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Every Day Uniform



If I had to wear the same outfit every day, this is probably what you would find me wearing – a Camas Blouse made from a thick, sturdy cotton knit and some form of stretch denim pant.  It’s practical (for walking our dog, Luki, a million times a day in all manner of weather!), presentable, and super comfortable.StrathCamasCascade-14

This cotton knit is from Girl Charlee.  While it is listed as black with a pink tie dye wash, the fabric I received is definitely navy blue with no sign of pink on it!  The fabric is listed as a cotton spandex blend with a 40% stretch but, in my experience, this fabric isn’t very stretchy and it is a bit heavier than your average t-shirt fabric.  It feels like 100% cotton to me.  I purchased this fabric quite some time ago and was confused when it arrived since it differed so greatly from the description.  All the same, I was happier with the fabric I received than the fabric I had ordered (I wasn’t keen on the subtle tie dye wash) so it was a lucky discrepancy!StrathCamasCascade-10

I realize you can’t actually see much of the blouse in the above photos – Luki really wanted in on the photo shoot and who am I to say no?  Below is a clearer photo of the blouse though.  This was one of the first photos we took and I had forgotten to remove my toque so I look a bit goofy in a winter toque with only a light blouse on!  Ah well :).

If you are planning to sew a Camas Blouse but are a little nervous to tackle the details while battling with a thin jersey, I’d highly recommend using a thick t-shirt knit such as this one.  It was very easy to work with – it stretched and shifted so little and it ironed easily…it was almost as easy as working with quilting cotton!  The all over print makes hemming and top-stitching a breeze too.

14 thoughts on “Every Day Uniform

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  2. Great top! I love the all over print – I have made two up so far, but haven’t used the same fabrics for the yolk and body, but love the look of it. Definitely have to add that to the list of ones I need to sew! As a side note, is it just the photo, or does Luki have a long string of drool attached to his/her face? I have a border collie and when he gets really focused this exact thing happens to him…! Just a funny aside.

    • That is funny you should notice what looks to be drool in the last photo as Matt and I had thought the same until we realized it was just a sliver of light peeking through. Luki does tend to drool like that when he is begging for treats though :P.

  3. Ha! I’m in the same boat as Erin! I am also reminded I need to print this pattern and tape it up ASAP! Thanks for the tip about the thicker t-shirt knits. I’m a newbie when it comes to knits so I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂

    I can’t deny my fuzzy friends the opportunity to bomb a photoshoot either 😉

    • As with Erin, I hope your taping has gone well! Knits aren’t that scary – once you dive in to them and become familiar with the way they behave you will find they are a fun break from precision sewing with wovens!

  4. I am still working on my Finlayson, but while doing so I realized the Camas would make a great flannel nightie…that’s next!
    Yes, it is strange how my mind works 😉

    • Oooh what a nice idea! I have a tunic version in mind but really need some new pjs so I think I might borrow your idea when I finally get around to working on some lounge wear for myself! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ditto with Erin, Luki is very lucky! and adorable 🙂 Ditto with the everyday uniform, although I don’t look as stylish as this… yet 😉

  6. Luki is so lucky to have you guys!

    I’m glad you posted this today, it has reminded me that I need to tape up this pdf! 🙂

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