.  The tiny anchor motif is very subtle and so the blouse has a professional pin stripe and polka dot appearance from a distance.  I completed the anchor theme by using gold and navy shank buttons decked out with small anchors.


Since stretch cotton does not have the weight and drape best suited to this pattern, I decided to replace all the gathers with a series of pleats.  By ironing these pleats flat, I hoped they would encourage the fabric to sit smoothly against the body.  While I like how the two small front pleats worked out, I wish I had done an inverted box pleat for the back of the blouse.  Even with the help of ironing (which a trip to the marina completely eradicated!), my mom finds the back pleats billow a little too much so I think this blouse would look best tucked into trousers or a pencil skirt.


I keep suggesting to my mom that the blouse would look really cute with a thin belt circled around the waist – maybe a skinny red belt for a pop of color?  As it is though (un-tucked and untamed), it makes a lovely semi-dressy top that pairs well with my mom’s blazers and cardigans for work.  I like how she wears it with the navy blue tank top underneath for modesty (the white cotton is a touch transparent).


Have you considered sewing the Camas in a woven fabric?  I’ve been spotting quite a few woven versions, many with no spandex content at all, popping up on Instagram and blogs.  Here are a few to inspire you!

Sources: 1. El ropero de mi tia 2. Neues vom Sonnenfels 3. New Model Lamé

13 thoughts on “A Stretch Cotton Camas – with little anchor buttons!

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  3. What perfect timing! I’ve just bought the Camas blouse and am super keen to try it in woven.

    Did you cut a size bigger to accommodate the woven fabric, or is there enough ease? Cheers!

    • Hi Elena, Your Camas plans sound great! I would recommend cutting the same size your body measurements require but when you sew the sleeve and side seams, experiment with sewing them at 1/4″-1/2″ to give you a little more room in the underarm area. With a lightweight woven I recommend adding some sort of seam tape to the hem to help weigh it down so that the gathers (or pleats) fall nicely. Best of luck with your blouse!

  4. How great to see a woven camas! I’ve got the pattern and was hoping to sew it up in a dreamy light woven.

    Any tips for using the pattern with woven instead of knit? Do you recommend sticking with the same size, or going up a size or two?

    Cheers! Can’t wait to get stuck into this.

  5. I love that you model your designs on different aged “models”! This looks to be a very versatile pattern.

  6. That’s funny, I did that same back pleat, too. Maybe I’ll try an inverted pleat next. Your mom’s blouse is very cute!

  7. This Thread Theory mom is very grateful to have received this beautiful camas blouse. Thanks Morgan!

  8. Morgan, it’s so nice to “meet” your Mom! I’ve obviously never met you or your Mom in person, but she seems to be just as cheerful and delightful as you. 🙂 It’s great to see the Camas in different woven fabrics, as I think it gives it a completely new look. Looking forward to seeing more of your women’s patterns as they come out.

  9. Hi Mum! Aw, I like getting my mum on my blog too. I feel like I know your dad seeing him so much!
    I’ve just bought a new machine today so with your fab tutorial and my new best friend I might just try to make one of these!

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